Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 13

Pretty Man Episode 13 (Screen date: January 3, 2013, Friday).

The pocket watch stumps The Fox.
Yoo-Ra walks into Bo-Tong Company bearing coffee for the team while expecting Ma-Te to arrive to meet her soon. As she puts down the coffee in between Bo-Tong and David on their shared long desk, she notices THE pocket watch and does a double take. Baffled, she questions Bo-Tong if it’s hers. When Bo-Tong replies Ma-Te oppa gave it to her, Yoo-Ra’s even more bewildered.

Just then, Ma-Te walks in. Still stumped beyond words, Yoo-Ra recovers enough to make an excuse and leaves hastily. Once outside the office, Yoo-Ra wonders to herself if it’s the same watch she’s seen belonging to ex-stepmommy-in-law, which she was forbidden from taking a closer look.

(Seems to me the mystery of the pocket watch will be solved really soon. Somehow it has to be Dokgo Ma-Te’s the Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s biological son right? Otherwise it won’t make sense. But how did he end up being brought up by Park Ki-Suk’s mistress, Kim Mi-Sook?)

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How to kill a pesky curveball?
Na Hong-Ran meets with a law consultant in her office. Suggesting if they can make Choi Joon-Ha’s (aka David Choi) MG Group share ownership seem illegal, the consultant explains it’s impossible considering the truth he’s Park Ki-Suk’s son will be proven and disclosed soon. Noting although Park Ki-Suk seems to be working according to some grand plan, it all appears legal so far.

At wit’s end, Na Hong-Ran then insinuates if another heir were to appear, wouldn’t Park Ki-Suk, Park Moon-Soo, or Choi Joon-Ha’s shares need to be divided with the newfound heir? The consultant confirms if another heir appears and pursues his rights, this would be a possible outcome. Hearing this, Na Hong-Ran can finally smile again.

(What’s she got up her sleeve? Is she going to attempt to use Ma-Te now since he’s declared he’s Park Ki-Suk’s illegitimate son? Seems like she’s about to try getting Ma-Te on her team.)


Evil’s sweet smile.

The Pretty Man’s funny moment…
When Ma-Te goes to David’s house, he’s irked to see the “baby on board” sticker on David’s car parked outside. Refusing to leave it alone, he tries peeling it off but hurts his finger instead. Upset, he kicks David’s car, triggering the alarm. In a panic, Ma-Te runs off.

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Meanwhile, David’s giving Bo-Tong guitar lessons. When they here the car alarm sounding, David tells Bo-Tong not to worry as his car has a black box. (What? His car has a black box like the type found on airplanes? Nope. Actually he means his car is fixed with a security camera.)

(In this episode, David commends Bo-Tong on her guitar skills. I wonder if we’ll get to see her play. Perhaps she’ll perform a song for David or Ma-Te or both? I Googled IU and found she’s actually good at it and is oftentimes seen performing while strumming her guitar.)

The Pretty Man and The Iron Lady.
Ma-Te receives a unexpected call from Na Hong-Ran proposing they meet up because she has interesting proposal for him. He brusquely dismisses it and hangs up on her. The Iron Lady is seen muttering to herself that Ma-Te shouldn’t be acting arrogant when another heir (ie. Choi Joon-Ha aka David Choi) has appeared to challenge his place.

(In an unexpected turn of events, Na Hong-Ran finds herself with no choice but to attempt to get Ma-Te’s help. But of course she’s not going to be humble about it.)

The wild horse tamed.
Kang Gwi-Ji overhears the hoo-ha about her father being in real trouble for corruption and he will soon be arrested.

While Ma-Te’s in his office reading news of SS Group’s President Kang’s arrest, David comes in to taunt him if he came to the house the previous night. (Humorous moment between these two guys. Such moments have become rare in these latter episodes.) Bo-Tong then comes in to alert Ma-Te Kang Gwi-Ji’s having a press conference which is being aired live.

Being born into the lap of luxury and backed by a father who adores her, Kang Gwi-Ji admits she’s abused the privileges all these years ending up hurting many. Declaring she’s decided to become decent to make a good lasting impression, she makes an oath to renounce all illegal earnings from her father’s company. (The power of Dokgo Ma-Te!)

That same day, a delighted Ma-Te requests SS Group’s Mr. Secretary to arrange a dinner for him with Kang Gwi-Ji. Skeptical of Ma-Te’s motives at first especially since he’s signed the agreement not to see her anymore, she quizzes why Ma-Te’s treating her so nice. Ma-Te simply states he wants to commend her for her timely awakening.

With a broad smile her face, Gwi-Ji says she has Ma-Te to thank for teaching her what’s right then shares with him she’s going abroad to study fashion.

Gwi-Ji and Ma-Te then toast to starting a brother-sister relationship with her calling him oppa.

(Wow, so that’s the end of this pest. Once again, Ma-Te’s sincerity triumphs.)

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The snooping and plotting Fox.
Hong Yoo-Ra pays a surprise visit to ex-father-in-law Park Ki-Suk at his sprawling mansion. When she thanks him for the cafe, he says she’s more than welcome to it and always regarded as family because there’s no one else who is his granddaughter Sool-Ri’s mom. Yoo-Ra then appeared about to bring up something serious then decided against it. (Oddly, she doesn’t request to see her daughter.)

Yoo-Ra then manages to sneak into Na Hong-Ran’s study to take a look at the pocket watch. Fingering it in her hands, she recalls what Bo-Tong told her about the one she’s having – that it was a gift from Ma-Te. A sinister smile lands on her lips. (Was she sincere in wanting to visit ex-father-in-law? I think not. She was using it merely as an excuse to get into the house.)

Meeting with Na Hwang-Kyu, the writer (who is actually Na Hong-Ran’s banished nephew), Yoo-Ra requests he adds her bit in his soon-to-be released online novel – an expose on all Na Hong-Ran’s evildoings.

wp_ss_20140109_0025 wp_ss_20140109_0027 wp_ss_20140109_0028 wp_ss_20140109_0030 wp_ss_20140109_0034 wp_ss_20140109_0035

The pocket watch plot thickens.
Bo-Tong’s calling it a day and about to leave the office when she sees the pocket watch on her desk and recalls the recent strange incident with Hong Yoo-Ra. Deciding to go to Ma-Te oppa’s to return it to him, she relates the happening to him and wonders if it has anything to do with the password.

His curiosity piqued, Ma-Te takes the pocket watch to a watch boutique to be analyzed. Other than it’s a luxury Swiss-made watch of an exquisite brand not many are aware of, the staff isn’t able to offer much else. Ma-Te requests she take pictures and send them out for further investigation.

While the staff is taking pictures of the watch, Ma-Te receives a text message from Na Hong-Ran hinting to him Hong Yoo-Ra’s been very quiet lately and wanting to know if he’s still disinterested in hearing her proposal. Ma-Te immediately tries calling Yoo-Ra but she doesn’t answer.

(Uh-oh, is Hong Yoo-Ra about to play Ma-Te out with the puzzles she’s pieced together pointing to Na Hong-Ran being Dokgo Ma-Te’s real mother? And in the meantime, Na Hong-Ran’s also scheming to use him, not knowing he’s actually her son. What will become of Ma-Te who’s caught between these two evils?)

The SS Home Shopping surprise.
While having a discussion with his staff, Ma-Te receives an unannounced visit from SS Group’s Mr. Secretary instructing him to attend SS Home Shopping’s board meeting the next day…as its CEO!!!

Discussing the details privately in his office, Mr. Secretary reveals President Kang’s now in prison. He’s temporarily handing Ma-Te the responsibility of SS Home Shopping to show appreciation for taming his precious daughter Gwi-Ji. However, he still stresses having no intention of ever making Ma-Te his son-in-law. Ma-Te happily agrees as he too has no intention of marrying someone he doesn’t love.

(So Ma-Te finally gets SS Home Shopping! Now it’s war!)

wp_ss_20140109_0049 wp_ss_20140109_0050

The pursuer of justice – Prosecutor Lee Kim.
Upon finding out from SS Group’s Mr. Secretary that Prosecutor Lee Kim, due to her huge success in the SS Group case, has been nominated Chief Prosecutor, Ma-Te goes to her office to congratulate her.

When Ma-Te declares Lee Kim’s proven justice always prevails, an uneasy look besets her face as if she’s hiding something. (There’s obviously more to this champion of justice which we’ll soon find out…)

While in her office, Na Hong-Ran is updated by her Mr. Secretary Prosecutor Lee Kim intends to pursue them next and they have loads of shady dealings to hide. She dismisses him by saying they’ve got to figure out a way to fend off Lee Kim.

Once Mr. Secretary has left, Na Hong-Ra opens her desk drawer, takes out an ancient clamshell style mobile phone, and calls the only number seeming to be stored in it. Starting by saying it’s been a long time, she goes on to say she needs some information to expose Prosecutor Lee Kim and she’s willing to pay however much the person wants. (This woman’s surely got loads of hidden weapons. But still, will she be able to withstand the imminent onslaught?)

wp_ss_20140109_0058 wp_ss_20140109_0061

The father and his sons.
Park Ki-Suk secretly arranges to have a lunch with his sonsPark Moon-Soo and Choi Joon-Ha (aka David Choi).

Park Moon-Soo’s shocked to not only be introduced to his brother whom he recognizes from MG Night, but also find out he’s his mysterious savior.

David, who’s uncomfortable and unhappy with the sudden introduction, tells Park Moon-Soo not to worry as he’s not interested in the MG business.

Park Ki-Suk then extols the importance of family ties and they should make peace and live well knowing they’re family. When David hints Ma-Te should be there too, Park Ki-Suk says David’s become impatient.

After seeing their father off, gushing he’s happy to know he’s got a brother, Park Moon-Soo asks David if they can get together some time to get to know each other. David seems uneasy and unkeen to be kindling brotherly love. (But knowing the type of guy he is, he’ll be nice. Well, at least civil.)

wp_ss_20140109_0062 wp_ss_20140109_0067 wp_ss_20140109_0069 wp_ss_20140109_0070

The Iron Lady and the Pretty Man – the proposal.
Ma-Te finally agrees to meet Na Hong-Ran. She cuts to the chase by revealing to Ma-Te David saved Park Moon-Soo because he’s Park Moon-Soo’s son! (The shocked Ma-Te must be thinking this implies David’s his half-brother!) She goes on riveting Ma-Te’s attention by telling him as they speak, the father and his two sons are having lunch together – the official family introduction.

Na Hong-Ran then firmly puts forth her proposal – for Ma-Te to take her hand as it’s the quickest and most secure way to secure his position as MG’s heir. She then twists the knife further by stating since Hong Yoo-Ra has David to thank now, Ma-Te’s of no use to her anymore. Moving forward, Hong Yoo-Ra will scheme to then get rid of David for being a threat to Park Moon-Soo. Finally, she’ll be after Ma-Te.

Having laid out her cards, the cold Iron Lady reiterates her offer: in order for Dokgo Ma-Te to survive, let go of Yoo-Ra’s hand and take hers. When Ma-Te hesitantly says he’ll consider it, she coolly warns him there’s not much time since David will be officially added to the family registry soon.

wp_ss_20140109_0071 wp_ss_20140109_0074 wp_ss_20140109_0075 wp_ss_20140109_0077

The Pretty Man confronts The Fox.
After his unpleasant meeting with Na Hong-Ran, Ma-Te doesn’t waste time in confronting Yoo-Ra about David’s identity. When Yoo-Ra still dismisses it as something personal between her and David, Ma-Te questions how that can be since he’s also Park Ki-Suk’s illegitimate son.

Proceeding to share with Yoo-Ra Na Hong-Ran’s offer, Ma-Te insists he’s not wavering and has been truthful with her all the while. When Yoo-Ra reiterates she too has been forthcoming with all information, Ma-Te interjects she withheld David’s true identity and the fact he saved Park Moon-Soo.

However, through it all, Ma-Te insists he still trusts Yoo-Ra. She warns Ma-Te not to fall into Na Hong-Ran’s grip whereby he’ll get used then abandoned. Ma-Te’s final retort is he’s going crazy because he’s just realized Na Hong-Ran and Hong Yoo-Ra are a lot alike. (Yup, they’re crazy women not to be messed with. And now the poor Dokgo Ma-Te is caught in the middle.)

wp_ss_20140109_0088 wp_ss_20140109_0090

The Normal Girl and her Pretty Oppa – a warm moment.
Bo-Tong drops by Ma-Te’s apartment to present him with a tie she’d bought for him from the marketplace especially for the all important SS Home Shopping board meeting next day and gets teased by Ma-Te oppa.

Bo-Tong-ie also invites him to join them for dinner in celebrating her mom’s birthday.

wp_ss_20140109_0091 wp_ss_20140109_0092 wp_ss_20140109_0093 wp_ss_20140109_0096

The daunting first appearance.
Dokgo Ma-Te’s first attendance at SS Home Shopping board meeting turns out disastrous as he’s unable to answer the barrage of hostile questions fielded by the senior staff, particularly concerning his qualifications.

wp_ss_20140109_0103 wp_ss_20140109_0104

Back at the office, he hides his feeling of failure and lies to Bo-Tong that all went well. Delighted to hear that, Bo-Tong brings him a stack of books to educate himself now that he needs to prove his mettle as a CEO. (She thinks of everything, doesn’t she? What will he do without her?)


The mysterious woman.
A woman is seen at a florist ordering the biggest and most expensive bouquet. The bouquet gets sent to Prosecutor Lee Kim. She’s extremely shaken to see the picture of a pocket knife on the back of the card with a symbol and signature she recognizes.

She recalls a time when she was discussing a case with another guy and he says the culprit’s only clue is that same symbol. Even then too she seemed visibly shaken. Taking another look at the picture of the pocket knife, she quivers.

wp_ss_20140109_0110 wp_ss_20140109_0111 wp_ss_20140109_0112 wp_ss_20140109_0113 wp_ss_20140109_0117 wp_ss_20140109_0118

Next thing we see, two guys taking a leak discuss Prosecutor Lee Kim’s sudden resignation. After they’ve left, the cleaning lady, who was mopping nearby them, turns out to be that same lady who sent the bouquet to Lee Kim! She then makes a call and tells the other person if it’s up to his or her liking, it’s time to make the deposit. (I’m thinking she was the one Na Hong-Ran secretly called and hired to get rid of Prosecutor Lee Kim and thus preventing her from investigating into MG Group’s shady dealings.)

Who is this mysterious woman? She is Yeo Mim, woman #7 – the woman who capitalizes on the power of information.


The fall of the great prosecutor.
While driving, Ma-Te’s shocked to her news Prosecutor Lee Kim’s inexplicably quit from her position, citing health reasons. When she doesn’t answer his call, he immediately visits her at home.

Taken in by Ma-Te’s genuineness, she divulges the truth of her dark secret. Ten years ago, she met a young, orphan boy who’d stolen ramen from a shop. He got on the wrong track because he was burdened by the arduous responsibility of caring for his grandmother and younger siblings.

Lee Kim had destroyed evidence, a box cutter knife, found in his pocket to prevent an accidental juvenile delinquent from being given harsh punishment should a weapon be found on him. Subsequently, the investigator in charge got transferred to Jeju Island leaving only Lee Kim who knew this secret. She felt it was a good thing at the time being able to help the boy. (Aha! So I’m guessing Yeo Mim must be the investigating officer.)

Although the boy, who’s now a teacher, is eternally grateful to her, she’s embarrassed of this incident as an injustice, since she’d withheld evidence. Because that one incident has caused her misery all this while (she must be referring to Yeo Mim’s blackmails), she’s now choosing to let it all go to uphold justice explaining that for justice to be upheld, even the process has to be just.

Ma-Te then reveals he’s recently been given an interesting proposal and with what Lee Kim’s just shared with him, he now knows what to do.

Bo-Tong’s eomma’s birthday bombshell.
It’s Bo-Tong’s eomma’s birthday celebration and Bo-Tong’s disappointed Ma-Te’s unable to make it. Unknown to her, he’s actually in the office studying all those books she’d gotten for him.

wp_ss_20140109_0131 wp_ss_20140109_0133 wp_ss_20140109_0134 wp_ss_20140109_0136

Eomma reveals she’s sold their house in Usan and rented an apartment next to her new restaurant. Excitement turns to shock for Bo-Tong and David when eomma then insists Bo-Tong move back home. Eomma refuses to take heed of any of David and Bo-Tong’s reasoning, especially now she’s come to know only the two of them live in the house (since Kimchi oppa Jang Deok-Saeng’s moved out).

wp_ss_20140109_0139 wp_ss_20140109_0140 wp_ss_20140109_0141 wp_ss_20140109_0142

Discussing the matter at home, David admits he didn’t expect this to come from eomma. Though sad, he still advises Bo-Tong they cannot upset and worry eomma and she should be a good daughter and go home as instructed. David promises not to move back outside so as not to worry Bo-Tong.

(Oh no, what’s David to do now? He’ll feel miserable in that house without his Bo-Tong-ie.)

wp_ss_20140109_0145 wp_ss_20140109_0146 wp_ss_20140109_0148 wp_ss_20140109_0149

A brother’s affection.
Too caught up with studying all night long, Ma-Te fell asleep in his office. When David comes into the office to find Ma-Te asleep at his desk like that, a look of affection sweeps over his face and he walks out without waking Ma-Te.

(Thinking Ma-Te’s his half-brother, David must’ve suddenly been swept by brotherly love.)

wp_ss_20140109_0150 wp_ss_20140109_0151 wp_ss_20140109_0152 wp_ss_20140109_0153 wp_ss_20140109_0155 wp_ss_20140109_0156 wp_ss_20140109_0157 wp_ss_20140109_0158

Miss Ex-Prosecutor meets The Fox.
Lee Kim meets with Yoo-Ra at Cafe Droptop. Placing a Ziploc bag on the table, she begins by confronting Yoo-Ra about using others to fulfill her greed. Intending to dispell any misconception Yoo-Ra may have of Lee Kim’s interests in her affairs, she explains she ended up investigating Hong Yoo-Ra due to her being MG Group’s ex-daughter-in-law. And as a result, some unlawful funds might have been channelled to her.

Lee Kim goes on to declare there’s only one MG Group illegitimate son and he is Choi Joon-Ha (aka David Choi), which means Dokgo Ma-Te is not. Pointing to the Ziploc bag on the table, she stipulates it contains a few strands of Ma-Te’s hair for Yoo-Ra’s use for DNA test confirmation. Finally, she stresses the reason she’s providing Yoo-Ra with all this information is for her to stop using Ma-Te. (Oh, so this is the reason why she got those strands of Ma-Te’s hair. To protect him. Not to harm him.)

wp_ss_20140109_0160 wp_ss_20140109_0163

The Pretty Man and the Iron Lady – the resolve.
Having decided on his answer to her tantalizing proposal, Ma-Te meets Na Hong-Ran in her office. This time though they’re sitting down to hot tea and he’s not being dragged out like trash.

Ma-Te announces his decision not to join Team Na Hong-Ran to wild, crazy woman wide-eyed amazement. Admitting it’ll be the easy way, he feels he’s worked too long and too hard to just have it so easy all of a sudden.

Taken aback for a moment with this unexpected answer, Na Hong-Ran fiercely warns that while he’s trying to play it cool, his MG seat may disappear, and he’ll be left in the wake of the boat Park Moon-Soo, Hong Yoo-Ra, and Choi Joon-Ha are on. Arguing it’s not a position in the company he’s after but to finally have a father-son relationship with Park Ki-Suk, Na Hong-Ran’s rendered distressedly speechless.

When Ma-Te avows he’ll now endeavor forward as the new SS Home Shopping CEO, Na Hong-Ran challenges him by commenting he must be fearless because he’s young. Ma-Te’s brilliant comeback is since he started with nothing, he’s got nothing to lose. He then coolly gets up and confidently takes his leave.

An incensed Na Hong-Ran sweeps a vase off the side table. (She did the same thing during their first encounter. Vases keep having to get replaced in her office.)

wp_ss_20140109_0166 wp_ss_20140109_0171

The knowledgeable, confident Pretty Man.
Discussing their latest business plans with David in his office (first time since finding out David’s Park Ki-Suk’s son and therefore his half-brother), Ma-Te pleasantly impresses David with his brilliant strategy to turn SS Home Shopping into a luxury brand.

David complements Ma-Te on his new-found knowledge and said he’d noticed he’s been studying hard. Ma-Te then jokes he’s no longer a president only in name. Just as David’s walking out of his office, Ma-Te stops him as if wanting to ask or say something but stopped himself. (It’s pretty obvious what it would’ve been about.)

wp_ss_20140109_0171-1 wp_ss_20140109_0173 wp_ss_20140109_0173-1 wp_ss_20140109_0175

The Iron Lady’s dark secret…revealed!
While getting her hair primped at the salon she frequents, Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran overhears two ladies discussing an interesting, based-on-a-true-story online novel freshly published. When it all sounds suspiciously too familiar, Na Hong-Ran hurriedly checks it out as soon as she gets backs to her office. And there it is, a novel titled Desire which seems to vividly mimic her life story.

wp_ss_20140109_0180 wp_ss_20140109_0182 wp_ss_20140109_0183 wp_ss_20140109_0184

An incensed Na Hong-Ran immediately goes to confront Hong Yoo-Ra. When she coolly reminds Na Hong-Ran she’d given her a chance to apologize before proceeding with this expose, Na Hong-Ran attempts to disappoint her by dismissing the notion she’s even slightly bothered by such nonsense. Yoo-Ra then sarcastically agrees Na Hong-Ran is wise not to panic quite yet since the story has still to reach its climax.

Without waiting for a response from Na Hong-Ran, Yoo-Ra gleefully proceeds to relate the story’s climax:

“Once the bloodshed amongst siblings fighting for the MG throne was over, the victorious female lead needed to have insurance so she entered into a marriage of convenience. Due to this, she had to give up her son. One fine day, she meets her husband’s supposed illegitimate son and crushes him like a bug. But it turns out that young man is none other than the female lead’s long-abandoned son.”

Already striking a painful chord with Na Hong-Ran, Yoo-Ra assaults further by disclosing Dokgo Ma-Te has the exact same pocket watch that’s so precious to her ex-stepmommy-in-law. The now stumped to her core Na Hong-Ran is speechless. The punch line – Yoo-Ra is willing to exclude parts of this extremely revealing climax if Na Hong-Ran steps down as MG Group’s Vice President.

wp_ss_20140109_0192 wp_ss_20140109_0196

At home, when Na Hong-Ran hesitantly begins asking hubby Park Ki-Suk about Dogko Ma-Te, he instinctively confirms Ma-Te’s her son. (What? So he’s known all along Ma-Te’s not his son but hers? Boy, am I spinning with confusion.) Hoping against hope what Yoo-Ra told her isn’t true, hubby just shattered what sliver she was clinging onto to smithereens. She then stomps back to her study, picks up the pocket watch from her desk, and while clasping it in her hands, reminisces the time she was leaving a crying baby. Finally, she bawls.

(With her painful past of abandoning her baby son coming back to haunt her, Na Hong-Ran seems broken. But is she really? What will she do now? Own up Ma-Te’s her son and insist all the more he should join forces with her to fight against hubby Park Ki-Suk and his sons?)

wp_ss_20140109_0199 wp_ss_20140109_0200 wp_ss_20140109_0201 wp_ss_20140109_0202 wp_ss_20140109_0203 wp_ss_20140109_0204 wp_ss_20140109_0205 wp_ss_20140109_0207

The pretty oppa and his normal girl – a warm moment.
Seeing Ma-Te oppa’s working late, Bo-Tong decides to keep him company and packs some dinner for them to have together.

When Bo-Tong casually asks Ma-Te what he intends to do first when he’s confirmed as MG Group President, Park Ki-Suk’s son, Ma-Te quips he’ll rub it in on her. But after she’s fallen asleep on the couch, Ma-Te affectionately says he’ll do whatever she wants. (Another touching moment but this time, Bo-Tong-ie’s “unconscious”!)

wp_ss_20140109_0209 wp_ss_20140109_0210 wp_ss_20140109_0213 wp_ss_20140109_0214

Ma-Te’s warms thoughts are interrupted by a new text message alert from his phone. It turns out to be from Na Hong-Ran requesting they meet because she’s got something to tell him concerning his pocket watch. (This is it! She’s going to get her biological son to hold her hand and together, they’ll get rid of the rest. But what happens after?)

The Iron Lady mother and her grown-up son – the first meeting.
During his meeting with Na Hong-Ran, Ma-Te cuts to the chase by asking what she’s got to say about his mom’s keepsake. Na Hong-Ran says nothing but reaches into her bag, takes out an identical pocket watch, and places it on the table.

Finally speaking up, she states Ma-Te’s not MG Group’s illegitimate son. Then she drops the ultimate bombshell…he’s her son she’d abandoned!!! Once those words were released, Na Hong-Ran appeared grieved while Ma-Te seemed about to faint…

wp_ss_20140109_0215 wp_ss_20140109_0216 wp_ss_20140109_0217 wp_ss_20140110_0001

Stay tuned for… Episode 14 (Screen date: January 4, 2013, Saturday).



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