Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 12

Pretty Man Episode 12 (Screen date: December 28, 2013, Saturday).

Password, oh distressing password
Alone with Ma-Te in his office, Yoo-Ra points out once again his coveted password is in the mobile phone now sitting ominously on the edge of the coffee table. Intending to leave Ma-Te to soak in the message privately, Ma-Te stops her.

Almost certain it’s David, Ma-Te seeks Yoo-Ra’s confirmation it’s he she was hinting to Bo-Tong who had sacrificed his life for love. Ma-Te questions why David’s plea moved her but when his own went unheeded. Emphasizing their need to remain respectful of each other’s privacy, Yoo-Ra asserts it’s a confidential matter between her and David and advises him to be patient since everything will come to light soon.

Ma-Te then finally picks up the phone from the table. (Wow, this is it? Ma-Te and we will finally find out what the troublesome password is? I might be more excited than Ma-Te. Want so much for this to be over with. But perhaps it’s too soon.) Checking its only content, a voice recording, Ma-Te hesitates a moment then, to Yoo-Ra’s wide-eyed horror, erases it! (Gasp! I knew it was too early to be true. Here we go again. The hunt continues.)

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Disturbed to obtain it through someone else’s sacrifice Ma-Te declares he’ll diligently work on finding out the password by himself. He also pledges never to put Bo-Tong in a situation where she’ll feel inclined to plead with Yoo-Ra on her knees again.

In the meantime, after hearing what Yoo-Ra said, Bo-Tong rushes home to David. Crying, Bo-Tong questions why David sacrificed himself for her and apologizes for ignoring his feelings for her. Stunned, David pulls Bo-Tong in for an embrace then whispers in her ears his apology for being in love with her. (So emotional!) Obviously coming to clarify the puzzling matters with Bo-Tong and David, Ma-Te witnesses their emotional hug from a distance and decides to walk away.

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Home alone, Ma-Te ponders David’s real identity and whether he’d truly sacrificed himself for Bo-Tong’s sake. A call from Yoo-Ra interrupts his thoughts. Looking distressed, Yoo-Ra spurts it’s not too late and she’s sincere now in her intentions to divulge the password. Ma-Te abruptly retaliates he’s not interested and hangs up.

Yoo-Ra is then seen muttering that once Ma-Te finds out the password, his world is going to come crashing down. (Why? Does the password prove Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s his biological mom? And why was Yoo-Ra determined to reveal the password this time since once that’s out, he no longer needs to be her soldier of fortune.) Ma-Te’s thoughts drift back to Bo-Tong and David when he sees his red-lacquered left pinky toe (yup, the one Bo-Tong painted to represent her).

(Note: I noticed Ma-Te seems to be wearing the chain and pendant he’d bought when Normal Company was first set-up. Remember, he was admiring his discerning purchase when Bo-Tong pesters him to tell her where he bought it so she can go get one for herself and they would seem like a couple. I’m guessing this pendant will be of great significance in their relationship?)


In the warmth of her room, Bo-Tong seeks David’s clarification on what Hong Yoo-Ra meant by claiming David sacrificed his life for Ma-Te’s password. David simply states he’s got a small connection with MG Group which he used to help out Yoo-Ra. With too many people tangled up in the mess, he concludes the time isn’t appropriate to explain details to Bo-Tong.


Stressing the fact David made the sacrifice for her sake, Bo-Tong’s clearly troubled by the 3-sided love dilemma. After joking about forgetting Ma-Te oppa and trying out the sweet tender love with him instead, David advises Bo-Tong not to worry as nothing’s changed.

The evil ball rolling…
Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran orders her secretary to ensure everything goes smoothly at the board meeting to discuss stepson, Park Moon-Soo’s dismissal from MG Group on the basis of tarnishing its image for his involvement with illegal substances. Mr. Secretary assures her all’s been taken care of to the extent even hubby Park Ki-Suk won’t be able to help matters. (Are you both so sure? Park Ki-Suk definitely has something up his quiet sleeves.)


The normal girl and her love triangle.
In a bind over her 3-sided love, Bo-Tong restlessly ponders her dilemma. Nicknames Boy A as her love and Boy B, the one who loves her. (No points for guessing who’s who.)

While she can’t give up her love for A, B’s knocking on her heart with his kindness, tenderness, and good looks. She then reads responses to her online post. Just as she’s trying to imagine kissing B (as suggested by someone on her post), David calls out to her as he comes up to her room announcing her mom’s here to visit. (Hahaha…Bo-Tong-ie guiltily tells a puzzled David nothing happened and their lips hadn’t even touched.)

wp_ss_20140101_0006 wp_ss_20140101_0007 wp_ss_20140101_0007-1 wp_ss_20140101_0008

When she poses the question to her mom, her mom advises her to pick the one who loves her more than she loves him. (As usual, scenes with Bo-Tong and her eomma are never boring. They make such a believable mother-daughter pair.)

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The pretty man and the brat.
While Ma-Te’s visiting one of their Ferrino Outdoor outlets, Kang Gwi-Ji (who’s glued herself to her supposed doll, Ma-Te) creates a ruckus with a customer with her bratty rudeness.

Out in the car, Ma-Te advises her on the importance of leaving a good lasting impression. Relating his personal experience with Jaek Hee’s (Ma-Te’s ex-sugar mommy) ex-classmate, the bitter impression he left her during their first encounter caused her to make him appear despicable in front of his father and Na Hong-Ran. Though silent, Gwi-Ji seemed to be absorbing his words.

(Will Ma-Te succeed in miraculously transforming Kang Gwi-Ji from brat to angel? No doubt about it. He is after all Dokgo Ma-Te!)

wp_ss_20140101_0030 wp_ss_20140101_0031

Meeting of Bo-Tong-ie’s two men.
Requesting David meet him for a soju (an alcoholic drink native to Korea) session, Ma-Te starts off by informing David he’s been given the password. David curtly replies for Ma-Te not to thank him because he didn’t do it for Ma-Te’s sake.

When David enquires if the password’s served him well, Ma-Te divulges he deleted it in Yoo-Ra’s presence. Ma-Te admits although it’s of great importance to him, doing that was liberating. He goes on to explain he feels it’s wrong to abuse Bo-Tong’s love for him and David’s love for Bo-Tong to get the coveted password and would end up feeling ashamed if he used it. Smiling, David concludes Ma-Te’s a pretty decent guy but then states he doesn’t expect Bo-Tong to cry over Ma-Te anymore.

Things get intense when Ma-Te subsequently brings up his curiosity over David’s true identity. David calmly replies Ma-Te, who’s actually the one playing the central role, will find out the truth of his deal with Yoo-Ra soon enough.

Ma-Te’s last question is if David, post huge sacrifice, expects his relationship with Bo-Tong to get closer. David truthfully admits he’s hoping so.

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The normal girl’s promise.
While alone in the office, Bo-Tong’s seen holding and looking at the pocket watch (which she’d asked from Ma-Te as a memento from his mom) while speaking to Ma-Te’s mom. Laments if Ma-Te’s mom had told her Ma-Te’s the son of the president of a major corporation, she wouldn’t have chased after and thrown herself at Ma-Te all these years. Nonetheless, Bo-Tong vows to keep the promise she’d made to Ma-Te’s mom to give her all in helping Ma-Te until the day he’s happily reunited with his dad.

wp_ss_20140101_0042 wp_ss_20140101_0044

Later that night, Ma-Te gets home drunk from his soju session with David to find Bo-Tong waiting for him. When Bo-Tong asks about the important meeting he’d just had, Ma-Te says it involves him and her, puzzling Bo-Tong.

While feeding her chestnuts he’d bought for her, Ma-Te shocks a wide-eyed Bo-Tong by spouting he loves her! Then disappoints her by taking it back claiming it’s a lie. Ma-Te goes on to confess all his life, he’s only loved his mom. Not knowing what it feels like to love someone else, he can’t confess his love for Bo-Tong. Requests Bo-Tong remain by his side until he figures his feelings out. (This is the first real warm scene between Ma-Te and Bo-Tong but he’s drunk! Come morning, will he even remember all that he’s said?)

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The evil ball rolling…continues…
Iron Lady Na Hong Ran pretentiously asks hubbyPark Ki-Suk if he’ll be attending the board meeting to discuss his son, Park Moon-Soo’s dismissal from MG Group. Park Ki-Suk retorts he refuses to bear witness to a meeting set up to fire his own son. When wifey claims to feel bad about the whole fiasco, hubby bemoans how unfortunate it is she’s insincere.

At the big, emotionally-charged board meeting, arguments abound between the two opposing sides. Although silent throughout the proceedings, Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s influence proves formidable when the voting results are clearly in her favor.

As the final dismissal verdict is about to be announced, Park Ki-Suk’s faithful Mr. Secretary storms in and interrupts by saying a share holder has just arrived. In strides David introducing himself as Choi Joon-Ha! Na Hong-Ran looks like her flood gates are about to burst. Considering David’s (aka Choi Joon-Ha) considerable shares and his vote against dismissal, Park Moon-Soo retains his position.

wp_ss_20140101_0070 wp_ss_20140101_0071 wp_ss_20140101_0072 wp_ss_20140101_0076 wp_ss_20140101_0076-1 wp_ss_20140101_0077

Fuming, a furious Na Hong-Ran returns to her office after the shocking proceedings. Recalling hubbyPark Ki-Suk introducing him as his good friend’s son during MG Night, she wonders who Choi Joon-Ha is to rudely ruin her carefully laid scheme. She then orders her Mr. Secretary, whom for once is devoid of information, to dig up everything and anything on him. Shaking from anger and seeming about to explode, Na Hong-Ran attempts to figure out if it’s hubby Park Ki-Suk or ex-stepdaughter-in-law Hong Yoo-Ra who pulled a fast one on her. She deduces Dokgo Ma-Te was just bait.

wp_ss_20140101_0086 wp_ss_20140101_0087

Bumping into stepsonPark Moon-Soo in the corridor, Na Hong-Ran pretentiously tells him she’s relieved he’s safe. When she then outrightly questions whether his ex-wife Hong Yoo-Ra’s behind it, Park Moon-Soo merely replies he’s just as curious who orchestrated such a daring rescue.

The unwilling son and the fox.
Having successfully upheld Park Moon-Soo’s position in MG Group as he’d promised Yoo-Ra, he meets with her to request she keep his identity a secret. Yoo-Ra agrees. (Looking at them together, I recall the episode where David was distressed seeing Yoo-Ra appear at Normal Company that first time. I suppose he’s always known her as his sister-in-law. It’s possible he was afraid Yoo-Ra might recognize him and blow his cover but Yoo-Ra genuinely doesn’t seem to know him since his identity’s been kept under wraps so well…until now that is.)

Yoo-Ra then challenges him how long he thinks he’ll be able to keep all this hidden. Unable to deny the inevitable, David nervously states now’s just not the time.

SS Group gets the shivers and the taming of its wild horse.
SS Group’s president, bratty Kang Gwi-Ji’s dad, is distraught when his company is ordered subjected to a search and seizure for corrupt practices. He panics further upon learning it’s being spearheaded by Prosecutor Lee Kim, the incorruptible.


Later that evening, while President Kang’s looking dejected, his wife warns their spoiled, demanding daughter not to bother her dad with any nonsense since her dad’s having a really hard time. The unstoppable Kang Gwi-Ji still proceeds to speak up but what she says pleasantly shocks her parents – she wants to further her studies in business management as daddy wanted!

However, there’s a huge catch to her sudden compliance. In exchange she wants to marry Dokgo Ma-Te! Threatening to become a nun should they oppose, she explains she insists on marrying Dokgo Ma-Te because he’s the type of guy who’s capable of encouraging her to study. Living without him is absolutely unacceptable.


Realizing Ma-Te’s influence over women, a light bulb illuminates bright in President Kang’s head so he calls for a meeting with Ma-Te.

Thanking Ma-Te for taming his wild horse Kang Gwi-Ji into wanting to pursue higher studies and acknowledging Ma-Te’s talent in winning over women, President Kang requests a favor leading Ma-Te to think to himself President Kang’s about to ask him to be his son-in-law.

President Kang declares he needs Ma-Te to woo Prosecutor Lee Kim of the Seoul Central District Special Task Force. (She’s Ma-Te’s woman #6 – The Woman With Power.) Describing her as being as straight as an arrow, incorruptible, and nicknamed “Chaebol Killer”, if Ma-Te can’t help get through to her, SS Group stands to lose substantially.

wp_ss_20140102_0021 wp_ss_20140102_0024

Ma-Te’s potential reward for such an arduous challenge – to be made head of SS Home Shopping (Ma-Te’s dream!). But he has to meet President Kang’s three conditions:
1. SS Group’s full acquittal by the prosecutor’s office.
2. Convince his daughter, Gwi-Ji to leave for overseas studies on her own accord.
3. Ma-Te’s to never see Kang Gwi-Ji again.


When challenged by President Kang if Ma-Te really thought he was going to allow a nobody to marry his precious daughter, heir to the biggest company in South Korea (Hey, I thought MG Group is the biggest?), he’s impressed by Ma-Te’s response and acknowledges him as a formidable opponent. Declaring he’s not in the least interested in marrying Gwi-Ji, Ma-Te willingly puts his John Hancock on the agreement.

An upset Gwi-Ji confronts her father about sending Ma-Te off on the mission to seduce Prosecutor Lee Kim. Her dad dismisses Ma-Te as having nothing more than good looks and that the SS Group’s sole heir is no match for him. Expressing her disbelief Ma-Te signed papers agreeing never to see her again, her dad explains humans, such as Myo Mi and Ma-Te, are all the same in that they’re willing to betray others if there’s something for them to gain.

Arguing Ma-Te’s not the same as the others, Gwi-Ji storms off then calls Ma-Te. He coolly tells her they’re forbidden to even speak over the phone with each other. In anger, Gwi-Ji harangues Ma-Te will never be able to seduce Lee Kim to which Ma-Te confidently tells her he’s going succeed by helping Lee Kim fulfill her lasting impression.

A car name Bo-Tong.
Outside their office building, David introduces Bo-Tong to his new friend, a new car he christened Bo-Tong! He even has a “baby in car” sticker on it because his baby Bo-Tong will be riding in it a lot. Bo-Tong’s totally creeped out and while they’re pushing and shoving each other playfully arguing about taking it off, Ma-Te comes along and passes a snide remark. Bo-Tong’s clearly unhappy her beloved Ma-Te oppa witnessed their flirtatiousness.

wp_ss_20140102_0036 wp_ss_20140102_0039 wp_ss_20140102_0042 wp_ss_20140102_0044 wp_ss_20140102_0046 wp_ss_20140102_0046-1 wp_ss_20140102_0047 wp_ss_20140102_0051

Mission Prosecutor Lee Kim…
Reading up on Prosecutor Lee Kim in his office, Ma-Te deduces she’s come up tops in everything in her life and should win the lifetime most admirable person award.

Ma-Te embarks on his mission by sitting beside her on the bus. Ma-Te’s attempt at nonchalantly capturing her attention fails miserably when she totally ignores him. When he follows her off the bus, she suddenly turns around and confronts him. Seeming like she’s talking to someone she knows, Ma-Te asks her as such. She simply answers she knows he knows her.

wp_ss_20140102_0065 wp_ss_20140102_0066 wp_ss_20140102_0067 wp_ss_20140102_0068

Declaring she should be hospitable since Ma-Te’s come all the way, she leads him into a convenience store she obviously frequents since the girl behind the counter even commented about her buying two cans of beer instead of her usual one. On top of that Lee Kim asks for the item she’s left in their keeping – a bottle of liquor. (I’m guessing it’s soju from the telltale green bottle.)

Seated at the picnic bench right outside the store, Lee Kim bewilders Ma-Te by sipping the canned beer with a straw for quicker effect otherwise she needs ten cans before she’ll feel the buzz. Ma-Te’s shocked further when she pours more alcohol from the green bottle into the can while explaining by doing this, one can does the trick. Wanting to appear cool and impress Lee Kim, Ma-Te gives her recipe a try and ends up knocked out.

Getting up to leave, Lee Kim mutters to herself. Obviously aware he’s Dokgo Ma-Te, she quizzes whether it’s fun being a chaebol’s illegitimate son as she effortlessly picks out a few strands of his hair. (I never knew it’s that easy to get strands of someone’s hair right from the top of their head! What is she up to? What’s she trying to prove or disprove?) She then goes on to say he’s not MG Group’s illegitimate son. (What does she mean? Perhaps she’s implying he’s not Park Ki-Suk’s but Na Hong-Ran’s son.)

wp_ss_20140102_0078 wp_ss_20140102_0079 wp_ss_20140102_0080 wp_ss_20140102_0081 wp_ss_20140102_0083 wp_ss_20140102_0084 wp_ss_20140102_0086 wp_ss_20140102_0087

When he comes to, Ma-Te goes back to his office to pore over Lee Kim’s documents some more. Concludes that only one thing describes her…justice!

Just as he was thinking Bo-Tong would have a field day recycling all these papers, a thought came to his mind, a term that could either mean recycled paper or hidden self. He then flips to a particular page of the documents. Ma-Te then guesses Prosecutor Lee Kim’s hidden self might be loneliness.

Hugging a huge stuffed toy, Ma-Te awaits Lee Kim where she usually stops to have her beer. Initially incredulous to catch sight of him, she decides to offer him hot tea instead of cold beer this time and invites Ma-Te into her apartment. Keenly observing the masculine sporting gear and lack of feminine decor, Ma-Te comments people can mistake her’s for a guy’s apartment.

Lee Kim then goes straight to the point by asking what President Kang promised him for carrying out this mission. Instead of trying to strike a deal with Lee Kim to stop investigations into SS Group as he’s supposed to, Ma-Te stumps her by saying he intend to protect her stand for justice. He also recommends she accepts the stuffed toy for its soothing “healing powers” as opposed to doing masculine things all the time.

wp_ss_20140107_0004 wp_ss_20140107_0006 wp_ss_20140107_0007 wp_ss_20140107_0008 wp_ss_20140107_0009 wp_ss_20140107_0010

Lastly, Ma-Te baffles her some more by whipping out a pair of men’s shoes, proclaiming he’s heard women who live alone like to keep a pair of their father’s shoes with them. (What??? I absolutely don’t get it. Is this also something uniquely Korean?) Ma-Te leaves the shoes at the landing before heading off. Lee Kim who started to pick the shoes up to get rid of them, hesitates then puts them down again.


The mighty curve ball called Choi Joon-Ha (aka David Choi).
Na Hong-Ran’s seen agitatedly pacing her study when hubby Park Ki-Suk enters, announces it’s 2 a.m., and she should get some sleep. Wifey confronts him about Choi Joon-Ha (aka David Choi), his alleged friend’s son, having sizable MG Group shares. Hubby coolly quizzes would he do that if the young man’s merely a friend’s son? He then drops the ultimate bombshell Choi Joon-Ha is his own son he’d abandoned when he married Na Hong-Ran.

wp_ss_20140107_0018 wp_ss_20140107_0019

Rendered almost speechless, wifey questions with whom he had this child and how he could do this to her. Hubby answers she ought to know since she’s been tracking down all his illegitimate children. (How many illegitimate children does Park Ki-Suk have anyway? Was he really such a Casanova?)

Questioning how many sons he’s got hidden away, wifey screeches if he’s going to draw them out one by one whenever Park Moon-Soo gets into trouble. With a warm, concerned look, hubby tries to soothe wifey’s anger by saying they’ve been together 20 years and many people were left hurt and lonely over those years. He consequently stipulates it’s time to heal all that pain. Dismissing him by saying she doesn’t understand what he’s rambling about, she storms out of the room.

The pocket watch poser.
Yoo-Ra comes to the office to meet Ma-Te and sees THE pocket watch on Bo-Tong’s desk. Stupefied, she recalls seeing ex-stepmommy-in-law having one just like it and questions Bo-Tong if it’s really hers. When Bo-Tong finally blurts out it’s Ma-Te’s gift to her as a keepsake from his mom, Yoo-Ra looks totally bewildered as if she’d self-combust!

Just then Ma-Te walks in…

wp_ss_20140107_0026 wp_ss_20140107_0027 wp_ss_20140107_0028 wp_ss_20140107_0029 wp_ss_20140107_0031 wp_ss_20140107_0032 wp_ss_20140107_0034 wp_ss_20140107_0035

Stay tuned for…Episode 13 (Screen date: January 3, 2013, Friday)



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