Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 11

Pretty Man Episode 11 (Screen date: December 27, 2013, Friday).

MG Night – a night to remember.
While mingling with guests, Park Ki-Suk follows his wife, Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s fixed and hostile gaze to see Dokgo Ma-Te walking in with Kang Gwi-Ji. Though slightly surprised, Park Ki-Suk quickly recovers while wifey looks over at him for any sign of recognition.

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Greeting Na Hong-Ran briefly, Ma-Te quickly turns towards Park Ki-Suk and introduces himself as the Normal Company CEO, Dokgo Ma-Te. Park Ki-Suk doesn’t respond at all but instead cheerfully calls out over Ma-Te’s shoulder to welcome someone else. As the mystery person walks over, everyone’s perplexed but Park Ki-Suk’s delighted.

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When Ma-Te turns to see who the mystery person now standing beside him is, he’s wide-eyed, jaw-dropped flabbergasted that it’s David Choi! With a cool and calm smile, David thanks “Uncle” Park Ki-Suk for inviting him. Park Ki-Suk plays along by explaining to Na Hong-Ran that he’s the son of a good friend. David then introduces Ma-Te to Park Ki-Suk as the CEO of the company he’s working for but is met by Park Ki-Suk’s indifferent “I see” as he excuses himself to go talk to someone else.

wp_ss_20131230_0209 wp_ss_20131230_0210 wp_ss_20131230_0211 wp_ss_20131230_0212

Park Moon-Soo, Ma-Te’s other half-brother, then takes Ma-Te by surprise by introducing himself stating he’s heard a lot about Ma-Te. He then suggests they meet-up for a drink one day as he’s interested in Ma-Te’s Normal Company.

Finally left by themselves, Ma-Te confronts David on what this sudden appearance implies regarding his mysterious true identity. David makes an excuse that Park Ki-Suk frequents the fishery where his father works and have become good friends.

Spotting Park Ki-Suk alone, Ma-Te grabs the golden opportunity to speak one-on-one with him. Starting by telling him his mom, Kim Mi-Sook spoke a lot of him, Ma-Te watched Park Ki-Suk closely for any reaction. When Park Ki-Suk is finally about to say something, he’s interrupted by a woman’s voice calling out Ma-Te’s name. Turns out it’s Jaek Hee’s (Ma-Te’s ex-sugar mommy) condescending friend (whom Ma-Te had insulted not too long ago). (Uh-oh, Ma-Te’s not-too-distant past is coming back to haunt him.) She really did him in by making him look a fool in front of his father. Na Hong-Ran then comes to whisk Park Ki-Suk away. Extremely distraught, Ma-Te looks as if he’s about to die. While Ma-Te attempts to get some desperately-needed air in his lungs in the lobby, Na Hong-Ran comes by to add insult to injury by labeling him as trash.

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Noticing David’s alone, Park Ki-Suk goes over to him and asks what’s with the secrecy bid. David abruptly replies this is hardly the place to uncover the truth about his birth. David then enquires why he was summoned to which Park Ki-Suk says he missed and wanted to see David. David stresses he came out of curiosity and not due to any interest in MG Group.

David then confronts Park Ki-Suk with rumors Dokgo Ma-Te’s his younger brother. Not admitting it outright, Park Ki-Suk merely says rather than concerning himself with his younger bro, David should help his older brother, Park Moon-Soo first. (What does he take David for? A knight in shining armor who saves all his brothers? So he is turning out to be “insurance” after all.) Telling David he’s ready (I suppose he means he’s ready for the world to know David’s his son.), Park Ki-Suk proposes David lives where he’s supposed to and starts using his real name, Choi Joon-Ha (I remember Park Ki-Suk calling him Won Lee when they met up in an earlier episode?). David bluntly retorts his name’s David and takes leave.

wp_ss_20131230_0240 wp_ss_20131230_0241 wp_ss_20131230_0244

The crestfallen Pretty Oppa and his Normal Girl.
Ma-Te walks the streets in a daze replaying and disbelieving how disastrous the night turned out to be. Bo-Tong was waiting for him when he got home because she was worried he didn’t pick up her calls. Appearing ill and then collapsing onto his couch, Bo-Tong realizes Ma-Te’s having a fever. Having given him medication, Bo-Tong wanted to leave but Ma-Te told her to stay until he falls asleep.

wp_ss_20131230_0247 wp_ss_20131230_0248 wp_ss_20131230_0249 wp_ss_20131230_0252

Bo-Tong admits accidentally overhearing Ma-Te and Yoo-Ra’s conversation. Knowing MG Group’s President is Ma-Te’s father, she’s curious how tonight’s first meet went. When Ma-Te asks if she was shocked hearing the revelation, Bo-Tong confirmed it and adds she’d lost all energy realizing there’s no more hope of her being with him. In jest, Ma-Te replies that’s good because it means she’ll stop pestering him. (This is one of the warmest moments between them. But I still don’t see them as a couple. More suited to be brother-sister.)

Ma-Te sadly relates to Bo-Tong the mishaps of the night: his father didn’t recognize him, he was made to look like trash, and was labelled trash (by the heartless, evil Na Hong-Ran). Goes on to say he can’t just tell Park Ki-Suk he’s his son because his mom promised he’ll need to produce the password for this purpose (I say silly password!). Ma-Te then reveals Hong Yoo-Ra has his all-important password.

Ma-Te wakes up next morning to find Bo-Tong’s left and his small toenail painted red to represent Bo-Tong. (Hahaha…Bo-Tong’s efficiently marking her territory because he’d told her she can be his pinky toe.)

wp_ss_20131230_0254 wp_ss_20131230_0255

Ma-Te’s calm morning is rudely interrupted by a call from Kang Gwi-Ji questioning why he left the party early without informing her. Ma-Te quietly replies that since he had dinner with her and he managed to go to the party with her help, they’re now even and wants to call it quits with her. Kang Gwi-Ji refuses to let down saying she’ll send more money. Continues by telling him to forget about Myo Mi as she’s sold him out. She’d supposedly accepted SS Group’s offer to finance her career in France on condition she leaves Ma-Te. Disbelieving what he’s been told, Ma-Te (who hasn’t heard back from Myo Mi since his last attempt at calling her) dials her number again only to be met with the same number unavailable message. Ma-Te’s crushed especially at a time like this when everything seems to be going wrong for him.

Elsewhere, Myo Mi is seen heading for the airport to leave for France. She’s heard muttering to herself she realizes Ma-Te needs SS Group’s backing more than anything so she’s sacrificing their relationship for his sake. (Ah, all for the love of Dokgo Ma-Te. Will Ma-Te ever find out the truth?)

wp_ss_20131230_0257 wp_ss_20131230_0259 wp_ss_20131231_0005

The brat’s pursuit of Dokgo Ma-Te.
Kang Gwi-Ji threatens to starve herself unless her parents bring Ma-Te to her. And so the pizza boxes intensify…1, 3, 5 boxes full of cash get sent to Ma-Te’s office. Ma-Te refuses them all. (I wonder what’s the deal with pizza boxes?!)

wp_ss_20131231_0008 wp_ss_20131231_0009 wp_ss_20131231_0010 wp_ss_20131231_0011

Finally one day, Ma-Te goes to meet President Kang, Gwi-Ji’s father. President Kang admits he doesn’t like Ma-Te and makes no effort to hide it. In fact he finds Ma-Te rude for coming to meet him without being beckoned. Coolly, Ma-Te demands for him to be given SS Home Shopping in exchange for dating Gwi-Ji. (Ma-Te needs SS Home Shopping in order to defeat Na Hong-Ran so he decides why not ask for it right? Especially since its sole heir is desperate to have him.) Expressly annoyed, President Kang orders his secretary to tell Gwi-Ji Ma-Te’s disappeared.

wp_ss_20131231_0013 wp_ss_20131231_0015

The evil iron lady’s agenda…
Seems everyone feels the time is ripe for action because just as Park Ki-Suk says he’s ready, lovely wifey starts her evil ball rolling too. Strike 1: She gets Park Moon Soo detained for involvement in illegal substances. Shocked and distressed to read about Park Moon-Soo’s arrest, Hong Yoo-Ra knows very well who’s behind it.

wp_ss_20131231_0016 wp_ss_20131231_0020 wp_ss_20131231_0021 wp_ss_20131231_0022

The brat’s big bash.
Ma-Te finds out about a party Kang Gwi-Ji is having from Choi Do-Hee (whom to Bo-Tong’s irritation is more interested in Ma-Te’s personal life than work). When Ma-Te gets a last minute invitation from Gwi-Ji to attend, she convinces him by promising to talk to her dad about his request for SS Home Shopping because her dad can afford to lose part of the company but cannot live without her. (Such arrogance but unfortunately, it might be true.)

wp_ss_20131231_0027 wp_ss_20131231_0028 wp_ss_20131231_0028-1 wp_ss_20131231_0028-2

Wanting to cheer Bo-Tong up, David takes Bo-Tong to Gwi-Ji’s exclusive party without invitation and are let in by Gwi-Ji’s friend who knows David and calls him oppa. When a curious Bo-Tong asks, David claims she was his neighbor while he was living in New York. (Luckily for David, she bought this excuse and didn’t pursue it further.)

wp_ss_20131231_0037 wp_ss_20131231_0038 wp_ss_20131231_0040 wp_ss_20131231_0041 wp_ss_20131231_0042 wp_ss_20131231_0043

While David’s away to get drinks, Bo-Tong who’s left standing by herself is baffled when Gwi-Ji via microphone announces Dokgo Ma-Te’s her boyfriend. She then goes on to say he wasn’t dumped by Myo Mi but chose to break up with her to be together with Gwi-Ji, his true love. She then wants him to prove his love by kissing her foot! And entices him by promising to give him SS Home Shopping if he does as she demands. (Forget about bratty. This is one insane girl!)

wp_ss_20131231_0048 wp_ss_20131231_0049 wp_ss_20131231_0050 wp_ss_20131231_0051

At the height of this tense situation, it’s Kim Bo-Tong to the rescue! She hits Gwi-Ji in the face with her handmade shell clutch. As she’s being dragged away by security, she calls out to Ma-Te never to kneel before a wench like Kang Gwi-Ji because he’s better than her. Shocked and puzzled to see his beloved Bo-Tong being escorted away by police, David despairingly runs after her, rushes to her side, and promises to tail the police car closely since he’s not allowed to ride together with her.

wp_ss_20131231_0052 wp_ss_20131231_0053 wp_ss_20131231_0054 wp_ss_20131231_0056 wp_ss_20131231_0058 wp_ss_20131231_0059 wp_ss_20131231_0061 wp_ss_20131231_0062 wp_ss_20131231_0063 wp_ss_20131231_0064 wp_ss_20131231_0065 wp_ss_20131231_0066

The normal girl jailed!
David goes to visit Bo-Tong at the police station lock-up. He feeds her sneakily then reluctantly leaves her to go home to get her warm clothes. Bumping into Ma-Te on his way out, he scolds Ma-Te for always causing Bo-Tong to be hurt. Demanding Ma-Te to stop, David declares he’ll take care of Bo-Tong from now on.

wp_ss_20131231_0067 wp_ss_20131231_0068 wp_ss_20131231_0069 wp_ss_20131231_0070 wp_ss_20131231_0072 wp_ss_20131231_0073

Ignoring his brush with David, Ma-Te visits Bo-Tong anyway. Instead of being upset, Bo-Tong apologizes for making things difficult for Ma-Te oppa, having just realized what he was trying to achieve. Ma-Te then comforts her by saying she did a good job. (Yeah, that’s right! She did manage to stop him from having to kiss the brat’s foot.) Concerned something will happen to Ma-Te, Bo-Tong’s willing to go to jail. Ma-Te promises to not let that happen and recalling what David said, declares he’ll take care of Bo-Tong. (Oops, the competition for Bo-Tong intensifies.)

wp_ss_20131231_0080 wp_ss_20131231_0085 wp_ss_20131231_0086 wp_ss_20131231_0087

As he’s packing clothes for Bo-Tong, a frantic David makes a call to someone (I’m assuming Park Ki-Suk’s trusty Mr. Secretary) begging for his help this first time.

In the meantime, Ma-Te goes to see Kang Gwi-Ji. Expecting Ma-Te to beg her for Bo-Tong’s release, she’s shocked his condition is he’ll continue seeing her. Calling her bluff, Ma-Te lies by saying Gwi-Ji was doing him a favor by removing the pesky Bo-Tong. While Ma-Te appears genuinely indifferent and pretending to walk away, Gwi-Ji caves in. Hiding his triumphant expression, with a straight and serious face, Ma-Te turns only to stress he expects Bo-Tong be released immediately. (Man, he’s got talent!)

wp_ss_20131231_0091 wp_ss_20131231_0094 wp_ss_20131231_0096 wp_ss_20131231_0097

Pacing the entrance of the police station awaiting Bo-Tong’s release, David recalls what Mr. Secretary had updated him. He’d arranged for Bo-Tong to be released but found out Kang Gwi-Ji had already dropped all charges. In exchange for this big favor, David must now start revealing his true identity if only little-by-little. Ma-Te arrives to see David and Bo-Tong arguing (about the suitable type of tofu to eat to ward of bad luck from ever having to enter jail again) at the police station entrance and leaves quietly.

wp_ss_20131231_0099 wp_ss_20131231_0101 wp_ss_20131231_0103

The evil iron lady’s agenda…continues…
David’s furious when told over the phone MG Home Shopping’s dropping Normal Company and so determined to cancel the contract, they’re willing to pay compensation. When David concludes MG’s really making things difficult for Ma-Te, Bo-Tong remarks it’s not MG but the ahjumma. (Ahjumma is the Korean term for older, married women. The puzzler…I don’t recall her ever having met Na Hong-Ran or even heard about her from Ma-Te to know how poisonous that woman can be.)

In the meantime, Na Hong-Ran’s in her office being updated Park Moon-Soo will be released for his innocence. However, a board meeting has been arranged to decide whether Park Moon-Soo should be dismissed from the company. Na Hong-Ran instructs her secretary to proceed as planned and use tarnishing MG Group’s reputation as the case against Park Moon-Soo.

The Pretty Man and The Fox.
Meeting with Yoo-Ra, Ma-Te relates to her all the calamities that have hit Normal Company recently: MG Mall closed down their outdoor stores and MG Home Shopping cancelled cleaning socks.

Professing he’s now a learned Ma-Te, he proposes brandishing the power of the password now since Park Ki-Suk’s well. Disagreeing, Yoo-Ra challenges if Ma-Te’s ever been able to defend himself against Na Hong-Ran’s attacks. Ma-Te questions why Yoo-Ra’s refusing to let go of the password. She replies if she can give him the password now, she would’ve from the beginning . (Hinting there’s more to the password than what we’ve all been led to believe. Hmmm…what could it be?) Her advice is for him to not be rash especially since he’s been emotionally weakened lately.

The password affliction.
Looking at his mom’s photo hanging on the Christmas tree, taken with Park Ki-Suk, Ma-Te tells his mom he’s going to see father today. Desperately at wits end, he’s thinking even though he doesn’t have the password, it’s his father’s heart that’s important and he’s got to win it with his sincerity.


At the house, Ma-Te’s met by Mr. Secretary at the door and told to wait outside while he informs Park Ki-Suk Ma-Te’s here. When confirmed Ma-Te’s come empty-handed, Park Ki-Suk refuses to see him. Mr. Secretary makes the excuse Park Ki-Suk isn’t feeling well plus warns him against coming unannounced. Ma-Te pleads to have just a moment but fails. Finally giving up, he tells Mr. Secretary to pass Park Ki-Suk the message he’ll be back with the password next time. (Puzzler: Since Ma-Te didn’t say anything else except introduce himself to Mr. Secretary, how in the world can Mr. Secretary be so sure Ma-Te didn’t have the password?)

wp_ss_20131231_0120 wp_ss_20131231_0121 wp_ss_20131231_0123 wp_ss_20131231_0124

When Bo-Tong finds out the password is troubling Ma-Te oppa big time, she’s as usual determined to help him. Having waited 3 hours for Yoo-Ra to show up at her cafe, Bo-Tong requests 3 minutes of her time. Without further ado, Bo-Tong kneels before and begs Yoo-Ra to release the password to Ma-Te. She offers to do whatever it takes such as to work at the cafe for free forever.

David who found out where Bo-Tong was headed through the website on her laptop computer, comes looking for her. Shocked to see her kneeling in front of Yoo-Ra, David hoists and carries her away when she refuses to leave.

wp_ss_20131231_0130 wp_ss_20131231_0131 wp_ss_20131231_0134 wp_ss_20131231_0135 wp_ss_20131231_0136 wp_ss_20131231_0138

Unable to bear seeing Bo-Tong sad, David goes to see Yoo-Ra. Claiming he had to consider it all day as it affects his life, David requests Yoo-Ra gives Ma-Te his password. Bringing up Park Moon-Soo’s case, David then reveals MG Group is his father’s company. Yoo-Ra’s skeptical David is Park Ki-Suk’s son. (Agreed. I’m surprised she didn’t hear about him from any of her extensive investigations. Park Ki-Suk’s done a great job of keeping David undercover.)

wp_ss_20131231_0140 wp_ss_20131231_0146

David proposes she use him instead of Ma-Te (who’s position in the family is still non-existent) to protect ex-hubby Park Moon-Soo. When she quizzes David where he’s been all these years, he admits he’s been wanting to renounce his connections with MG and is unhappy to instead have to come into the limelight now. David assures Yoo-Ra her ex-step-mommy-in-law’s unaware of his existence.

Asked why David wants to help her, he denies having any interest in helping Yoo-Ra, Park Moon-Soo, or Dokgo Ma-Te. He’s doing it to protect the girl who did nothing wrong but knelt before Yoo-Ra – Kim Bo-Tong (the love of his life).

Yoo-Ra goes to see Ma-Te in his office and beckons Bo-Tong to stay when she brings in drinks for them. She then whips out her cellphone which she claims holds THE much-coveted password. Wanting Bo-Tong to witness her releasing the password to Ma-Te, Yoo-Ra tells Bo-Tong not to worry anymore. Then it’s revealed to a very puzzled Ma-Te that Bo-Tong had earlier knelt before Yoo-Ra and pleaded with her. Instinctively, Ma-Te questions Bo-Tong for her actions.

wp_ss_20131231_0154 wp_ss_20131231_0154-1 wp_ss_20131231_0155 wp_ss_20131231_0156

Yoo-Ra goes on to relate all because of this password, someone else threw in his life. All the while looking at Bo-Tong, she corrects herself saying the sacrifice is all because of love between Bo-Tong and the other person. Yoo-Ra honestly tells a shocked Bo-Tong David gave up everything for her sake.

wp_ss_20131231_0159 wp_ss_20131231_0160 wp_ss_20131231_0161 wp_ss_20131231_0162

Bo-Tong rushes home to find David staring at their Chrismas tree devoid of lights. Crying, Bo-Tong asks why he made such a sacrifice and apologizes for ignoring his feelings for her. Saddened and almost in tears, David pulls Bo-Tong in for a hug and apologizes for loving her. The lights on the tree and around the yard miraculously come on. Ma-Te, who’s probably come to check up on Bo-Tong and investigate the truth, witnesses David and Bo-Tong’s heart-felt, passionate embrace…

wp_ss_20131231_0164 wp_ss_20131231_0165 wp_ss_20131231_0166 wp_ss_20131231_0168 wp_ss_20131231_0169 wp_ss_20131231_0170 wp_ss_20131231_0172 wp_ss_20131231_0173 wp_ss_20131231_0174

Stay tuned for… Episode 12 (Screen date: December 28, 2013, Saturday).


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