Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 10

Pretty Man Episode 10 (Screen date: December 21, 2013, Saturday).

Kim Bo-Tong – the dilemma continues.
After David’s earnest yet worrisome Christmas day confession, David and Bo-Tong arrive home to find Ma-Te oppa waiting for them. Appearing furious, Ma-Te announces he’s there to take Bo-Tong to live in his apartment, shocking both of them. When Bo-Tong’s reluctant to leave, David argues she’s not some possession for Ma-Te to push around. A tug of war ensues between the two guys leaving Bo-Tong perplexed in the middle. She finally shakes off David’s hand telling him she has to go with oppa for now and promises to be back. (Poor Bo-Tong-ie. What’s supposed to be a happy day for her is turning out to be quite the opposite.)

wp_ss_20131223_0457 wp_ss_20131223_0457-1 wp_ss_20131223_0458 wp_ss_20131223_0459

Once they’ve arrived Ma-Te’s apartment, Bo-Tong apologizes to Ma-Te oppa for not making it for dinner with him, as she had to keep the promise to David she’d made much earlier. When he gets mad at her for wanting to leave, she experiences first hand what it feels like to be troubled by love, as David’s been through all this while. She questions Ma-Te why it matters where she lives when it’s more important her place in his heart (which at this point Bo-Tong still feels she’s got almost no place in oppa’s heart).

wp_ss_20131223_0483 wp_ss_20131223_0484

While walking around listlessly after leaving Ma-Te’s apartment, Bo-Tong mutters to herself though she ought to be over the moon that Ma-Te oppa bought her a dress, asked her out to dinner, then wants her to move into his apartment, she strangely feels stifled instead. Unfortunately lonely and burdened on what was supposed to be a wonderful night, she buys a lonesome cake left in a bakery window and takes it to her mom’s place for a late celebration with mom and brother.

wp_ss_20131223_0493 wp_ss_20131223_0495

Upon waking up the next morning, David’s pleased to find Bo-Tong setting up breakfast for them. He’s even more happy and relieved to hear she’d spent the night at her mom’s (not Ma-Te oppa’s).

wp_ss_20131223_0496 wp_ss_20131223_0497 wp_ss_20131223_0498 wp_ss_20131223_0499

The unintentional suspicious ex-husband.
Park Moon-Soo (Hong Yoo-Ra’s ex-husband) hesitantly approaches Yoo-Ra’s Café Droptop as he recalls his recent disturbing conversation with step-mommy Na Hong-Ran. The Iron Lady had blatantly informed him Yoo-Ra’s having an affair with Dokgo Ma-Te, his father’s illegitimate son, meaning his half-brother. Moon-Soo bravely argued Na Hong-Ran tends to spin such tales when it involves Yoo-Ra, as it was when she kicked Yoo-Ra out of the house those years ago claiming she had a sugar daddy while studying overseas. The Iron Lady then coolly added insult to injury saying it’s foolish for him to discredit facts and questioned if he’s going to stand by Yoo-Ra as he did last time. Although Moon-Soo put up a brave front, the Iron Lady’s words had obviously impacted him by casting doubt in his mind.

When Moon-Soo meets Yoo-Ra, he asks her about Ma-Te and goes on to say he trusted her then and wants to trust her now too. Disappointed, Yoo-Ra retorts this is the very problem then and now – although he hates Na Hong-Ran, he nonetheless ends up believing her claims. He can deny it all he wants but his eyes defy him. (Aha! At least one mystery solved. So that’s why Yoo-Ra and Moon-Soo ended up divorced when they are obviously still in love with each other.)

wp_ss_20131229_0006 wp_ss_20131229_0007 wp_ss_20131230_0004 wp_ss_20131230_0005

The embarrassed Pretty Oppa
While getting dressed the morning after, Ma-Te feels abashed about the previous night’s shenanigans. Chiding himself for getting sentimental on Christmas, he’s at a loss on how to face Bo-Tong. Bo-Tong then taunts him further with a phone call asking him if he’s embarrassed and that’s why he’s not shown up at the office yet. Surprisingly, Ma-Te invites her too meet him for lunch stressing she’s to come alone. (Uh-oh, I can just sense Ma-Te oppa’s got something up his sleeve. It’s payback time Bo-Tong-ie.)

wp_ss_20131230_0005-1 wp_ss_20131230_0005-2 (2)

At the restaurant, Ma-Te tells Bo-Tong to order to her heart’s content while he only orders a Caesar salad. Once Bo-Tong’s done excitedly placing her various orders, she’s given a lecture by Ma-Te oppa on her behavior the previous night and that he’s contemplating how best to punish her. Only when she’s done pigging out on all the food does she begin to wonder why Ma-Te’s taking so long in the restroom. A waitress informs her Ma-Te’s left on an urgent matter. Bo-Tong’s shocked and angry to find out he’d left without settling the hefty tab (but of course she knows very well this is the punishment from oppa).

wp_ss_20131230_0007 wp_ss_20131230_0008 wp_ss_20131230_0009 wp_ss_20131230_0011

The Fox’s agenda…
In her search for ex-step-mommy-in-law’s ugly truth, Yoo-Ra meets and introduces herself to Na Hwang Kyu (Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s brother, Na Jin-Seok’s son), an author who goes by the pseudonym Kang Min (to escape recognition by his “loving” aunt).

Angered by the mere mention of MG Group which he claims to hate and memories of which he has buried for 20 years, he storms off after leaving Yoo-Ra with a warning never to provoke him again. Yoo-Ra then makes a phone call to Mr. Private Investigator informing him she’s ignited the fire in Na Hwang Kyu. He’s to tail him closely for he’s bound to go this father, their ultimate target, soon. (Seems things are going according to plan for Yoo-Ra.)


New hires for Bo-Tong Company
Two new hires, a guy and a girl, finally arrive Bo-Tong Company. David apparently hired the girl on purpose because she’s got a thing for Ma-Te.

wp_ss_20131230_0016 wp_ss_20131230_0018

To welcome his new staff, Ma-Te treats his whole team to dinner at Bo-Tong’s mom’s restaurant. Ma-Te toasts he’ll strive to be an enviable company president.

wp_ss_20131230_0018-1 wp_ss_20131230_0018-2 wp_ss_20131230_0018-3

The Fox’s agenda…continued…
Dolled up, Yoo-Ra goes to meet Na Hwang Kyu’s father, Na Jin-Seok’s (Mr. PI’s obviously done good and succeeded in locating the elusive uncle-in-law). Yoo-Ra explains she’s only interested in MG Group affairs in order to protect her daughter and pleads with him to share the story of his sister, Na Hong-Ran having a baby in New York.

Unwilling at first because life’s been hell for him and his family all this while, he relents on condition Yoo-Ra promises they will be protected.  (Hmmm, is she sure she can protect them?)

wp_ss_20131230_0020 wp_ss_20131230_0021 wp_ss_20131230_0022 wp_ss_20131230_0023

The story of David.
Walking home from their company dinner given by Ma-Te, Bo-Tong announces to David she’s planning to move to her mom’s so he can stay in his house this freezing winter. Caught unawares, David invites Bo-Tong for a drink before heading home.

David finally confides he used to live in the house with his mom. After his dad left them to marry someone else, his mom had gotten depressed and became alcohol-dependent. One tragic day, she suddenly collapsed and died. He’s been living in the tent since then because he can’t bear to be in the house where only memories of his heartbroken mom live on. Having never understood why his mom needed antidepressants, he sadly ended up having to take them too (until Bo-Tong came into his life) because he couldn’t sleep without them.

Saddened to hear this, dearie Bo-Tong’s tears just can’t help falling. David tells her she can’t leave him just yet for if she does, all the heartbreaking memories will come flooding back. He goes on to express he can’t understand why his mom longed for his dad so much. Questioning what love is, David says he’ll be fine if he just has his mom. (Ma-Te said this too at one point. Seems like Park Ki-Suk has this legacy of loving ‘em then leaving ‘em. And now it’s absolutely confirmed David’s not the Iron Lady’s son.)

wp_ss_20131230_0028 wp_ss_20131230_0029 wp_ss_20131230_0032 wp_ss_20131230_0033 wp_ss_20131230_0039 wp_ss_20131230_0039-1

Dokgo Ma-Te’s funny side…
After the dinner with his staff, Ma-Te goes back to the empty office. Annoyed seeing the “couple” stuffed bunnies on David and Bo-Tong’s desks, he wrings and twists the Bo-Tong bunny. As he’s about to do the same to the Ma-Te bunny (which he must’ve thought represented David), he hesitates then decides to display it prominently on his desk. (Why? I really don’t get it. If he thinks that’s supposed to be David, then why not get it rid of it? Why would he want it on his desk? Strange but funny.)

wp_ss_20131230_0040 wp_ss_20131230_0041 wp_ss_20131230_0042 wp_ss_20131230_0043

The Fox’s agenda in action.
Having gotten the information she needed from Na Jin-Seok, Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s brother, Yoo-Ra invites ex-step-mommy-in-law to meet. Not beating about the bush, Yoo-Ra reveals she’s found out Na Hong-Ran’s New York secret. Unfazed, Na Hong-Ran cynically lauds Yoo-Ra’s skills.

Thinking that the painful and shameful past might have hardened her, Yoo-Ra states she had to keep herself from empathizing with Na Hong-Ran’s evilness. Demanding an apology which Na Hong-Ran flatly refuses, Yoo-Ra warns she’s been given a chance and now there’s no turning back. (Now you’ve done it Iron Lady. But I do wonder what sort of power Yoo-Ra will have against you, the formidable.)

wp_ss_20131230_0047 wp_ss_20131230_0048

The pocket watch mystery deepens.
While Na Hong-Ran’s looking dazed seated at her desk in her study (Probably recalling her brush with Hong Yoo-Ra earlier?), hubby Park Ki-Suk comes in to give her a present. A beautiful clock, he’d bought one for son, Moon-Soo too (I’m wondering if there’s any significance to this?). Na Hong-Ran appeared pleased to receive it.

Park Ki-Suk notices THE pocket watch on her desk and comments whether one can turn back time by turning back the clock. He then suggests they start living for the future instead of dwelling in the past, explaining he started having such thoughts since being seriously ill.

Silent all the while, as soon as hubby’s left the room, Na Hong-Ran picks up the pocket watch and winds it backwards. (What’s this about? Is she really trying to turn back time? Does that mean she does regret some things she did in the past? Clearly, abandoning her own flesh and blood must be one of them.)

wp_ss_20131230_0049 wp_ss_20131230_0050 wp_ss_20131230_0051 wp_ss_20131230_0052 wp_ss_20131230_0057 wp_ss_20131230_0058

David’s angel.
David’s stupefied to come home to a barren yard – all this glamping gear are gone! Bo-Tong carefully explains it’s the only way she can think of to get him to move back into the house while it’s too cold to live outside. Since Kimchi Oppa’s moved out, she plans to take over his room so David can have back his room (the one Bo-Tong’s been staying in).

Unconvinced at first, David refuses to budge until Bo-Tong advises him to take it as a trial and promises to cheer him up if ever he gets sad while living in the house. When David oppa’s (yup, she tried everything to make him move, including calling him oppa) safely in the warmth, Bo-Tong advises him to understand and make peace with his mom’s deep love for his dad.

wp_ss_20131230_0061 wp_ss_20131230_0063 wp_ss_20131230_0064 wp_ss_20131230_0065

The Father and his sons
Bo-Tong passes the invitation to MG Night to Ma-Te while explaining all the star-studded companies will be there. Wondering if she should decline the invitation, Ma-Te tells her he will, or rather must attend this party.

wp_ss_20131230_0071 wp_ss_20131230_0072 wp_ss_20131230_0073 wp_ss_20131230_0074

At home, Ma-Te is seen pacing about. Hearing news he’s back from the U.S., Ma-Te wonders if Park Ki-Suk’s surgery had gone well. Ma-Te then speaks to his mom while looking at the photo of her with Park Ki-Suk. He tells her of his intention to attend MG Night with the sole purpose of meeting his father and that he must look good in front of both Park Ki-Suk and Na Hong-Ran.

In the meantime, meeting with Park Ki-Suk’s trusty secretary, David’s irked why he keeps being summoned these days when all his life he’s been keeping a low profile as instructed, and has gotten used to it. Mr. Secretary coolly slides a business card across to David saying this place will dress him up suitably for MG Night. Daddy dearest, Park Ki-Suk requests that he dress handsomely and attend this auspicious party. Irritated further, David refuses plus warns Mr. Secretary not to contact him like this anymore because it makes him uneasy.

wp_ss_20131230_0075 wp_ss_20131230_0076

Ma-Te’s woman #5 – the brat who’s full of herself.
A young lady is seen reading in the living room of a lavish home with a couple whom seem to be her parents. Looking unsettled, the young lady suddenly announces she wants to have sushi. Simple right? Not! Because she doesn’t want to have it in town, but in Hokkaido, Japan. When her parents initially attempt to convince her the sushi in town is just as good, she haughtily threatens to starve herself. (Yeah right!) Not getting the desired response, she taunts her father some more by calling him a coward and stressing she’s not asking for too much. (What?) Appearing to get mad at first, her father breaks into a broad smile and agrees his precious daughter ought to eat whatever she wants.  Next thing, she’s off on their private jet.

wp_ss_20131230_0077 wp_ss_20131230_0078 wp_ss_20131230_0081 wp_ss_20131230_0082 wp_ss_20131230_0084

While shopping with two friends, the bratty girl spots Myo Mi’s poster advertising yoga wear. Obviously disliking Myo Mi, she begrudgingly enters the yoga wear store where she bullies and insults the staff, and creates a mess on purpose. All this is recorded by one of her friends.  Before leaving, she calls her father’s secretary to come settle the problem.

Who is this awfully spoiled, demanding brat? She’s the 19-year-old Kang Gwi-Ji, only child of another large South Korean corporation SS Group’s president and apple of his eyes. (This kind of explains the brattiness.)


Once home, Gwi-Ji ensures her other friend has uploaded her bullying video from earlier. Her aim is to beat Myo Mi in search engine popularity by garnering hate fans. Checking to see if she’s succeeded in ousting Myo Mi, she’s upset to find the whole video had been removed by Mr. Secretary. Looking for other ways to get at Myo Mi, she sees a picture of Ma-Te with Myo Mi then declares to her father she wants this doll – Dokgo Ma-Te. What does daddy dearest do? Immediately orders Mr. Secretary to arrange it, of course. (My goodness, now she wants her father to buy a man?)

wp_ss_20131230_0093 wp_ss_20131230_0094 wp_ss_20131230_0096 wp_ss_20131230_0098

The ordinary girl and her chaebol pretty oppa.
Bo-Tong’s all alone in the office and about to leave when she realizes her purse is missing. While stooping under her desk to retrieve it, she freezes when she hears Ma-Te and Yoo-Ra walk in. Bo-Tong unintentionally overhears their whole conversation where she finds out Ma-Te’s MG Group’s president, Park Ki-Suk’s son and therefore the reason he’s adamant about attending MG Night.

wp_ss_20131230_0100 wp_ss_20131230_0101 wp_ss_20131230_0103 wp_ss_20131230_0103-1

Bo-Tong goes home dejected and ends up crying buckets while a very puzzled David tries to comfort her. After a lot of prodding, Bo-Tong finally confides in David she’s just found out Ma-Te’s true identity. (David seemed genuinely shocked to hear this. I thought he already knew?) Bo-Tong says she’s distressed because while she was already holding on to a sliver of hope before, it’s absolutely game over for her now as she’s by no means a match for a chaebol’s son. (Note: Chaebol refers to large conglomerates in Korean.)

wp_ss_20131230_0105 wp_ss_20131230_0107 wp_ss_20131230_0111 wp_ss_20131230_0112 wp_ss_20131230_0115 wp_ss_20131230_0116

When David finally regains his composure, he tries to comfort her by saying she’s got endearing qualities which can make a chaebol’s son fall in love with her. (David’s obviously referring to himself. Bo-Tong doesn’t know his true identity yet.)

Next morning, not having slept the whole night, Bo-Tong tells David she’ll go in to work in the afternoon. Still recovering from the shock of her discovery, she thinks back to the promise she’d made to Ma-Te’s mom to take care of him once she’s no longer around.

wp_ss_20131230_0120 wp_ss_20131230_0121

At the office, David coldly informs Ma-Te Bo-Tong’s not feeling well. When Ma-Te wants to rush to go see her, David confronts him if he loves Bo-Tong. He warns Ma-Te to leave her alone if that’s not the case. As soon as he gets out of Ma-Te’s office, David calls Mr. Secretary informing him he’s decided to and must attend MG Night. (I suppose he decided he’s got to make a grand entrance to topple his half-brother, Dokgo Ma-Te in this triangular love affair?)

wp_ss_20131230_0131 wp_ss_20131230_0131-1

Beware the Iron Lady’s wrath.
Furious to see a poster of a smiling, triumphant Ma-Te as the face of South Korea’s Ferrino Outdoor, she vents her anger by setting into motion her plans to ruin everything for him…


A doll called Dokgo Ma-Te & the SS Group proposal.
While Ma-Te, Bo-Tong, David, and Deok-Saeng are having a discussion in the office, they are surprised by a pizza delivery. Upon opening the box, they’re shocked to see it’s filled with stacks of South Korean won!

(Digression…I always wonder what Ma-Te’s friend, Jang Deok-Saeng’s contribution is to Bo-Tong Company. He’s constantly seen going through documents, involved in discussions, hanging around in the office, etc. but what is his actual role? Even Bo-Tong mentioned Deok-Saeng oppa is a passive team member.)

Ma-Te then receives a phone call from SS Group’s Mr. Secretary informing him all that money is from Kang Gwi-Ji, daughter of SS Group’s President. The purpose is Gwi-Ji would like to meet him. When Ma-Te tells Mr. Secretary he’s not interested plus he’s currently dating Myo Mi, Mr. Secretary says Myo Mi is no competitor for SS Group.

wp_ss_20131230_0135 wp_ss_20131230_0136 wp_ss_20131230_0137 wp_ss_20131230_0138 wp_ss_20131230_0139 wp_ss_20131230_0140

Rethinking SS Group’s Mr. Secretary’s words, Ma-Te admits to himself he wants SS Group’s backing in order to beat Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran. Now, SS Group’s come knocking on his door! Not wanting to betray Myo Mi, Ma-Te tries to give her a call (I’m guessing to relate to her all that’s going on.) but her number’s unavailable. He then sends her a text message asking her what’s she’s up to.

David then rushes into Ma-Te’s office informing him MG Group’s refusal to extend their contract for the outdoor store launch which may result in their having to close down all their stores. While both of them are reeling from this violent blow, Bo-Tong announces Bo-Tong Company’s invitation to MG Night has been withdrawn. Ma-Te quickly realizes this is all the evil woman’s doing and further strengthens his resolve to appear before her and his father.

The brat meets her new doll.
Agreeing to meet Kang Gwi-Ji for dinner, Ma-Te intentionally upsets her with his supposed “slippery hands” by letting her fall while pulling the chair for her and flinging food onto her face. Gwi-Ji affronted Ma-Te that his hands weren’t slippery while handling the stacks of money she’d sent.

When Gwi-Ji haughtily proclaims she’s money, Ma-Te says she’s trash! (Yikes! But she deserves it.) He then tells her in the past, he would’ve taken the money in heartbeat, but not now because he now realizes things he didn’t before. Returning the money in a gift box, Ma-Te asks Gwi-Ji for support instead. (Huh? Will this work? It’s got to right?)

wp_ss_20131230_0155 wp_ss_20131230_0155-1 wp_ss_20131230_0156 wp_ss_20131230_0158 wp_ss_20131230_0160 wp_ss_20131230_0161

Ma-Te arrives with Kang Gwi-Ji who doesn’t even need to produce an invitation. (So this is the support he was referring to – his ticket to enter MG Night.) Following Na Hong-Ran’s stare, hubbyPark Ki-Suk sees Ma-Te walking into the ballroom with Kang Gwi-Ji. Na Hong-Ran then watches Park Ki-Suk for any sign of recognition.

wp_ss_20131230_0173 wp_ss_20131230_0174 wp_ss_20131230_0175 wp_ss_20131230_0177

Upon introducing himself to Park Ki-Suk, Ma-Te doesn’t get any response but Park Ki-Suk instead cheerfully calls out over Ma-Te’s shoulder for someone else who’d just walked in to come join them. The person comes to stand beside Ma-Te. Ma-Te turns to look and is stumped to see David Choi!

wp_ss_20131230_0178 wp_ss_20131230_0179 wp_ss_20131230_0180 wp_ss_20131230_0181 wp_ss_20131230_0182 wp_ss_20131230_0186 wp_ss_20131230_0189 wp_ss_20131230_0192

Well, it’s shocked looks all around…

Stay tuned for… Episode 11 (Screen date: December 27, 2013, Friday)


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