Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 9

Pretty Man Episode 9 (Screen date: December 20, 2013, Friday)

Confessions.  Confessions.  Confessions.
The Episode 8 cliffhanger left us with the conundrum that suddenly two women decide to make public declarations all for the sake of Dokgo Ma-Te.

Myo Mi, during her Best Actress Award acceptance speech, professes her love for him and goes on to admit to the disbelieving audience she has a 10-year-old son!  So this is the dirty little secret Kim In-Joong’s been threatening her with all these years.

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(I’m unsure whether her confession of love for Ma-Te is really true.  But somehow I do feel she’s fallen for and hopes to be in a real relationship with him.  In this manner, she’s killed a few birds with a single stone:-
1. She’s broken herself and Ma-Te free from the nasty Kim In-Joong once and for all and hopefully taught her a bitter, lifelong lesson not to mess with people.
2. Quelled rumors of her being a lesbian and would therefore be free to date men.  Dokgo Ma-Te perhaps?
3. Most importantly, as a mother, she no longer needs to keep her son hidden.  They’re free be together now.)

At the same time, our Bo-Tong-ie’s also confessing her long-time festering love for Ma-Te oppa over live radio.  Although he’s tuned into the station, did he even hear any part of her heartfelt rendition when his eyes and ears were glued on Myo Mi appearing on the gigantic tv screen overhead?  Were all her efforts for naught?

Midway through her confession, David hurriedly comes back to the office, snatches her phone from her, and pleads her to stop.  Frustrated, they both unwittingly raise their voices at each other.  With a pained look on his face, David expresses he’s very upset.  (For a minute there I thought David was going to blurt out his true feelings too.  Now wouldn’t that be a huge mess?)

Before leaving, David quietly urges her to quit because even as they speak, the world wide web’s already abuzz.  Puzzled, Bo-Tong checks the news on her phone and lo and behold, she sees the latest and hottest – Myo Mi’s confession!  (Oh, so David came back after finding out Myo Mi’s shocker and must’ve been trying to spare Bo-Tong the embarrassment.)

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Having been exposed, a now disgraced  Kim In-Joong’s hardly a shadow of the arrogant confidence she was merely moments ago.  Nervous and fidgeting sitting across from Reporter Kim, her attempts at feigning innocence fall flat.  (As you said yourself Kim In-Joong, you reap what you sow.  What are you going to do now?  Whose arm are you going to twist to save you from this abyss?)

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Absorbing details of Myo Mi’s astonishing disclosure, Bo-Tong’s miserable lamenting how short she’d been with David whom she now realises was trying to save her from humiliation.

(I’m pleasantly surprised she’s more upset about her run-in with David rather than the fact a world famous movie star’s declared her love for her Ma-Te oppa.  Being used to it by now, I suppose she’s thinking, “Yeah, yeah, what else is new?”

As you can see, I can barely hide the fact I’m rooting for David.  What can I do?  What should I do?  I know I’m being unfair to Ma-Te but being a talented pretty man, he can barely keep women away so he’ll never be lonely…right?  Yeah, I know…wrong!  He needs Bo-Tong!)

Just then, Ma-Te oppa storms in questioning her motives for making uncalled for confessions when she ought to know she can never match up to him.  When she retorts it’s her choice and he ought to know she’s liked him all these years, he unwittingly lets out her declaration worries him.  This initially serious scene turns comic when Ma-Te cooks up a silly excuse for rushing to Bo-Tong instead of Myo Mi post-confession hoo-ha.  (Is our Ma-Te oppa starting to feel some affection for Bo-Tong or is it pity?  And yeah, just as Bo-Tong questioned him…what is this worry he’s talking about?  Why would Bo-Tong’s confession worry him in the slightest bit?  I can’t really tell at this point.)

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Arriving home, David’s pleasantly shocked to find Bo-Tong waiting for him concealed in his tent (due to the frigid winter cold).  She apologizes for her ignorance and making David feel troubled.  (Again, I sensed David was about to say something huge but bit his tongue.)

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Fall of the proud Networking Queen.
Instead of Myo Mi’s now open secret, an exposé about the deceptive Kim In-Joong would suit Reporter Kim well too.  If he does, the Networking Queen’s as good as dead.

Fearing for her future, Kim In-Joong is humbled and brought to her knees (literally) begging for Myo Mi’s mercy.  If cleared of all charges, Kim In-Joong swears never to touch Myo Mi or Ma-Te again.  Hearing this Myo Mi agrees to an exclusive interview with Reporter Kim in which she paints Kim In-Joong in a good light.

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(I must admit I didn’t expect Kim In-Joong to surrender.  With her web of connections, I thought she might have some other sinister cards to play.  However, with only 7 episodes left and many mysteries unanswered, we can’t dwell on any one extra character for too long right?  Anyway, good riddance.  Never liked her.  Though I still feel Ma-Te went about it the wrong way with her, it’s just part and parcel of the flow of the story.) 

Unconditional love.
After decorating a Christmas tree together in David’s yard (these two share many meals and do so many meaningful things together, so it wouldn’t be surprising for at least one to fall for the other right?), David casually asks Bo-Tong why she loves Ma-Te oppa so much.  Expressing her opinion there shouldn’t need to be a reason to love someone, she gives the example just as she loves her mother and younger brother unconditionally, so it goes her love for Ma-Te oppa since the day he moved to her neighborhood.  David then goes on to ask if her love would falter if Ma-Te oppa only has eyes for other women.  Bo-Tong admits though it’ll be upsetting, she can’t help it because it’s Ma-Te oppa.


Bo-Tong then recalls and wants to know the reason she’d upset David just the other day.  (Duh, can’t you tell Bo-Tong-ie?  I’m sure you’re not that oblivious!)  So David invites her to come watch him and his friends perform on Christmas day and promises to tell her then.

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(So I’m positive David’s planning to confess on Christmas.  Uncertain at first whether he should or shouldn’t, I feel all Bo-Tong said about unconditional love spurred David to strengthen his own resolve.  David fighting!  But what will happen post-confession?  Will Bo-Tong accept him?  Sigh…) 

The mysterious pocket watch.


Going through a box of Ma-Te’s mom’s things to find a picture of his mom to hang on the Christmas tree she’d just helped him put up (apparently Bo-Tong used to decorate the Chrismas tree with Ma-Te’s mom without him even knowing), Bo-Tong chances upon an old-looking but pretty pocket watch.  Ma-Te explains it’s really old and he supposedly used to play with it a lot when he was little (though he doesn’t remember).  Although it’s worn and faulty, Bo-Tong finds it beautiful and requests Ma-Te give it to her as a memento of his mom.  (Aha!  There’s got to be more to this pocket watch than meets the eye.  I’m sure of it!  Wonder if it has anything to do with Ma-Te’s desperately-coveted code which would provide him access to his father.)

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Next scene…Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s seen reading at her desk in her study.  Now what is that sitting pretty on her desk?  A pocket watch!  And it looks just like the one Ma-Te only moments ago agreed to give Bo-Tong.

wp_ss_20131223_0091 wp_ss_20131223_0092

(What did I say?  But it’s turning out very different than I’d anticipated.  Doesn’t this link Dokgo Ma-Te to Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran?  But how?  Is Ma-Te her son???!!!  That’s impossible right?  We know who Ma-Te’s mom is and she’d passed away.  Ma-Te’s supposed to be Iron Lady’s husband, Park Ki-Suk’s son.  Besides, I thought David’s Iron Lady’s son.  Oh dear, the confusion…) 

Why don’t WE get away…
Myo Mi meets with Ma-Te at his company devoid of staff, who are supposedly doing fieldwork cum head-hunting.  She announces she’s picked Ma-Te to be her liaison for her to model the outdoor wear.  Refusing to do this earlier, she’d come around after hearing Ma-Te’s enlightening viewpoint.

Just as they’re joking about Ma-Te having to seriously date Myo Mi if her confession of love is true, David and Bo-Tong boisterously waltz in.  Not pleased to see her competitor, Bo-Tong even denies ever having met Myo Mi when Myo Mi queries after finding Bo-Tong looks familiar.  (Not too long ago Bo-Tong had waited for her, along with other adoring fans and an embarrassed David, to present her with cleaning socks as thank you for assisting them hit the miraculous sales target.  At that time she had a good feeling about Myo Mi but definitely not now since she’s officially a formidable competitor for Ma-Te oppa’s affections.)

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Jealous he wasn’t invited to the opening of Bo-Tong’s mom’s new blood sausage soup restaurant, which David and Bo-Tong had just come back from, a spiteful Ma-Te invites Myo Mi out for the day.  The ever caring David tries to cheer up his forlorn Bo-Tong-ie by offering to take her out on a refreshing drive.  When David’s disappointed his car broke down somewhere along the way, Bo-Tong cheers him up instead by simply loving where they ended up and proposes they set up camp and spend the night there.


The cute Bo-Tong bunny David used as a puppet.

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While adoringly watching the sleeping Bo-Tong slumped in a chair, David couldn’t resist attempting to plant a kiss on her cheek but it was not meant to be.  Instead, something even better came out of it…Bo-Tong sleeping peacefully in David’s arms!  (This must’ve been pure bliss for David.  I’m happy yet sad for him guessing how things will turn out for him.  Sigh…)

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Post-date, Ma-Te returns to the empty office.  Wondering where Bo-Tong is, he first calls ex-army friend Jang Deok-Saeng only to be teased.  Refusing to stoop to calling Bo-Tong, he goes to her mom’s spanking new blood sausage soup restaurant instead on the pretense of congratulating her and to tuck into some of the yummies.  Figuring she must’ve taken up a rather large loan, he gives her some money only to find out a considerable chunk of the capital came from David.  While David forbids eomma from telling Bo-Tong about the loan, Ma-Te on the other hand wants his contribution to be made known to her, much to eomma’s puzzlement.  (Hmmm, do you want to impress Bo-Tong, Ma-Te?  Or you want her to feel touched and indebted?  But why?  Only to spite David?)

Hinting that eomma should show more care and keep in closer touch with Bo-Tong, eomma’s goaded into giving her daughter a call immediately.  When her call is met with a “number unreachable” message, Ma-Te’s clearly angrier than eomma.  (Hahaha…this part is funny.  Why is he so eager to find out Kim Bo-Tong’s whereabouts?  He must suspect Bo-Tong’s with David.  Since his last ditch failed miserably, he’s got no way of finding out…at least not tonight.  He won’t be able to reach her on her phone even if he decided to swallow his pride and make that call.  Ma-Te oppa’s dying of curiosity!)

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Next morning, Ma-Te goes in a hilariously roundabout way to confront David where he and Bo-Tong were last night.  Trying to appear uninterested and nonchalant until the last moment, David wins this round by refusing to feed Ma-Te’s curiosity after having piqued it to the max!  (I always enjoy the funnies brought on by these two all because of Bo-Tong-ie.)

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The enigma called David
While in the office, David receives a mysterious call and hides himself in the restroom to keep the conversation secret.  The man on the other side starts by telling David they’d gotten concerned when he quit MG Home Shopping.  Strangely, David then questions why his compliance in pursuing studies then working at MG Home Shopping still isn’t enough to impress his father.  (Is the man on the other line his father?  But if he’s Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s son, then how can this be?  Are they adding a new character in the form of David’s biological father to complicate matters?)

The man then concludes the conversation with a last question – the reason David joined Bo-Tong company.  Starting to ask if it’s because of the identity of its President, Dokgo Ma-Te’s real father, David abruptly cuts him off.  Denying the insinuation, he claims he joined the fledgling company for its honest-to-goodness vision.  (Oh my gosh, so both David and the man he was speaking with know Ma-Te’s true identity?  Does this mean David indeed has a hidden agenda, besides his infatuation with Bo-Tong-ie, for switching teams?  My curiosity is overflowing!)

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The Fox & the Pretty Man.
Ma-Te’s stunned when Yoo-Ra reveals Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran has a son.  Yoo-Ra then cautions they’ve got to find him quickly and kill him if necessary in order to preserve their plans.  This hint at killing renders Ma-Te speechless.  (See, I always felt this woman’s scary.  Driven by vengeance, she appears willing to do anything.  But to go as far as murder?  Isn’t that too much?  Well I guess we’ll cross that bridge with them when they get there.  No matter what, I doubt Ma-Te will agree to be an accomplice to murder.)

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The father…so near yet so far.
Noticing Park Ki-Suk on the cover of a business magazine Ma-Te was reading, Bo-Tong reveals she’s accompanied his mom to Seoul to meet with that man just before her death.  Surprised to realize he’s MG Group’s President, she remarked he and Ma-Te’s mom seemed close and had chatted for a long time.  Bewildered, Ma-Te questions her for more details including if she’d heard any mention of a code.  Unfortunately Bo-Tong couldn’t be of much help because she’d left them to chat privately.

Once Bo-Tong has left his office, Ma-Te laments his pitiful fate while looking at a photo of his mom with Park Ki-Suk.  Yoo-Ra has the code – the key to his father.  And he can’t understand why his mom had asked Bo-Tong, not him, to accompany her to meet his father.  (I feel for him.  It all boils down to the weird requirement of a code for Ma-Te to meet his very own father!  Ridiculous right?  When was his mom intending to impart it to him, especially knowing she was dying of cancer?  Or is there some kind of timing she needed to comply with?  Did she even tell Park Ki-Suk she had terminal cancer when they met that very last time?  Was she warned the time wasn’t ripe yet?  Way too many questions in my head…  Answers!  I need answers!)

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The Bo-Tong company progress…
Chosen by Myo Mi to liaison with Ferrino Outdoor, Ma-Te proves his mettle in successfully handling the negotiations.  Bo-Tong company becomes its official representative in Korea and even the big orange Normal Company signs in their office get changed to Ferrino.

Though Myo Mi becomes its model, Dokgo Ma-Te is named Ferrino Korea’s new face by virtue of him being company president.

wp_ss_20131223_0266 wp_ss_20131223_0271

(With contracts to market cleaning socks in the US and now this, Bo-Tong company’s becoming quite extraordinary.  Things are looking bright…business-wise.)

(Bit of Trivia: Ferrino Outdoor is a real Italy-based outdoor apparel and gear company.)

The normal girl & her enigmatic admirer.
Being a bone-chilling cold winter’s night, Bo-Tong convinces David to come into the warmth inside the house.  Unable to gain access into Deok-Saeng oppa’s room (he locks it whenever he goes out), David sleeps on the couch in Bo-Tong’s room.

David panics when Bo-Tong suggests she moves to live with her mom and brother at the restaurant because she wants David to move back indoors during the winter.  Admitting it’s the first time in 5 years since he’d slept indoors, David’s not yet comfortable to share with Bo-Tong the true reason behind it.  (Yeah, I’m curious too.  Hopefully he’ll hurry on up and tell us so we can cross off some questions from our lengthening list.)

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Bo-Tong’s Christmas day dilemma…

Tenderly applying bandages on Bo-Tong’s fingertips, injured from learning guitar, David reminds Bo-Tong she must come watch his performance on Christmas day.  Looking forward to it, Bo-Tong says she’s rather nervous thinking that’ll be the day she’ll not only get to appreciate music (including one of David’s compositions), she’ll also learn why she’d made David upset.

wp_ss_20131223_0298 wp_ss_20131223_0299

Ma-Te oppa…first, the present…
Just then, Bo-Tong receives a call from Ma-Te oppa asking her to go meet him outside the house.  Irritated to hear David’s been teaching her guitar in her room, he shoves a bag at her saying it’s his donation for the helpless.

Shocked at first, Bo-Tong is thrilled to realize it’s the dress she’d seen in a boutique window and so wanted to try while out with Ma-Te oppa the other day.  (When heartfelt tears of joy seemed to flow from Bo-Tong’s eyes while she happily spins around swinging the dress high up in the air, I cried too!  First time I cried watching this series.  Hardly experienced warmth from Ma-Te oppa, this gift is all the more significant to Bo-Tong.  But what’s Ma-Te’s true motive though?)

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Ma-Te, the date…
Guessing he’s once again about to announce he’s getting married (because he’s being unusually nice to her), Bo-Tong initially reacts erratically when told Ma-Te has made dinner reservations for them on Christmas day.

When it sinks in that Ma-Te oppa really wants to have Christmas dinner with her, she’s ecstatic until she realizes that’s also the night of David’s performance.  Refusing to budge in the arrangements when Bo-Tong tells him of her promise to David, he reiterates she’s to wear the dress and get to the restaurant on time.  (What’s this Ma-Te oppa up to?  Why the sudden gift and date?  Doesn’t he need to be with Myo Mi, whom he’s supposedly dating, on such an important occasion as Christmas?)

wp_ss_20131223_0321 wp_ss_20131223_0322 wp_ss_20131223_0324 wp_ss_20131223_0327 wp_ss_20131223_0332 wp_ss_20131223_0333

How now Bo-Tong?
Perplexed by her predicament, Bo-Tong’s seen pacing her room trying to decide whether to go with the dress (representing Ma-Te oppa) or guitar (representing David).

Worry not Bo-Tong, David’s here to save the day.  Having been informed of the big Christmas dinner date by Ma-Te earlier, David being the sweet guy he is, decides to hide his disappointment and convinces Bo-Tong to go on the date with Ma-Te.  (Darn it!  Then when will David ever get to confess?)

wp_ss_20131223_0337 wp_ss_20131223_0338 wp_ss_20131223_0349 wp_ss_20131223_0350

The father…home sweet home in Korea.
After his successful surgery in the U.S., Park Ki-Suk’s just arrived back to Korea.  Instead of having his assistant call his darling wife to join him for a meal, he instructs him to call someone else.

With Park Ki-Suk seated in an obscure restaurant, Mr. Assistant announces the arrival of the “young master”.  (Is he referring to Park Moon-Soo?)

The young master turns out to be…David Choi!  (What?)  A rather hostile David questions why he’s been summoned so openly all of a sudden, to which Park Ki-Suk declares he doesn’t need a reason to dine with his SON!  (Oh my gosh!  There goes my theory out the window.  So it’s obvious now David’s not Na Hong-Ran’s son but Park Ki-Suk’s instead.  He must’ve kept David hidden from view of his conniving wife all these years in order to protect him.  Now it occurs to me the mysterious caller from before is Park Ki-Suk’s loyal Mr. Assistant.  If Park Ki-Suk’s been keeping in touch with David, why not do the same with Ma-Te?  Oh my, so this means David and Ma-Te are half-brothers?  Oh dear!  Now then who is the Iron Lady’s son?  Dokgo Ma-Te?  It’s getting real complicated.)

wp_ss_20131223_0354 wp_ss_20131223_0355 wp_ss_20131223_0356 wp_ss_20131223_0357

All this while, they’ve been meeting in secret.  But Park Ki-Suk seems to hint at meeting more openly from now on together with his other son and David’s half-brother, Park Moon-Soo.  Uncomfortable with this sudden pleasantry, David retaliates he’s the illegitimate son who’s only a back-up for the weak son, Park Moon-Soo.  Refuting this, Park Ki-Suk states he had to do what he did in order to protect both David and his mother.  This infuriates David, whom obviously disagrees his mom was protected, and drives him to storm off.

(Who is David’s mom?  Was she also one of Park Ki-Suk’s many conquests?  Where is she now?  What happened between them and Park Ki-Suk?  It’s pretty clear they’ve been in touch all this while with David even working at MG Home Shopping following his father’s wishes.  Whatever the case may be, David doesn’t seem at all interested in fostering a closer relationship with his father.)

Dressed like a lovely snow fairy (as she put it when she first set eyes on THE DRESS), Bo-Tong arrives outside the appointed restaurant and then hesitates.  Struck by pangs of guilt when looking at her bandaged fingers, she sends Ma-Te a text message apologizing for standing him up.  (For some reason I thought Ma-Te would stand Bo-Tong up for one reason or another and David will swoop in once again to cheer her up.  I did not expect to see him sitting pretty in the restaurant waiting for her arrival and then angrily wolfing down his meal alone after reading Bo-Tong’s message.)

wp_ss_20131223_0377 wp_ss_20131223_0378 wp_ss_20131223_0380 wp_ss_20131223_0381 wp_ss_20131223_0383 wp_ss_20131223_0385

As Bo-Tong makes her way to the front of the crowd at David’s performance venue, David notices her and his face clearly lights up.  Announcing their last song for the night, he explains it’s the first love song he’s written because he’s in love and he dedicates it to the one whom made him feel troubled.  Bo-Tong who’d been smiling and cheering all this while is stunned to hear this.  This means David’s in love with her!!!

wp_ss_20131223_0387 wp_ss_20131223_0388 wp_ss_20131223_0391 wp_ss_20131223_0391-1 wp_ss_20131223_0400 wp_ss_20131223_0400-1

[I love the song.  The lyrics and montage were so well-choreographed, it made me cry…again.

Looked it up and found it’s titled “Saying I Love You” and really sung by Lee Jang-Woo (who aptly portrays David Choi).

“Saying I Love You” heartrendingly describes David’s love experience with Bo-Tong.  While she has her heart set on someone else, David has his heart set on her from the moment they first met.  Beside her all the while, he beckons her to glance over at him every once in a while to see him and his heart.  Although he might have to let her go in the end, he still wants to express his love for her.

How touching is that?

Oh, I have this thing for male leads whom can sing and am even more taken in when they purportedly wrote and performed the songs in the drama.   The first was Jang Keun-Suk as Seo In-Ha in Love Rain.  He wrote and performed the titular “Love Rain” song for the love of his life, Kim Yoon-Hee.  Now Lee Jang-Woo as David Choi impresses me with “Saying I Love You” for Kim Bo-Tong.]

Grabbing a drink at a Café Droptop afterwards, there’s an awkward air between Bo-Tong and David whom are usually animated together.

When Bo-Tong hesitantly starts to answer David’s question on her opinion of the song, David quickly interjects he will not accept if she says she doesn’t understand the message it carries.  He goes on to express he’s liked her from the first time he set eyes on her.

Through flashbacks, David is seen consulting with a psychiatrist.  Having trouble sleeping, he relied on medication for relief.  When asked if he still dreams of his mom, an anguished look settles on his face.  Depressed, dejected, and sullenly walking head down, he was awakened by Bo-Tong’s voice (speaking through a hailer, she was trying to attract people to come look at the handmade items she was selling) and has been attracted to her ever since.

wp_ss_20131223_0409 wp_ss_20131223_0410 wp_ss_20131223_0411-1 wp_ss_20131223_0414 wp_ss_20131223_0416 wp_ss_20131223_0417

Apologizing for making him feel upset for talking about Ma-Te oppa all the time, she adds unfortunately she might continue making him feel that way.  David declares he’s willing to be troubled if she’ll just continue being there for him.  He encourages her to continue looking at the person she likes, while he’ll continue looking at her, and for her to turn around to look at him if she ever thinks of him.  When Bo-Tong declares it’s difficult to continue looking at the back of someone who doesn’t see her, David encourages her somemore by telling her having someone’s back to look at is better than staring at the ground.

wp_ss_20131223_0423 wp_ss_20131223_0424 wp_ss_20131223_0431 wp_ss_20131223_0435

(David, aware of Bo-Tong’s unwavering love for her Ma-Te oppa, must’ve struggled trying to decide whether or not to come clean about his feelings for her.  I guess he must’ve also prepared himself for rejection and therefore willingly declares nothing’s changed.

The sad truth is you can try all you want but you can’t make someone love you if they don’t.) 

They arrive home to find Ma-Te oppa waiting for them.  Looking furious, he announces he’s there to take Bo-Tong to live in his house.  And a tug-of-war ensues between Ma-Te and David…

wp_ss_20131223_0436 wp_ss_20131223_0437 wp_ss_20131223_0445 wp_ss_20131223_0446 wp_ss_20131223_0447 wp_ss_20131223_0448 wp_ss_20131223_0448-1 wp_ss_20131223_0448-2 wp_ss_20131223_0449 wp_ss_20131223_0450

(Wow, being stood up by Bo-Tong over David didn’t sit well at all with Ma-Te oppa.  He’s gone possessiveness-crazy now.

But is that all this is?  Possessiveness over Bo-Tong and to prove to David he’ll win no matter what?  I must admit the dress and date were puzzling.  What’s Ma-Te’s true intentions?  Being nice to Bo-Tong as thank-you or are some inner feelings starting to surface?)


Stay tuned for… Episode 10 (Screen date: December 21, 2013, Saturday).


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