Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 8

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
Using the gossip button on Kim In-Joong, Ma-Te causes her to lose a major contract with a valued client leaving her reputation hanging in the balance.  Incensed, the woman obligates Ma-Te to get her out of this mess.  How?  By being the male lead in a scandal with Myo Mi.  (Yup, that’s right.  She’s the world-famous actress whom Kim In-Joong enlisted in the great Bo-Tong Company Cleany Socks rescue.  So what’s this super-glue hold Kim In-Joong’s got on Myo Mi?  I guess we’ll soon find out…)

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Ma-Te agrees on condition the Networking Queen rescues him too…from her malicious web.  This obviously enrages her further.  After her huge favor, the ungrateful Ma-Te not only reneged on his promise to be her lover, he’s now likening his connection with her as being ensnared in a sinister web.

She too accedes merely to appease him for now.  Once off the call with Ma-Te, she plays a recording of him begging to be rescued and spouting the (now irreparably broken) promise that sealed the deal.  Obviously her weapon to blackmail him in future, her immediate main aim is for Ma-Te to help free her from gossip’s ugly grip.  (Man, she’s one scary woman.  Does she routinely record phone conversations for possible future use?  With a twisted mind like this, I would hate to mess with her.  Additionally, she’s progressively looking evil by the day…all because of Ma-Te.)

wp_ss_20131221_0005-1 wp_ss_20131221_0005-2 wp_ss_20131221_0005-3


The evil Networking Queen’s deadly secret weapon against Ma-Te – his voice recording.

(See what you’ve gotten yourself into Ma-Te?  Having such great coercion power over women, he could’ve handled this much more amicably.  Rather than avoidance, he should’ve faced her and at least bargain for a workaround?  Well, let’s see if he’ll manage to release himself from the wicked Networking Queen’s intricate web.  Oops, now I’m calling it a web too!  This is contagious!)

Woman #4: Myo Mi – The Timing Master!
And so it begins Ma-Te’s embroilment with the cleaning socks miracle worker and his challenge #4.  Who is Myo Mi?  An uber popular actress, she creates a stir by just about anything she does.

wp_ss_20131221_0006 wp_ss_20131221_0007 wp_ss_20131221_0009 wp_ss_20131221_0010 wp_ss_20131221_0012

(Notice this is the second woman not assigned by Hong Yoo-Ra and by no means arranged by her.  Though it doesn’t seem feasible to me she has no direction for Ma-Te to follow.  So are these women still indirectly planned by her?  Puzzling really…)

While Ma-Te’s still mindlessly wondering why Myo Mi helped Kim In-Joong in the cleaning socks situation, Yoo-Ra enlightens him Kim In-Joong must know a big secret of Myo Mi’s and is using it to threaten and control her like a puppet on a string.  Her take on it is the rumor Myo Mi’s a lesbian.

wp_ss_20131221_0018 wp_ss_20131221_0020

Bo-Tong, to David’s embarrassment, eagerly awaits Myo Mi’s arrival at a dressmaker’s at Cheongdam-dong to thank her with a present of cleaning socks.  When Myo Mi accepts only her gift and ignores the other screaming fans, Bo-Tong concludes she’s nice.  (I doubt she’ll feel this way once she knows Myo Mi’s next on the agenda to compete with her for Ma-Te oppa’s affections.)

The Pretty Man, the famous actress, and the grand scandal.
Right after arriving at the Cheongdam-dong dressmaker’s to get her dress fitted for an award ceremony, Myo Mi receives first a rather mysterious call seeming from a lover.  (Hmmm, her lesbian lover perhaps?  Though somehow I doubt she’s truly a lesbian.)   Then it’s a call from Kim In-Joong suggesting she should kill the lesbian rumors by getting involved with a guy – Dokgo Ma-Te, President of the cleaning socks company.  When Myo Mi initially refuses, Kim In-Joong threatens to expose some secret of hers.  (Yoo-Ra’s obviously right in guessing Kim In-Joong must know some dirty little secret of Myo Mi’s.)

wp_ss_20131221_0023 wp_ss_20131221_0025

Myo Mi’s initial surprised, captivated gaze when Ma-Te enters the room makes him wonder why a lesbian would seem interested in him.  Commenting he’s young (only 29 years old) for a company president, she questions how far he thinks he can go by using trickery to conduct business.  She is nonetheless tickled by his confidence in his good looks and a date is set.

wp_ss_20131221_0027 wp_ss_20131221_0029 wp_ss_20131221_0035 wp_ss_20131221_0036

Kim In-Joong calls Myo Mi reminding her to make it look juicy for her appointed reporter.  Next day, the hardly inconspicuous Reporter Kim is thrilled to verify Kim In-Joong’s tip off while tailing Ma-Te and Myo Mi around on their inaugural date.  Before parting, Myo-Mi warns Ma-Te his life is about to change drastically now that he’s involved with a movie star.  Rather than worry about the warning, Ma-Te finds himself disbelieving a lesbian can have such a heart-throbbing impact on him.  (Is Ma-Te really attracted to his latest assignment?  Uh-oh…  And since Myo Mi too seemed to be attracted to Ma-Te, will this evolve into love?  What will become of Bo-Tong-ie?  She’ll be in the arms of David oppa of course…there I go…dreaming again…)

wp_ss_20131221_0041 wp_ss_20131221_0042 wp_ss_20131221_0043 wp_ss_20131221_0044 wp_ss_20131221_0045 wp_ss_20131221_0047 wp_ss_20131221_0048 wp_ss_20131221_0052 wp_ss_20131221_0053 wp_ss_20131221_0059 wp_ss_20131221_0060 wp_ss_20131221_0061

When THE SCANDAL rapidly gets publicized, fans scramble to sample the drink Ma-Te and Myo-Mi had at Café Droptop, Bo-Tong’s disheartened, and David is a happy camper (figuratively and literally).  Meanwhile, the scheming and vengeful Kim In-Joong’s wish is granted.  Now able to redeem her supposed good name by bad-mouthing Ma-Te, her reward is the final signing of the contract she’d lost earlier plus an apology from the client company’s president.  With her career back on track, it’s now revenge time!  You better watch out Ma-Te.

wp_ss_20131221_0061-1 wp_ss_20131221_0061-2 wp_ss_20131221_0061-3 wp_ss_20131221_0061-4 wp_ss_20131221_0061-5 wp_ss_20131221_0061-6 wp_ss_20131221_0061-7 wp_ss_20131221_0061-8 wp_ss_20131221_0061-9 wp_ss_20131221_0061-10

wp_ss_20131221_0090 wp_ss_20131221_0091 wp_ss_20131221_0095 wp_ss_20131221_0096

(Bit of Trivia: Seeing it appear so much on Pretty Man, I Googled it and discovered Droptop is a premium café chain in South Korea.  It’s been receiving a lot of support from K-drama productions.  Must have a cuppa at one of its establishments if ever I’m in South Korea.) #

The Absentee Father
In the US awaiting surgery, the ailing but healthy-looking MG Group President, Park Ki-Suk chats with his assistant.  He enquires about Ma-Te and is happy and proud to hear his son takes after him in terms of business acumen and popularity with the ladies (when told of his scandal with Myo Mi).  Fearing he might perish while in US, he expresses regret not meeting up with Ma-Te prior to departing for US.  (So daddy dearest has been keeping tabs on Ma-Te on the quiet?  Is he aware Ma-Te’s mom had died?  Why doesn’t he acknowledge Ma-Te is his son?  To protect Ma-Te from his “loving” wife’s wrath perhaps?)

wp_ss_20131221_0069 wp_ss_20131221_0070

The Fox’s agenda…continued.
The private investigator she hired assures her he has evidence Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran had given birth to a baby boy in New York all those years ago.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t uncover anything else beyond this.

wp_ss_20131221_0099 wp_ss_20131221_0100 wp_ss_20131221_0103 wp_ss_20131221_0105

Believing the Iron Lady’s second brother, Na Ji-Suk, who’s been in New York ought to know the full scoop, Yoo-Ra instructs Mr. PI to hasten and intensify surveillance on his son, Na Hwan-Gyu in the hope of ultimately tracking his father down.

When ex-hubby, Park Moon-Soo visits her at the prime location Cafe Droptop she now manages, Yoo-Ra enquires about his father’s condition.  Visibly emotional, she goes on to express worry should anything happen to ex-father-in-law, evil ex-stepmommy-in-law will amass 100% power, and she’ll squash them all like ants under her shoe.  Her greatest concern is for Moon-Soo to remain in a position to protect Sool-Ri (their 6-year-old daughter) and ensure her happiness.

wp_ss_20131221_0105-1 wp_ss_20131221_0105-2

The stepson’s agenda.
Na Hong-Ran is updated by her assistant that her previously dormant stepson, Park Moon-Soo seems to have awakened from his slumber.  Suddenly taking keen interest in the company’s affairs, he’s been putting in long hours and fully absorbed in work to the extent of skipping meals.  While continuing to tuck into her scrumptious aglio olio pasta meal, she coolly retorts to let him be for now because the bigger he gets, the harder he’ll fall in the end.  (You’re one ruthless woman Na Hong-Ran.)

The normal girl’s resolve.

wp_ss_20131221_0113 wp_ss_20131221_0114

While treating David to a super spicy rice cakes meal to celebrate his clinching a deal with an America company, Bo-Tong can’t help but wonder what Ma-Te oppa’s been up to since the scandal’s uproar.  When David interjects there are rumors claiming Ma-Te and Myo Mi are truly dating, Bo-Tong dismisses it as absurd and insists Ma-Te oppa doesn’t have a girlfriend.  To David’s utter disbelief and dismay, she goes on to tell him she feels Ma-Te oppa’s affection for her but since he’s too shy to take their relationship to the next level, she resolves to step up and take the lead.  (David’s facial expressions are priceless!)


Wow! Looks deliciously spicy! I’d love to tuck into some of that especially during the cold winter.

Our determined Bo-Tong decides to consult with Radish Kimchi oppa (Ma-Te’s ex-army friend Deok Saeng) on how to capture Ma-Te oppa hook, line and sinker.  She then follows his tip on how to play hard to get with hilariously disastrous and embarrassing outcome.

wp_ss_20131221_0114-2 wp_ss_20131221_0114-3 wp_ss_20131221_0114-4 wp_ss_20131221_0114-5 wp_ss_20131221_0114-6 wp_ss_20131221_0114-7 wp_ss_20131221_0114-8 wp_ss_20131221_0114-9 wp_ss_20131221_0114-10 wp_ss_20131221_0114-11

The Networking Queen’s tangled web.
At the request of an ahjussi (uncle) who’s just opened a butcher shop in a small, nondescript town, Kim In-Joong summons her puppet Myo Mi there for an exclusive autograph session.  (This just occurred to me…why’s Kim In-Joong so relentless towards Myo Mi when Ma-Te is the one whom incurred her wrath?  Did Myo Mi somehow rub her the wrong way too?)

wp_ss_20131221_0126 wp_ss_20131221_0127 wp_ss_20131221_0128 wp_ss_20131222_0019

Having accompanied Myo Mi to the small town autograph session, Ma-Te feels sorry for her prompting him to go confront Kim In-Joong.  Admitting his guilt and shame for having used her to achieve his aim, he apologizes to her and then requests Kim In-Joong stop harassing Myo Mi.  This only spurs her bitter vengefulness further.

wp_ss_20131222_0035 wp_ss_20131222_0036 wp_ss_20131222_0037 wp_ss_20131222_0039

Myo Mi is touched by Ma-Te’s sincerity when he apologizes to her for putting her in such a tight spot with Kim In-Joong.  She’s inadvertently involved because he so much wanted to be released from Kim In-Joong’s web.  She’s even more moved upon Ma-Te admitting how he’d gotten himself into this mess in the first place.

wp_ss_20131222_0044 wp_ss_20131222_0045 wp_ss_20131222_0052 wp_ss_20131222_0053

Ma-Te’s world starts crumbling when first he receives his voice recording from Kim In-Joong, followed by an upsetting update from David that the Houston contract has been cancelled, and finally a call from the now insane Networking Queen warning him all these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Seriously panicking, Ma-Te confides in Myo Mi he might have no choice but to concede defeat to Kim In-Joong to not only protect himself but more so to protect her and also his team.  Myo Mi’s advice – be patient Ma-Te-ah for the time isn’t ripe.  (Seems like Myo Mi is brewing a massive plan.  What is it and will it succeed in crushing Kim In-Joong?)

wp_ss_20131222_0053-1 wp_ss_20131222_0053-2 wp_ss_20131222_0053-3 wp_ss_20131222_0053-4 wp_ss_20131222_0053-5 wp_ss_20131222_0053-6 wp_ss_20131222_0053-6-1 wp_ss_20131222_0053-6-2 wp_ss_20131222_0053-7 wp_ss_20131222_0053-8

The other unexpected visitor.
This episode, the unexpected visitor aren’t Bo-Tong’s mom and brother but Ma-Te oppa.  Apparently chided by Ma-Te’s mom (don’t ask me how!) for not being concerned about her son, Bo-Tong’s mom decided to invite Ma-Te over for a meal together at David’s.  She’s in town to settle details on opening her new blood sausage soup restaurant.

wp_ss_20131222_0055 wp_ss_20131222_0058

Unlawful to drive after having consumed alcohol, Ma-Te announces he’ll spend the night at David’s, much to David’s chagrin.  Bo-Tong, so excited to hear this, gets a smack on the head from mommy for offering Ma-Te oppa to stay in her room.  (Hehehe…naughty, naughty Bo-Tong!)  Having to share a tent with David, the two unexpectedly have a mini bonding time. When Ma-Te asks David why he doesn’t sleep in his house, David answers it’s because he would constantly think of his absent mom.  (So this is one thing they have in common – absent moms.  Aha!  Light bulb blinking in my head!  Could David be the Iron Lady’s mysterious son?)

wp_ss_20131222_0058-1 wp_ss_20131222_0060 wp_ss_20131222_0062 wp_ss_20131222_0063 wp_ss_20131222_0064 wp_ss_20131222_0065 wp_ss_20131222_0066 wp_ss_20131222_0071

wp_ss_20131222_0072 wp_ss_20131222_0074 wp_ss_20131222_0077 wp_ss_20131222_0078 wp_ss_20131222_0079 wp_ss_20131222_0080

Confessions.  Confessions.  Confessions.  
Failing to materially compete for Ma-Te oppa’s affections, Bo-Tong decides to conhess her unwavering 10-year love for him over live radio broadcast.  David’s shocked and upset to find out Bo-Tong’s intent and makes himself scarce.

wp_ss_20131222_0108 wp_ss_20131222_0111 wp_ss_20131222_0112 wp_ss_20131222_0113 wp_ss_20131222_0114 wp_ss_20131222_0117

Just when Ma-Te switches on the radio in his car as prodded by Bo-Tong, he notices Myo Mi appearing on the huge billboard tv and pulls over to watch and listen…

wp_ss_20131222_0119 wp_ss_20131222_0121 wp_ss_20131222_0124 wp_ss_20131222_0124-1

Somewhere across town, Kim In-Joong meets with Reporter Kim to offer him a juicy, exclusive exposé on Myo Mi.  (What could it be?  That Myo Mi is a lesbian?  This news wouldn’t be such a massive scoop since the rumors have been going on for awhile.)


While Bo-Tong narrates her confession over live radio, Ma-Te is shocked to hear Myo Mi’s unexpected confession during her Best Actress Award acceptance speech…

Myo Mi’s live telecast confession:
“Dokgo Ma-Te ssi, I love you.  Because of you I will bravely confess today.  Everyone, I have a son I gave birth to 10 years ago!”  (And everyone’s jaws drop to the floor!!!  This folks is what is called precision TIMING!)

wp_ss_20131222_0126 wp_ss_20131222_0127 wp_ss_20131222_0130 wp_ss_20131222_0132 wp_ss_20131222_0133 wp_ss_20131222_0135

Unaware of Myo Mi’s earth-shattering disclosure, Bo-Tong continues on with her own live radio telling of her love story and confession to Ma-Te oppa.  David bursts into the office and snatches Bo-Tong’s phone away from her.  All the while with a pained look on his face, he pleads her to stop.  Bewildered by David’s strange behavior, Bo-Tong snaps at him and insists she be allowed to continue with her mission.  Upset and frustrated further, the usually gentle and accomodating David ends up shouting at her to stop…

wp_ss_20131222_0144 wp_ss_20131222_0145 wp_ss_20131222_0146 wp_ss_20131222_0148

Mysterious David Choi?
Though seeming to be odd yet ordinary, there proves to be more and more to Team Leader Choi than meets the eye.  Let’s look at what we have so far…

1). He owns a big house with big yard in Seoul.  Considered expensive for someone to own a house in Seoul, even Bo-Tong’s mom wondered if he’d taken up a loan to purchase it.  (My thoughts:  Either he was getting a very large pay from MG Home Shopping or he’s got to be from a wealthy family which will only be disclosed at the last minute.)

2). When Bo-Tong and Deok-Saeng oppa express awe that he speaks good English, he uncomfortably reveals he lived in New York when he was little.  (My thoughts:  New York?  Could he be Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s “hidden” son?  The suspense is killing me!)

z-1 z-2 (2)

3). David’s hints to Ma-Te the reason he doesn’t sleep in the house is because he’s constantly thinking of his mom who isn’t around.  But he refuses to admit whether she’s dead or alive.  (My thoughts:  At this point I’m so sure he’s got to be Iron Lady’s son.  She’s obviously still alive and kicking people around her but just missing from his life.  Could my guess be right?  Is it too simple?)

Stay tuned for… Episode 9 (Screen date: December 20, 2013, Friday).


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