Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 6

Pretty Man Episode 6 (Screen date: December 7, 2013, Saturday)

I see it…your button…Assistant Manager Choi!
Returning to the studio to reward Bo-Tong for enabling him his first taste of success, Ma-Te inadvertently observes the overjoyed, celebratory embrace between David and Bo-Tong.  Unsurprisingly, since this involves his precious cutie (I know it.  You know it.  Only Ma-Te doesn’t know it yet.), he sees THE BUTTON for the first time!  And it’s none other than his rival, David Choi’s!  So what drives David’s heart?  Kim Bo-Tong of course!  (Time to amp up protecting your territory, Dokgo Ma-Te?)

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Poor David’s left in the lurch…
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Portraits of a narcissist.
Dokgo Ma-Te is undoubtedly a vain pot when it comes to his looks.  Striking pose after flamboyant pose, the ecstatic Bo-Tong shutters away on her mobile phone the ten pictures Ma-Te oppa’s so graciously rewarding her with.  (She definitely took more than ten but I suppose oppa will let it slide this time.)

(Ma-Te jealousy alert!)  Striking yet another Ma-Te pose, he casually comments about Bo-Tong’s earlier indecent physical contact with David.  To his exasperation, Bo-Tong nonchalantly retorts he’s worse since he’s constantly intimately involved with women.  (There’s no debating this right Ma-Te oppa?)


Lick your upper lip Oppa…


Once the photo shoot’s over, Ma-Te’s irked when Bo-Tong refuses to go eat with him saying she’s got somewhere to go.  (We know he suspects she must be going wherever it is with David!  Hehehe…oppa’s obviously jealous.)

Oh yes, this is also when Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran spots Ma-Te in her building and starts investigating his business.  Henceforth, Ma-Te’s dealings with MG Home Shopping has been placed under her microscopic scrutiny.  (Uh-oh!  But then again, is this surprising?  After all, one of the troublesome thorns in her side, Ma-Te, is selling his product via the Iron Lady’s company.  Come to think of it, I wonder how come she didn’t know this sooner since I’m sure she’s been keeping close tabs on Ma-Te or was she feigning ignorance.  Knowing her, I surely doubt it.)


I spy a big thorn!

The Fairy in love
When Ma-Te says he owes his new-found success to the Electric Fairy’s strategic pushing of Kim In-Joong’s button, she refutes it by saying all the answers already lie in the individuals and she merely goads them accordingly.  (Really?  I can’t seem to figure out how that works.  Hmmm, I’m taking this a bit too seriously, aren’t I?)

Ultimately, she stipulates there’s no one more gifted at controlling minds than Ma-Te.  (Hmmm, by this I feel she’s referring to his success in charming his way into her heart, unwittingly making her fall in love with him, and consequently manipulating her mind into wanting to help him succeed.)

Now he’s achieved what he’d set out to glean from her, Electric Fairy requests he stop seeking her out.  In closure, she seems enlightened and relieved when Ma-Te reveals he can see she’s in love with him.  (Is she going by the adage “if you love him, let him go”?)

Explaining that individuals aren’t able to see their own buttons and are therefore unable to control their own hearts, she presents him with a parting gift to be opened only when the day comes he’s experiencing anguish due to this very reason.

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Red undergarments for mommy with first paycheck?
Visiting his mom at the columbarium, Ma-Te presents her with red undergarments as a gift from his first paycheck.  And who does he meet there?  Dearie Bo-Tong of course!  This is where she was headed when she refused a meal with oppa.  Not knowing he’d realize, let alone follow this custom, she too brought red undergarments for Ma-Te’s mom.  (I find this custom very interesting.  I wonder if it’s uniquely Korean?  Why undergarments, of all things?  Is it only meant for moms or both parents?  As for red, I take it just like for the Chinese, it’s a bright, auspicious color.)

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Bo-Tong can’t help commenting how her oppa has matured.  Thinking she won’t be able to see his pretty face anymore now that they’ve bid good riddance to those annoying white socks (remember his promised remuneration when hiring her is she’ll get to see him everyday?), Ma-Te excites her (for like 3 seconds) by inviting her to go as far away possible with him.  Aigoo Bo-Tong…it’s not eloping in his mind, but making more moolah!

wp_ss_20131210_0105 wp_ss_20131210_0106

For starters, a company name.  Ma-Te’s choice – Bo-Tong Company – against the namesake’s advice.  She says her mom’s always bemoaning how difficult it is to live up to the name normal.  Both the galbi restaurant business and her daughter are struggling because both are named Bo-Tong!  (Why Bo-Tong Company?  Why’s Ma-Te so persistent about this?  Perhaps his budding love for Kim Bo-Tong?  Or could it be because he wants a seemingly ordinary name to mask an extraordinary venture?  Actually, I can imagine merely seeing or hearing the name Normal Company would invite curiosity because of its unusualness.)

Introducing the Networking Queen…Kim In-Joong.
Pointers from Yoo-Ra re Networking Queen…Kim In-Joong:
– Best in the insurance industry.
– Husband works overseas.
– No children.
– Averse to gossip.

Ma-Te finds the scenario way too easy but Yoo-Ra warns him otherwise.

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Amazing White Cleaning Socks!  Can’t get enough of them!
While having a barbeque party at David’s house, Ma-Te seeks David’s advice on the next steps.  Agreeing with David’s opinion to take the successful socks and run further with them while they’re hot, Ma-Te decides to manufacture those darned white socks again!  This shocks Bo-Tong.  Even Jang Deok-Saeng, who hasn’t been seen involved in any of the work but yet joining in the celebrations, is perplexed by Ma-Te’s announcement.

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Bo-Tong who is sickened and nauseated by the thought, accidentally gets her left hand seared by the barbeque fire.  While a panicky David rushes into the house in search of medication, Bo-Tong gets whisked (ie. carried!) away by Ma-Te to the hospital.  He reasons there shouldn’t be any scars on a woman’s left hand, where the wedding ring would be worn.  Our dear Bo-Tong gets into daydreaming mode again and reads into this as a marriage proposal.  (Aigoo, I laughed til my ribs hurt!)

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And the hunt for a sock factory is ON!   Rejected by all the factories they visited, David and Bo-Tong end up attending a socks club meeting to try their luck networking with these sock-impassioned people.  With Bo-Tong’s cute, conversation-starter socks and lady luck on their side, they impress the club’s president who is none other than the owner of a small sock factory called Fours Limbs Walking!  The guy lives and breathes socks claiming they’re his fate.  Things are looking up for our pair.

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The Fox’s agenda
Yoo-Ra is seen watching videos detailing MG Group’s history.  Tragedy struck MG Group’s two male heirs leaving remaining child, Na Hong-Ran to ascend the throne.   She then married Park Ki-Suk, a gem in the political arena.  Theirs was the conveniently perfect marriage between financial and political arenas.  Na Hong-Ran had no choice but to accept Park Moon-Soo (Yoo-Ra’s ex-husband), Park Ki-Suk’s son from a previous marriage.

Yoo-Ra believes ex-stepmommy-in-law had her own flesh-and-blood brothers taken care of so she could have MG Group all to herself.  (This Fox has and continues to do a lot of homework on her subject matter.  Rightfully so if she were to ultimately take on the Iron Lady.  But what is her true agenda?  What does she seek to achieve from all this except perhaps reunion with her daughter and ex-husband?)

David and his lovely Bo-Tong
Seems like Bo-Tong’s here to stay so David decides to wallpaper her room and make it nice and comfortable for her.  For the cutesy Bo-Tong, David chose colorful, adorable animal picture wallpaper saying the animals will keep her company.

Oh yeah, how can I forget this…David suggests Bo-Tong call him David oppa but Bo-Tong refuses saying it’s too weird for her.  She’s used to calling him Assistant Manager Choi.  Then how about Assistant Manager oppa?  (Hahaha…poor David.  It’s not working out for him.  You just don’t strike that kind of chord for Bo-Tong.)

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Ma-Te oppa walks in on them claiming he’s there to confirm if Bo-Tong’s made the dinner appointment for him with Kim In-Joong.  Actually, Bo-Tong’s already text him the details but yet he chose to come make sure these two aren’t up to anything naughty?  (Missing Bo-Tong are you Ma-Te?)  Of course he can’t just come and go without any snide remarks directed at David especially.  This time it’s the wallpaper.  Claiming it looks tacky, he says he feels like he’s walked into a zoo.  (Hahaha…Ma-Te, Ma-Te.)

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Pretty Man meets Networking Queen


Irresistibly, mysteriously attractive Ma-Te…


…made Networking Queen Kim In-Joong stare.

While treating her to a thank-you dinner, Ma-Te witnesses first-hand how Kim In-Joong works.

Meeting her for the second time to present her with a business card purse (he’d discerningly observed the first time they met that hers is worn), he learns the first two golden rules of networking:
#1: Genuine interest.  You’ve got to have a deep, genuine interest in the other party.
#2: A gift if given earlier is a bribe, but if given later is a gift.  Makes a world of difference.

Let’s go for it Four Limbs Walking
Being pretty much their last hope, Bo-Tong and David venture into Four Limbs Factory with a “must win” attitude.  Loving the look and feel of the white socks at first, the factory’s boss is offended and angered such precious socks are being used for cleaning.  Expectedly, our despairing pair is given the boot!

wp_ss_20131210_0203 wp_ss_20131210_0205

Learning much from Kim In-Joong’s tips, Ma-Te swoops in for the rescue.  He successfully convinces the boss using socks for cleaning is a revolutionary revival for the ever-declining passion for socks.  Once the deal is sealed, using Networking Golden Rule #2 (given earlier – bribe, given later – gift), he further hits the nail on the head by presenting the boss with a piping hot bowl of scrumptious blood sausage soup (homemade by Bo-Tong’s mom).  He’d taken notice (Networking Golden Rule #1 – Genuine interest) from the boss’ blog he has a soft spot for blood sausage soup.  Good thing Bo-Tong’s mom is such a great cook.  (I love this part.  I laughed til it hurt.)

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David in love…hook, line, and sinker.
Wishing to do everything Bo-Tong’s heart desires, David experiences a love-struck moment while teaching her how to play the guitar.  (If he wasn’t before, he’s undeniably in love with Bo-Tong now.  Poor David.  He’s a super sweet guy.  Though I know he won’t get her, I don’t want him to lose either.  Who qualifies to replace Bo-Tong in his heart?)


The Pretty Man and the Iron Lady
The MG Group representative who wants to meet with Ma-Te to discuss his request for primetime slot turned out to be none other than the dreaded Iron Lady herself.  And the venue she chose, you guessed it – Café Droptop.  Both Ma-Te and Yoo-Ra are shocked to see her walk in.  (Somehow I’m not convinced Yoo-Ra’s really surprised to see her.)


Requiring a 4 billion won sales figure to qualify for primetime spot on MG Home Shopping, the Iron Lady states she’ll allow Ma-Te his request on one condition.  He must achieve the 4 billion won sales, 40% share of which belongs to MG Group.  Should he fail, he is to admit defeat and abandon this venture forever.  Accepting the challenge, Ma-Te states his conditions – zero interference and MG Home Shopping’s best hosts.


She apparently had an unfriendly exchange with Yoo-Ra on her way out challenging Yoo-Ra to stake Café Droptop as collateral for Ma-Te’s business.  If Ma-Te fails, then it’ll be a thorough clean-up of both Yoo-Ra and Ma-Te.  Yoo-Ra as usual is cool, calm, collected, and confident in embracing the duel.

wp_ss_20131217_0005 wp_ss_20131217_0011

Bo-Tong Company’s Cleany Socks – the broadcast!
THE DAY has arrived and everyone’s eyes are on the broadcast.  Will the attractively packaged Bo-Tong Company’s Cleany Socks reap success as its humble predecessor did?


Alarmingly, at half time, they haven’t sold half the number they did last time!  How now?  What to do?  What to do?

wp_ss_20131217_0006 wp_ss_20131217_0007 wp_ss_20131217_0008 wp_ss_20131217_0009 wp_ss_20131217_0010

Stay tuned for… Episode 7 (Screen date: December 13, 2013, Friday).

In the meantime, some funnies…

Ma-Te wanting to smack David’s head for his sarcasm…
wp_ss_20131210_0190 wp_ss_20131210_0191

Bo-Tong’s younger brother screaming her name for having to be awake during the wee hours of the morning helping mommy prepare ingredients for blood sausage soup Bo-Tong requested…

Bo-Tong adoringly impressed with Ma-Te oppa’s freshly-cultivated sophistication.
David, on the other hand, is left disgruntled.
wp_ss_20131215_0003 wp_ss_20131215_0003-1 wp_ss_20131215_0004 wp_ss_20131215_0005 wp_ss_20131215_0007 wp_ss_20131215_0007-1

Ma-Te sends a giant-sized (as big as his ego), framed portrait of himself to Bo-Tong’s room to supposedly give her encouragement but I think it’s more to compete with the wallpaper David put up.
wp_ss_20131210_0215 wp_ss_20131210_0216


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