Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 4

Pretty Man Episode 4 (Screen date: November 30, 2013, Saturday)

Having openly told Jaek Hee to him riches equals beauty, Ma-Te is filled with melancholy resulting from their break-up he was helpless to prevent.  However, he emerges from the heartache triumphant with the wisdom of money’s true meaning.

“Money is a living thing.  If nurtured with care, it will flourish.  But if left to grow uncontrolled, it will consume me!” – Dokgo Ma-Te

While congratulating him on his success, Yoo-Ra proclaims her belief that although Ma-Te will amass great riches in future, armed with this knowledge, he will not be eaten up by it as Jaek Hee had been.

On to the next challenge – reading and controlling minds.  And whom to better learn this from but the uber famous Electric Fairy Il Rek!  (Wait…I thought she was a phony? Hmmm, perhaps I was wrong.)  Quite surprisingly, the entire phone conversation between Dokgo Ma-Te and Yoo-Ra was witnessed by none other than Electric Fairy herself.  (The ending of Episode 3 left me wondering if they might be in cahoots but…)

wp_ss_20131202_0001 wp_ss_20131202_0004

She’d sought Yoo-Ra out at her home to reveal having unintentionally seen Yoo-Ra’s future with Ma-Te and her pressing need to disclose this foresight.  With Ma-Te’s supposed inborn prowess to make a queen of any woman, Yoo-Ra, should she keep Ma-Te by her side, stands to surpass even MG Group in wealth and success, achieving her long-time formidable aspirations.

Ah, but most good things come with sacrifices and hefty prices.  And the price Yoo-Ra will have to pay – the life of her 6-year-old daughter, whom Electric Fairy warns will not live to see her 12th birthday.  Her parting warning to Yoo-Ra is for her to abandon everything to do with Ma-Te or risk inadvertently killing her own flesh and blood.  Although disturbed by the “what ifs” presented by Electric Fairy, Yoo-Ra remains determined to soldier on with her grand plan.  (Yoo-Ra took the question right out of my mouth when she demanded to know Electric Fairy’s true motive for telling her all this.  My thoughts exactly…what interest does this Fairy have in the Fox’s life?)

wp_ss_20131202_0002 wp_ss_20131202_0003

Dokgo Ma-Te transforms his image to woo the new lady.  (My first impression of his new hairstyle – ugh!  Will it eventually grow on me?  What are your thoughts?)


Dokgo Ma-Te’s aura as seen by spectators as he arrives at Electric Fairy’s abode.


The new hair. From this picture, it doesn’t look so bad, does it?

(Bit of trivia: According to AsianWiki, Dokgo Ma-Te’s hairstyle change was as real as can be for Jang Keun-Suk who had his hair cut for the first time in four years.  Aw, bye-bye shampoo ad tresses.  Was he ready for change or purely a sacrifice?)

Ma-Te goes through great pains to impress Electric Fairy to convince her to impart her mind-controlling skill.  While reminiscing her titillating brush with Ma-Te, she’s unpleasantly reminded of her encounter with Na Hong-Ran.  The Iron Lady had instructed her to get rid of the “thorn under her fingernail” that is Dokgo Ma-Te, for which she will be handsomely rewarded.  (Wow, seems like everyone’s involved with the all-seeing Electric Fairy!  At this point it’s unclear to me whether they are strangers or have had prior acquaintance.  Electric Fairy didn’t seem at all pleased to meet with The Iron Lady.  Is this why she went to warn Yoo-Ra against any further involvement with Ma-Te?  There is also a scene where she told Ma-Te they’re both stuck between two tigers and being driven to the edge of a cliff.  By the two tigers, does she mean Hong Yoo-Ra and Na Hong-Ran?)


Electric Fairy feeling flustered after Ma-Te’s first visit.


Hot and bothered?


Ma-Te supposedly waited 2 hours in the freezing rain for Electric Fairy to come out.


By 2 tigers, is she referring to Hong Yoo-Ra and Na Hong-Ran?


I dream of Dokgo Ma-Te…


Interesting way to meet with the Iron Lady…


After spending a day of healing (as Ma-Te calls it when he dragged The Fairy out of her consultation room), Electric Fairy receives a distress call from her assistants.  Her deaf-mute parents’ food van had been trashed by some hooligans.  Upon arriving at the scene, Ma-Te insists he helps send them home.

When Ma-Te breaks down while enjoying a home-cooked meal at Electric Fairy’s parents’ house because he was reminded of his late mom’s delicious cooking, she’s finally truly touched.  Admitting this fact to Ma-Te, she softens her stance and advises him to discard Yoo-Ra from his eyes.  (Aha, in the hope he’ll heed her advice and stop being the thorn in Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s fingernail and avoid her wrath?)

wp_ss_20131202_0049 wp_ss_20131202_0052wp_ss_20131202_0056


Ma-Te: Do you still see Hong Yoo-Ra in my eyes?


The flustered Fairy.


A Fairy she may be but she is after all still a woman who can’t escape Ma-Te’s charms.

Unconvinced and skeptical of the Male Kim Bo-Tong’s true motives for wanting to help Bo-Tong, Ma-Te instructs her to arrange a meeting.  In the lobby of MG Home Shopping, Bo-Tong simply can’t hide her glee when Ma-Te begrudgingly discloses his wedding’s been cancelled.  (I totally enjoy their exchanges.  They’re a One-True-Hilarious-Pair.  Oddly, I didn’t give it much thought earlier until Ma-Te commented about this to Bo-Tong – of all places it’s got to be MG Home Shopping right?)

Upon being introduced, the two men size each other up as, “so it’s you, the Pretty-Bad-Busy Oppa” (Yeppeun, Nappeun, Pappeun Oppa – the nickname David mentally gave Ma-Te) and “so it’s you, the Male Kim Bo-Tong” while awkwardly shaking hands.  (Entertaining first meeting of the two guys in Bo-Tong’s love life.  Definitely one of my favourite parts in this episode.)

wp_ss_20131202_0015 wp_ss_20131202_0016

Things start to go awry when David gets scalded by hot coffee while performing an advertising skit for the socks with Bo-Tong.  Unfortunately things go from bad to worse when David discovers neither Bo-Tong nor Ma-Te has the necessary paperwork and credentials to sell the socks on MG Home Shopping.  Ma-Te, blaming Bo-Tong for not investigating thoroughly, storms out and speeds off, again leaving Bo-Tong in the lurch.  But now there’s David to come to her rescue.


A disappointed and upset Bo-Tong chides David for promising they’d be able to successfully sell the socks and that he’s responsible if wrinkles appear on Ma-Te oppa’s pretty face due to added worry.  (It’s cute how they often end up arguing whenever Ma-Te oppa’s name comes up.  David thinks Ma-Te’s a jerk for the way he mistreats Bo-Tong while the blindly-adoring Bo-Tong would get all huffy and rebut otherwise.  In Bo-Tong’s eyes, Ma-Te oppa can do no wrong.)


The unusually dejected Bo-Tong proves to be very unsettling for David.

Feeling guilty and sorry for Bo-Tong, David devises a last-ditch workaround plan – riding on current MG Home Shopping registered subcontractors.  Though they spend much the rest of the day together attempting to find a willing partner, their efforts didn’t bear fruit this day but they remain optimistic.  Bo-Tong decides to call Ma-Te oppa of the latest workaround possibility only to discover he’s down with a cold and high fever (from being out in the freezing rain for two hours waiting for Electric Fairy).

It’s Bo-Tong to the rescue.  Due to her greed (as she put it) in admiring her pretty oppa while he sleeps, she misses the last bus home and puts up a night in a 24-hour sauna (What is this place anyway?  Supposedly a sauna, they get assigned pink outfits, towel, and mat to sleep on and allowed to spend the night?).  When she wakes up to find she’s lost all her belongings (including clothes), except mobile phone, it’s David to her rescue.  (Another hilarious dialog ensues.)  During the ride home, David proposes Bo-Tong lives at his house while they’re working on “The Amazing Cleaning Socks” project so she wouldn’t be inconvenienced having to travel back and forth such great distance daily.

wp_ss_20131202_0035 wp_ss_20131202_0036

wp_ss_20131202_0038 wp_ss_20131202_0040


After an “argument” with her index finger (which has a mind of its own), apparently index finger wins and David to the rescue it is. 🙂



Hahaha…cracks me up!

Moon-Soo arranges to meet Yoo-Ra at Café Droptop, which he’d bought from a friend for her to run.  (Café Droptop seems to be a recurring venue in this drama.  It’s also the place where Ma-Te first set eyes on Yoo-Ra a few years ago.)   Yoo-Ra declines the offer when thoughts of ex-stepmom-in-law spring to mind.  Moon-Soo attempts to convince her by saying it’s a gift from his father who adores her and has always regretted their divorce.  (Wonder if this is her ex-father-in-law’s way of trying to stunt Yoo-Ra’s scheming and prevent a full blown confrontation with ex-stepmommy-in-law, Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran?  Hmmm?)

Moon-Soo goes on to ask Yoo-Ra why she couldn’t bear with it (It, I’m assuming, means stepmom-in-law’s taunts.)  Tearing up, Yoo-Ra answers it would’ve been tough for anyone to bear.  (I’m sure there’s more to this whole thing.  What really happened between them?  Did Moon-Soo try to stop Yoo-Ra from leaving?)

wp_ss_20131202_0023 wp_ss_20131202_0024

Nothing gets past Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran as she confronts Moon-Soo in his office regarding his gift of Café Droptop, located on a golden commercial spot, for Yoo-Ra.  From their exchanges we find out the whole drama in that family took place 4 years ago (I thought it should be 6 years since Yoo-Ra told Ma-Te she had to leave the house almost as soon as she gave birth to her now 6-year-old daughter) and Moon-Soo angrily blames stepmommy’s interference for causing their divorce.

wp_ss_20131202_0062 wp_ss_20131202_0063 wp_ss_20131202_0064 wp_ss_20131202_0065

Reeling from the unexpected upsetting encounter with the recently-awakened sleeping dog Moon-Soo, and feeling threatened by a scheming Yoo-Ra, Hong-Ran resolves to send Sool-Ri (Moon-Soo and Yoo-Ra’s daughter) to study as far away overseas as possible.  (This woman’s got to loosen up a bit or risk falling flat-faced of a heart attack!  Anyway, shouldn’t Moon-Soo be able to stop his own daughter from being sent abroad at such a tender age?)

wp_ss_20131202_0066 wp_ss_20131202_0068

Yoo-Ra visibly upset and in tears when informed about this latest development via unpleasant phone call from Na Hong-Ran, ends up at Ma-Te’s doorstep.  She collapses into a puzzled Ma-Te’s arms and they hug…neither one noticing Bo-Tong arriving with a cool box of galbi meat for Ma-Te oppa.  Shocked to see them, Bo-Tong quickly shields herself around the corner.

wp_ss_20131202_0076 wp_ss_20131202_0079

wp_ss_20131202_0080 wp_ss_20131202_0077 wp_ss_20131202_0078 wp_ss_20131202_0081

Oh, by the end of this episode, Dokgo Ma-Te’s (and therefore Jang Keun-Suk’s) new hairstyle has thankfully grown on me and no longer makes me cringe.

Screenshots of another of my favorite scene of David and Bo-Tong:

wp_ss_20131202_0069 wp_ss_20131202_0070 wp_ss_20131202_0071 wp_ss_20131202_0072

Stay tuned for…Episode 5 (Screen date: December 6, 2013, Friday). Til then, tah tah!


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