Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 3

Pretty Man Episode 3 (Screen date: November 29, 2013, Friday)


So used to her being at his beck and call, Dokgo Ma-Te is upset with Bo-Tong for not answering his calls until…

Of devotion and eggs
Not only did Bo-Tong leave Ma-Te’s abode spick-and-span, she also lovingly fixed him a meal from whatever she could find in the kitchen, which turned out to be eggs, eggs, and more eggs and rice topped with a green peas heart. Hard-boiled shell on, hard-boiled shelled and carved into florets, rolled, scrambled, fried – it was eggs galore in the 3-layer box. Exasperated at first when Bo-Tong didn’t answer his phone calls, Ma-Te couldn’t help admitting to himself she’s got good sense since he loves eggs, particularly eggs fried sunny side up. (Ah, that figures!)


he sees the surprise in store…
Is the saying “the way into a man’s heart is through his tummy” true?


eggs, eggs, eggs sitting pretty in the first tier of a box…


2nd tier holds even more eggs including Ma-Te’s fav, sunny side up.
In the 3rd tier is white rice with green peas heart.

While voraciously tucking in, his phone rings. Assuming it’s Bo-Tong returning his calls, he explodes into a barrage of criticisms only to embarrassingly realize it’s his friend (I’m assuming his name is Jang Deok-Saeng) demanding Ma-Te meet him right away or else…


Dokgo Ma-Te voraciously devouring his favorite egg fried sunny side up. When he’s alone, he can be himself. 😉


Ma-Te going off thinking it’s Bo-Tong calling…


Ma-Te’s friend who calls him hyung (older brother). I’m assuming his name is Jang Deok-Saeng. In the first episode he got into trouble with thugs. He seems to be troublesome.

Cheap sales for cheap socks
Ma-Te rejects his friend’s proposal of getting Jaek Hee to invest in a “Beautiful Man” restaurant but instead decides to rent a shop lot for one month to sell the mounts of socks via cheap, clearance sales. (The current tenant sounded a little too eager and the whole deal curiously too easy. And no paperwork to sign? Are you sure Dokgo Ma-Te?)

Having no money to pay the one month rent in advance, Ma-Te decides to sell his expensive, designer watch but this task is too embarrassing for him, so who does he call? That’s right…Kim Bo-Tong.


Ma-Te: How can I pay for the one month’s advance rent?
He obviously has no or almost no money to his name. Poor Ma-Te.

The loving family
While having a meal with her mom and younger brother, Bo-Tong admits to her mom she’d spent the previous night at Ma-Te oppa’s. Surprised to get only a disinterested response from mom, Bo-Tong probes if her mom isn’t at all concerned she spent the night at a guy’s house. Mommy’s reply, “It’s Ma-Te, what could possibly happen.” Much to Bo-Tong’s disappointment, both mom and brother further add insult to injury by stressing Ma-Te has his standards and tastes, which is why there’s nothing for eomma to be concerned about. (Hahaha…poor Bo-Tong. She’s got a very “supportive” family.)

Upon being told her mom, who runs a BBQ meat restaurant, was hypnotized by convincing advertising into buying marinated BBQ meat via Home Shopping, Bo-Tong experiences an epiphany – market Ma-Te oppa’s socks on Home Shopping!

Wig hat and vintage dust
Bo-Tong ventures into MG Home Shopping equipped with her hilarious traffic-halting multiple-leg socks display strapped to her back and gets stopped by a security guard ajeoshi (uncle). He explains she can’t just waltz in like that. First, she needs to impress an MD, not Managing but Merchandising Director. In trying to set her in the right direction, ajeoshi wields the sock glove and wipes the run-down, Beetle-looking car of a purported unsuccessful MD. Almost instantly we hear someone shouting, “NO!” It’s none other than Pretty Boy #2 wearing the wig hat he’d bought from Bo-Tong. Apparently his car is blanketed by 3-year vintage dust which he’d amassed from all over the country. (Vintage dust? Is it strange if I hear the Twilight Zone theme music playing in the background? Hehehe…)


Bo-Tong’s determined look.
Notice the multiple legs contraption? Hehehe…





Since she’s empathetic about the dust and feeling extremely sorry for not stopping ajeoshi, Pretty Boy #2 suggests Bo-Tong treats him to a meal to make up for it. They end up eating ramen in Pretty Boy #2’s backyard instead due to Bo-Tong’s very limited budget.


Bo-Tong thought David had taken her to a Bed & Breakfast place which actually turned out to be his house.


Aish…he has a house with a backyard but uses it as a warehouse while he lives in tents. This is definitely the male Kim Bo-Tong.


Kim Bo-Tong totally digs David’s living arrangement.

Pretty Boy #2 introduces himself as David Choi. Bo-Tong tells him she was trying to impress an MD in order to sell socks so her beloved Ma-Te oppa can smile (Bo-Tong, Bo-Tong, Bo-Tong…it’s all for Ma-Te oppa with you.) Continually entertained by and attracted to Bo-Tong’s earnestness, he’s visibly disappointed Bo-Tong has an oppa she likes. In charge of cleaning products while socks are considered in the fashion category, but yet wanting so much to help her, he promises to keep an eye out for any opportunities.

Beckoned by Ma-Te oppa to meet him immediately, David drives Bo-Tong to the agreed pick-up place. They part ways agreeing she’d text him her number and they’d keep in touch.

When Ma-Te enquires who gave her a ride, Bo-Tong said she’s surprised to meet “The Male Kim Bo-Tong”! (Even she thinks he’s as eccentric as she is! Kim Bo-Tong has met her match.) Her description of the encounter, “It’s like I was looking into a mirror!”. Ma-Te brushes it off and instead warns her of the dangers of men.


Ma-Te’s curious about whose car Bo-Tong alighted from…


Bo-Tong feels David’s like the male version of herself.

The proud man and the forthright girl
While standing by his Porsche waiting for Bo-Tong to sell his watch, Ma-Te feigns nonchalance to further impress the girls already ogling him. Embarrassed when Bo-Tong shouts to him the results of her enquiry, he hurriedly dons his sunglasses, gets in the car, and speeds off without so much as a goodbye. Leaving our poor Bo-Tong puzzling over what just happened. (But then again I suppose she should be used to such treatment by now.)

Later that day, Ma-Te meets Bo-Tong at the shop lot where she gives him all the cash she’s saved up so far (intending to buy him a car) to pay for rent and returns the watch to him saying its rightful place is on his wrist. (Aw Bo-Tong, you’re unbelievably dedicated to this guy.) Touched by the gesture, Ma-Te promises to pay her back once they start earning money from sales of the socks.


Unfortunately the rosy turns hazy when two thug-looking men come by and harasses Bo-Tong, then setting up shop alone, over several months’ defaulted rent. They claim to be the true owners of the shop and that she and Ma-Te have been conned. Disgruntled by Bo-Tong’s defensiveness, they trash the place leaving socks strewn all over. Ma-Te comes to find Bo-Tong, who didn’t even realize her forehead’s been hurt, crying over spilt socks. He laments how naïve and trusting he’d been. (Time to wisen up to the world Dokgo Ma-Te.)



Jaek Hee, the sugar mama and conquest challenge #1
Ma-Te, in an attempt to run a guilt trip on Jaek Hee, bemoans his waiting time for her to show up on dates is getting longer. Before storming off, he tells her to take back everything (apartment, car, etc.) if accepting these gifts meant he’d have to wait for her endlessly.


Dokgo Ma-Te’s signature cool pose while waiting for Jaek Hee to arrive.


Sneaking a glance at Jaek Hee to see her reaction to his laments.

Jaek Hee confides in Electric Fairy Il Rek she’s planning to propose marriage to Ma-Te and is warned that the time isn’t right. If she proceeds anyway, her money will leak.


Desperate to hold on to Ma-Te, Jaek Hee confides in Electric Fairy Il Rek she’s planning to propose marriage.


Oho! Electric Fairy…are you for real or a phony?

The proposal
Unfazed, Jaek Hee proposes to Ma-Te anyway tantalizing him to just rest by her side without having to do anything. She promises to ensure he lives in the lap of luxury for the rest of his life. Ma-Te looked genuinely surprised. He probably wasn’t expecting Jaek Hee to go to this extent.


wp_ss_20131130_0021 wp_ss_20131130_0023

When Yoo-Ra is updated on this latest turn of events and Ma-Te’s decision to accept Jaek Hee’s proposal, she questions him on whether he truly thinks marriage equals conquest success. Ma-Te argues why bother struggling to figure out money and selling those darned socks (Yup, it’s the socks again.) when all of Jaek Hee’s riches is falling into his lap. Yoo-Ra stipulates the warehouse-full of socks will forever remain as a disgrace in his life and he’ll inevitably be reminded of them when faced with subsequent failures. She concludes by stating Jaek Hee will not follow through with the marriage. (Does Yoo-Ra have something up her sleeve to prevent the marriage from happening?)




Loving stepmom, stepson and ex-stepdaughter-in-law
When stepmom Na Hong-Ran questions stepson Park Moon-Soo regarding his absence from an all-important stock holders’ meeting she’d specifically instructed him to attend, she is shocked by Moon-Soo’s comeback. Hinting that he was in fact hindered by stepmommy’s scheme, Hong-Ran feigns ignorance and innocence. After a quiet exchange of words, Hong-Ran returns to her office visibly disturbed by Moon-Soo’s emerging rebellion. (Wow, what’s fueling Moon-Soo’s defiance? But good on him though. It’s about time.)

wp_ss_20131130_0028 wp_ss_20131130_0029



Na Hong-Ran’s take on Moon-Soo’s sudden emerging rebellion. Puberty…hahaha.
Wonder if she actually said this in Korean or it’s a translation mistake. Anyone can clarify?

While secretly watching her daughter’s 6th birthday celebration, Yoo-Ra gets caught by stepmommy, Hong-Ran. Referring to Yoo-Ra’s association with Dokgo Ma-Te, stepmommy warns Yoo-Ra to prepare well for her onslaught and promises to repay her for all the disturbance she’s caused.

wp_ss_20131130_0030 wp_ss_20131130_0031

wp_ss_20131130_0032 wp_ss_20131130_0033

The “I will”
Ma-Te thrills Jaek Hee to bits by saying yes to her marriage proposal during a walk in a park.

wp_ss_20131130_0034 wp_ss_20131130_0035


Ma-Te & Jaek Hee…enjoy the bliss while it lasts.

While having measurements taken for Ma-Te’s wedding attire at an exclusive boutique, he and Jaek Hee bump into Yoo-Ra. Although only Jaek Hee and Yoo-Ra exchange mockery, it proves a very disconcerting moment for Ma-Te.

The aha!
Being figurative mirror images of each other, David and Bo-Tong excitedly gets the same inspiration – The Amazing Cleaning Socks! (You’ve got to admire their originality plus it just might work. Hey, it’s K-Drama, of course it’ll work!)

wp_ss_20131130_0037 wp_ss_20131130_0038

The President and his Iron Lady
Na Hong-Ran confides in her husband, Park Ki-Suk, she suspects Yoo-Ra’s up to no good in attempting to locate his illegitimate son and requests that he put a stop to it by speaking to Yoo-Ra. He refuses by stating he no longer has the right to summon her since she’s been banished from the family.

The great bombshell
Not wanting to hear about Bo-Tong’s latest idea for the socks, Ma-Te invites Bo-Tong to lunch the next day. During the lunch he tells her to halt all efforts on selling the socks and drops the great bombshell on Bo-Tong that he’s…getting married!!!(Argh! Bo-Tong’s whole world came crashing down!)

wp_ss_20131130_0039 wp_ss_20131130_0040

wp_ss_20131130_0041 wp_ss_20131130_0042


As long as you’re happy oppa…

Keeping it together while in the presence of Ma-Te oppa, Bo-Tong is seen bawling arriving back to her room at home. While scrambling for something to wipe her tears with, what does she manage to grab? A white sock, what else? (Poor girl. It’s ok. It’s only Episode 3. There’s no way he’s going to marry at this point.)


The wonder sock is good for drying up tears too!

Would you stand by me when I’m poor?
Devastated and desperate upon realizing Electric Fairy’s warning is coming true, Jaek Hee takes Ma-Te along to meet with her. Electric Fairy’s conclusion is should Jaek Hee proceed with marrying Ma-Te, he’s capable of bringing her riches beyond her wildest dreams. But before that, she will first lose everything and have to rebuild from scratch. The talisman this time – a little cactus plant.


What? I have to pay so much in taxes? Argh! My money’s starting to leak!

wp_ss_20131130_0046 wp_ss_20131130_0047

wp_ss_20131130_0049 wp_ss_20131130_0050

wp_ss_20131130_0048 wp_ss_20131130_0051

On their way home from the consultation, Ma-Te and Jaek Hee are involved in an accident where Jaek Hee attempted to protect Ma-Te from the impact by shielding him with her own body.

When she regains consciousness in the hospital with Ma-Te sitting right beside her, Jaek Hee confesses she loves him more than her own body but she loves money more than love. She goes on to tell him what Electric Fairy had foreseen in their future together. Money is everything to her since she was nothing before she amassed her fortune. Although she might be willing to weather through it with him, she questions whether Ma-Te would stick by her if she’s poor. Ma-Te’s speechlessness clearly gave her the answer. Let’s break up.

wp_ss_20131130_0052 wp_ss_20131130_0053

Reconnecting with Yoo-Ra
Having finally appreciate, indirectly, from Jaek Hee the true meaning of money and its influence on life, Ma-Te calls Yoo-Ra to reconnect with her. Yoo-Ra congratulates him on his enlightenment and assures him with this knowledge he won’t end up like Jaek Hee, consumed by money.

wp_ss_20131130_0054 wp_ss_20131130_0055 wp_ss_20131130_0056

Ma-Te’s next challenge…to learn how to control minds. The finale reveals Yoo-Ra’s whole conversation with Ma-Te’s been witnessed by none other than Electric Fairy! (Is she part of Yoo-Ra’s scheme too?)

wp_ss_20131130_0057 wp_ss_20131130_0058 wp_ss_20131130_0059

Introduction to David Choi (Lee Jang-Woo)
– Smitten with Bo-Tong from the get-go.
– Judging from the car he drives and the state it’s in, he’s purportedly a none-too-successful Merchandising Director at MG Home Shopping.
– Quirkiness #1: Accumulates what he claims to be 3-year vintage dust from all over the country on his car. (Huh?)
– Quirkiness #2: Owns a house but lives in tents in the backyard and uses the house for storage. (Truly daebak!)
– According to Bo-Tong, he’s her male version.

None this time.

My views
I’m hooked…that’s the bottomline!

Anticipating… Episode 4 (Screen date: November 30, 2013, Saturday).


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