Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 2

Episode 2 (Screen date: November 23, 2013, Saturday)

Our adorable Bo-Tong’s seen counting hard-earned money she’s saved from her part-time job while reminiscing her embarrassing brush with Hong Yoo-Ra at the hospital. She comforts herself that the stunner is merely a friend befitting Ma-Te oppa’s highlife. Not knowing Ma-Te has already been presented an expensive car (by Jaek Hee), the mere thought of him having to constantly take rides from Yoo-Ra sends shivers down her spine. So what does she do? In true I-live-and-breathe-for-Ma-Te-oppa style, she strengthens her resolve to work extra hard and save every penny toward buying him a car. (Ah, the innocence…)


Bo-Tong’s resolve to buy Ma-Te oppa a car.

As Ma-Te continues to mourn the sudden, regrettable loss of of his beloved mother, he’s reminded of his last conversation with Yoo-Ra beckoning him to call her once his grieving has subsided. When Ma-Te goes to meet Yoo-Ra at her expansive mansion, the questions surrounding her identity are answered. She’s divorced from Park Moon-Soo (Kim Young-Jae), son of Park Ki-Suk (Dok Ko Yeong Jae), the president of the largest South Korean conglomerate – MG Group. Since Park Ki-Suk is ill, the business is being spearheaded by his iron-fisted wife, Na Hong-Ran (Kim Bo-Yeon), Moon-Soo’s stepmother. With stepmommy running the show, Moon-Soo has zero influence in the biz. Yoo-Ra then delivers the “shocker” – Dokgu Ma-Te is Park Ki-Suk’s son, heir to the MG Group throne. (Surprise, surprise.) Ma-Te’s father was a player and had many affairs resulting in more than one illegitimate offspring. In the supposed best interest of MG Group, Na Hong-Ran had ensured all the women and their children were dealt with.


Reminiscing her confrontation with Ma-Te’s mom while on her deathbed. That’s also when she got the code from Ma-Te’s mom.
With a smirk like that, Yoo-Ra’s definitely got something sinister up her sleeve.


Concerned her youthful, stunning ex-classmate Hong Yoo-Ra might steal her pretty boy Ma-Te, Jaek Hee seeks divine intervention via Taoist Electric Fairy Il-Rek (Kim Ye-Won), whose consultation room looks like a cross between a temple and a physics lab. (This part is so hilarious, you’ve got to watch it to enjoy its true sentiments.) Fairy Il-Rek’s advice is never allow Ma-Te to be seduced by another woman for he has the power to transform even the most ordinary into a queen in order to consequently live off of her. Jaek Hee comes away from this session consoled by a bright pink digital watch talisman, against the formidable threat that is Yoo-Ra.


Taoist Electric Fairy Il-Rek – The Consultation Room.


Taoist Electric Fairy Il-Rek – consulting with the Gods.

When accosted by Ma-Te that he is Park Ki-Suk’s son, Na Hong-Ran dismisses him as trash. But she is visibly disturbed knowing he’s the son of Kim Mi-Sook (Yang Mi-Kyeong) who vanished all those years ago and therefore apparently survived her assault.


Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran. Does she look evil to you?

Expecting no less from her former mother-in-law, Yoo-Ra relates to Ma-Te how she was driven out of the house soon after giving birth to her daughter and never allowed to see her since. She proposes that Ma-Te join forces with her to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Referring to Na Hong-Ran as a queen, she stipulates Ma-Te has to become a powerful prince in order to defeat her. Unwilling to reveal the code Ma-Te’s after, claiming it’s her pawn in this endeavor, she gives him a key to a warehouse instead as a head start.

Ma-Te drives Bo-Tong to the warehouse, hiring her as his assistant. With much anticipation, Ma-Te was shocked, disappointed, and angry with its contents – boxes piled up ceiling high filled with white socks! (Really, what’s this all about Yoo-Ra? Were you running a sock manufacturing company?)


“First date” with Ma-Te oppa? Keep hoping Bo-Tong.


Daydream on Bo-Tong…


Ma-Te: I stand in awe…


and euphoria at you my chockful of…



When confronted by Ma-Te about the socks shenanigan, Yoo-Ra coolly asks him if he was expecting bundles of cash. As Ma-Te attempts to reason how much money he’d earn even if he, by a huge stroke of luck, successfully sells all those socks in a short span of time, Yoo-Ra asserts he doesn’t understand what money really is and how scary it can be. (I still don’t get what the socks thing is all about.) Therefore, her first mission for him – conquer and garner wisdom about the true meaning of money from Jaek Hee, Ma-Te’s billionaire real estate tycoon sugar mama who made it big from very little.

As Ma-Te sets to the task, somewhere across town, Bo-Tong attempts to sell the socks on the street landing her in trouble with the police. (Such devotion.)


Ma-Te confides in Jaek-Hee about his socks challenge while attempting to look succinctly distressed in the hidden anticipation Jaek-Hee would just help him sell off the darned white socks.


Not getting the hint, Jaek-Hee instead imparts the first lesson in the true meaning of money?


And the sales of the socks begin…
Bo-Tong fighting!

In an attempt to earn more money, Bo-Tong decides to try her luck at selling some of her personal mementoes. This episode comes to a close with the appearance of the second pretty guy (whose name isn’t mentioned yet). He’s smitten by Bo-Tong’s unpretentious charms while buying a wig hat with Bo-Tong’s real hair painstakingly hand-sewn onto it.


1). Since she’s trying so hard to save money to buy Ma-Te a car, why does Bo-Tong only work part-time? She even decided she’ll need to start working Saturdays too to earn more. Is it because full-time work is very difficult to clinch?

2). Did Moon-Soo have no say when Na Hong-Ran drove Yoo-Ra away? What did stepmommy-dearest use as blackmail?

2). Socks, boxes upon boxes of socks…what is the hidden meaning behind those white socks?

My views
Of all the characters, Bo-Tong’s proves to be the most entertaining and engaging. Although her name Bo-Tong literally means average, to me she is anything but. Though doggedly following her heart when it comes to love, she’s no airhead.

I love the Taoist Electric Fairy Il-Rek. Kim Ye-Won does such a great job here. I think she’ll do really well as a main yeoja (girl) in a comedy. (Perhaps she already has but I just haven’t watched it?

Even more hilarious than the first, Pretty Man’s still got my unwavering attention.

Anticipating… Episode 3 (Screen date: November 29, 2013, Friday).


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