My Nokia Lumia 620

3 mobile phones in 13 years, an average of slightly over 4 years per phone. That’s the statistics for my personal mobile phone-loyalty. Is that way too long for many who rush out to get the latest and hottest in the market? Or sign up a new mobile phone plan every 2 years – the usual contract tenure in Malaysia – to keep up with the fast-moving trends?

Well, I’m certainly far from that. I’ve never (and don’t plan to) tied myself down to any mobile plan packaged with a phone. Not that I’m against it or anything but I just prefer to keep these 2 things – hardware and phone plans – distinctly separate.

I don’t usually buy a phone on a whim but that’s quite how I ended up with my Nokia Lumia 620. Though impulsive, I’m so glad it’s turned out to be a wise purchase.

Why the Nokia Lumia 620?

In all honestly, it wasn’t my intention to get this phone that fateful day. In fact, I wasn’t even planning to buy a new phone at all! A pricey birthday present from hubby in 2009, my iPhone 3G was supposed to be it for 10 years! Yup, that was the promise I made to hubby and myself back then, and I bet I would’ve been able to keep it too if the iPhone didn’t fail me.

Not too long after using the iPhone, probably a year or so, its performance started slowing down. Its response time became horrible. One classic example, it was faster for me to take out a pen and physical notepad to write down someone’s number than fire up Contacts on my iPhone. Don’t even ask me about browsing the internet or streaming videos.

At one point, in a last ditch effort to improve my iPhone’s speed, I deleted almost all of the apps I’d installed. Unfortunately, things remained the same and in fact, progressively deteriorated.

For the longest time, I wasn’t willing to spend unnecessarily on another phone when this one was “working”. And of course, not forgetting The Promise! So I trudged on by using it pretty much as a regular phone rather than a smartphone. Pacified myself with the few perks the iPhone afforded me when compared with my previous old-fashioned Nokias – email, and greater capacity and flexibility for Contacts, Calendar and Notes.

So what made me finally decide to give up on the iPhone? An ad in the newspaper that fine Saturday, that’s what! The then freshly-released Nokia Asha 501’s colorful full-page ad caught my attention. Reading the features listed, I thought, “Hmmm, interesting…” Then something turned the “interesting” into a “maybe” – the price tag! It listed a RRP (recommended retail price) of MYR299 (approximately USD100). Now that’s an amount I’m willing to part with to satisfy my long-stifled longing for speed.


The phone that initially got my attention – Nokia Asha 501.
(Picture courtesy of

I passed the ad to hubby (who’s also my personal techie) to look over and to my excitement, he agreed this might be the solution I’d been waiting for. His only initial reservations were related to size. Yes, size does matter! The 3” display might be too small compared with my iPhone’s 3.5” plus low resolution meant less crisp display. I didn’t care too much since my priorities were speed on a budget. Nonetheless, he still advised me to consider at least doubling my planned outlay for a phone which would better serve my needs in the long run. Well, we’ll only know better by checking it out for real. So that’s it then…I’m getting a new phone today!

Fast forward to the Nokia outlet, I did like the look and feel of the Nokia Asha 501. It’s so compact, light, and fun-colored. But yeah, it is a tad too small, especially compared with what I’ve grown used to. So the search continued. I have a particular perceptive staff there to thank for aptly matching me with the Lumia 620 based on the requirements I described.

Of prime importance, the price was acceptable, though it cost a little more than double that of Asha 501. Fortunately, I’d mentally prepared myself based on hubby’s advice. Once hubby verified the specifications would suit Yours Truly, the deal was promptly sealed and we came home with my brand new matte magenta Nokia Lumia 620. Woohoo!


The phone I was match-made with – Nokia Lumia 620.
(Picture courtesy of


Nice, colorful box…containing my very own in matte magenta.


Sitting pretty on its box.


The grasshopper on my Lock Screen.


Some of my Tiles.

My initial thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 620 (before use)

Colors: Enough of black, white, and grey. I need color in my life! Like the Nokia Asha 501, the Lumia 620 is also available in several vibrant, exciting, refreshing colors. I envisioned bright red but disappointingly had to settle for magenta, the only “red” available. The plus side is it’s matte! Ah, that’s another thing…I’d had enough of glossy.


My matte magenta Nokia Lumia 620. Though disappointed at first that it doesn’t come in bright red, the magenta’s grown on me now.

Display size: 3.8” vs iPhone 3G’s 3.5”! Wow, time to look at the bigger picture?

Price: The Lumia 620’s RRP is MYR699 (~USD220) but we got it discounted at MYR649 (~USD205). Seemed to me a reasonable or in fact, low price to pay if it proves its mettle.

Dimensions: 115.4 mm (Length) x 61.1 mm (Width) x 11.0 mm (Thickness). Fits comfortably in my palm.

Weight: At 127 g, it’s lightweight but with a solid feel.

From the outset my gut feeling was good. Left to be tried, tested, and proven over the next days.

My thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 620 (upon initial use)

Since the Lumia 620 is my iPhone’s replacement, naturally I compared the two head-to-head…


* Speed! Yes, I finally have it! I think I can toss out the pen and paper from my handbag now.
* Catching up on emails, web-browsing, and watching YouTube are now pleasurable walks in the park.
* Though apparently humans aren’t cut out to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, I love that my new phone does allow me to do just that – minimal multitasking.
* Love those Tiles! What gets pinned to the Start Screen as tiles (shortcut icons) is totally up to me. With 3 tile sizes to choose from (to emphasize importance or sheer aesthetics) and freedom to arrange them as I please, customizing my Start Screen is fun.
* What’s up y’all on WhatsApp? My iPhone 3G was too jaded for this app which everyone seems to be using and raving about. Now, I’m finally WhatsApp-able!
* Yeah, entertainment baby! Almost the instant we got home, hubby easily copied music and movie files into the Lumia 620 for my entertainment indulgence.
* Though confusing at first, I love that Contacts (called People) are synced with the email account of my choice. In fact, no Contacts get saved onto the phone’s memory. One less worry.
* I can now work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint right on my phone. To keep important files close at hand, all the time, anytime, I can sync them via 7GB free storage on SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage.
* Expandable memory up to 64GB. This is wonderful especially since the phone comes with only 8GB built-in memory. Time to load up on music and movies.


* No “Select All” and “Cut” functions for text? Impossible but true! Until today, I can’t believe it. Sorry everyone…there’s only “Copy” and “Paste” with the option of sometimes using “backspace” to delete tediously-selected text. At times, even this is not an option! Argh!
* Only one volume control for all? How is this a problem? Well I usually like to have my ringer on high. But for obvious comfort and eardrum-protection reasons, I listen to music and watch videos at lower volumes. So I have to turn down the volume whenever say I’m watching a video, then turn it up again when I’m done. I have to do this EVERY TIME! Absolutely inconvenient and annoying. Nokia better have made the volume rockers to last such excessive use.
* No timer and stopwatch, only alarm clock. Again, how can this be?
* Cursor rather unwieldy and I sometimes feel it has a mind of its own.

Nice-to-have (but currently unavailable) features:

* Folder management to keep files (music, videos, pictures, etc.) organized.
* The always-on (usually clock) display, as seen on older Nokia models.

My thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 620 (almost 1 month on)

I’d been enjoying my Nokia Lumia 620 for almost a month when I was prompted a software update was available. I carelessly installed the Amber update without first running it by hubby. Don’t know what I was thinking. He said before installing any updates, I should always ensure my phone’s data has been properly backed-up, just in case anything goes awry. Being an ignorant novice, I’d obviously not done that so worry ensued.

Post-update, thankfully everything seemed to be fine and dandy. But my troubles started the next day. Having been stable since the day I brought it home, my phone suddenly became unpredictable. Within a span of about 5 hours, it froze on me 3 times! And the only way to revive it each time was to remove and replace the battery. Yikes! Seriously, I panicked. What have I done?!

Brought it to the Nokia Center the next day. The staff was unfazed and immediately recommended I allow him to re-flash my phone’s OS. Apparently, the update performed at home over WiFi might have resulted in some issues. To my sheer relief, that did the trick and it’s been back to being my trusty, stable phone since. Phew!

What the Nokia Lumia Amber software update brought ME… 

Nokia’s granted one of my wishes! They’ve brought back the always-on display, now called the Nokia Glance Screen. With this, my Lumia 620’s also a clock with day and night modes. I love that I can choose whether to have it always on, on intervals, or only when I want it. The last setting, called “peek”, is what I use. I just need to hover my hand over the phone for the glance screen to appear. Neat right? It also displays a few other notifications such as “in vibration mode” and battery charging status.


The Nokia Glance Screen – one of my wishes granted by the Amber update.

The Lumia Amber software update

My thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 620 (3 months on)

I was delighted to find out the Nokia Lumia 620 made it onto Trusted Reviews’ round-up of Best Mobile Phones 2013. Though it’s at number 10 (out of 10), I’m so proud it’s even there considering the 9 formidable competitors it was up against. Way to go!

Read all about it here:
Best Mobile Phones 2013 – Which smartphone to buy?

Having “experienced” it for over 3 months, I can sincerely announce I got more than I bargained for in this excellent budget smartphone. Size, color (oh, the magenta’s grown on me now), weight, capabilities, performance – all do not disappoint and some in fact, leave me in awe. So much so I’m more than willing to overlook the setbacks. Overall, I’m blissfully content! Thank you Nokia Lumia 620.

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