Nokia No More?

So Nokia’s mobile phone business is being taken over by Microsoft. I was shocked when I first heard the news thinking, “What?! How can that be?” Having only but a few months ago reconverted myself from an iPhone to a Nokia user (with this latest phone, three of the four mobile phones I’ve owned are Nokias), the announcement surely got me reeling.

Why should it have such a big impact on me? Why shouldn’t it when Nokias have been my most trusted mobile companions for many years and hey, they reliably helped me connect with people (ie. Nokia’s tagline – “Connecting People” – with its signature “handshake” or more precisely, hands reaching out).

Starting with the 3310 with its monochrome liquid crystal display and actual physical keys to press, “everyone” seemed to have one at the time. I was happy with this durable, user-friendly phone for several years. At least four, maybe even 5 years to be exact. I told myself that as long as I could send and receive text messages, which was my main use for the mobile phone at the time, and make and receive phones calls, I’ll remain a happy camper.


The iconic Nokia 3310…my first beloved mobile phone back in 2000.

Even with niftier phones constantly flooding the market, my attention remained focused on Nokia. One fine day, I finally decided it was time to give up my trusty 3310 and “upgrade” to the smaller, sleeker, color display 3120. If I remember correctly, aesthetics was purely the reason because to me, the 3310 and 3120 were very similar in functionality, so the switch was almost seamless. I remained Nokia-loyal for another four or five years.


My second mobile and Nokia phone. Loved it!

Over the years, I realized there are added functionalities I’ve come to like and rely on which were really limited in my 3120. One of course is the limited number of text messages that can be stored in the phone’s limited memory. There were many times I had to delete messages in order to receive new ones. I also had to remember to empty my Sent box every so often because that too quickly took up precious space. I also started using and relying on Calendar and Notes a lot. Of course my 3120 was very limiting in these areas but yet I was reluctant to move on.

Finally, marriage brought me my first smartphone, the white Apple iPhone 3G, a birthday present that first year. Though I missed my Nokia and it took some getting used to, I thoroughly enjoyed the iPhone for awhile. It was the answer I was looking for. It seemed I now had “unlimited” space. Plus I could now check and reply emails using my phone. How great is that? But the euphoria didn’t last. Not too long after, my iPhone started slowing down on me big time. I resorted to deleting lots of unnecessary applications in the hopes of curbing its sluggishness. It did help but not too much. Though very tempted to toss it many a times, still I told myself I had to grin and bear it because for one thing, it was a precious, pricey birthday present and second, I’m a mobile-phone-loyal person.


My first smartphone, non-Nokia…the Apple iPhone 3G. Perhaps because I defected from Nokia, my relationship with Apple iPhone was stifled?

Fours years on, a Nokia Asha 501 ad in the newspaper caught my eye. Seeming to have all the features I love in my iPhone and more, plus a low price to boot, could it be the perfect answer for me? The time was ripe since I almost couldn’t stand my slow-responding iPhone any longer. Enough is enough! Coincidentally, hubby owed me a birthday present so we went out pronto to the Nokia outlet in the mall to shop for my new phone. The Asha 501 is a charming, compact little phone but just as hubby had warned me, the screen might be a tad small for me after having gotten used to the size of an iPhone. Plus the display’s rather pixelated.

Based on descriptions of my requirements, I was then recommended the Nokia Lumia 620. Hubby did some quick research on it for me and yes, the Lumia 620 it is! Like a long-awaited reunion, it felt so right to finally be back together with a Nokia!

After using the Nokia Lumia 620 for almost three months now, I must say I love it! Though I do have a few gripes about it, which I’ll describe in greater detail in another post, I’m willing to overlook them. To me, its usability and speed far outweigh its shortcomings.

Just when I’ve rekindled my love affair with Nokia and feeling warm and fuzzy about it too, I find out Microsoft’s taking over. I guess I have mixed feelings about the whole deal. After all, my Nokia’s running on Microsoft’s Windows 8. My notebook runs on Microsoft too.

Having played a big role in my life, I guess it’s difficult for me to accept Nokia will be no more. Wonder what the new phones from here on will be called? Microsoft Phone? Windows Phone? Or some other funky name?

News clippings:
Microsoft to buy Nokia’s mobile phone unit
Nokia: The rise and fall of a mobile giant


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