Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 15

Pretty Man Episode 15 (Screen date: January 10, 2013, Friday).

Love discovered.
As Ma-Te quietly watches Bo-Tong struggle to skate herself to his side, an awakening overcomes him. Wondering whether loves means the ability to make someone smile, he recalls a smile never escapes his lips whenever Bo-Tong-ie’s in sight.

The enlightened Ma-Te gently coaxes Bo-Tong to stop struggling and wait a moment for him instead. Bo-Tong, who’s stunned by his warm tone and tender look, stops dead in her clumsy, wobbly tracks. Ma-Te gracefully glides to her and pulls her in for a hug while whispering he’ll go to her from now on.

Ma-Te seems serene and happy to finally realize Bo-Tong’s his love. Her lifetime dream miraculously come true, Bo-Tong is caught unawares. Barely believing this is truly happening, she cautiously hugs him back with a huge smile on her face.

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(Though I should be thrilled, I find myself instead disappointed with Ma-Te and Bo-Tong’s highly anticipated first embrace due to its lack of oomph and fireworks between them. They somehow lack the chemistry as lovers but more suited as siblings instead.

Although this is not the first time the song, I Am Nobody by Jung Joon-Young, is heard, I find it highly effective in adding a lot more feeling to this otherwise inadequate scene.)

Back in his apartment, Ma-Te examines Bo-Tong’s blistered foot then tenderly applies medication on it. He then asks Bo-Tong for her red nail polish and paints all her toenails. When Bo-Tong queries if this is revenge, he coolly answers these toes are his. His surprising words render Bo-Tong-ie giddy with glee.

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Next morning, aching all over from the rare workout she got the previous day, Bo-Tong’s struggles to get from her room to the dining table. When her mom comments about her bright red painted toenails, she happily states they’re a symbol of love and a reward for all the undying effort she’s invested all these years. Her eomma obviously has no clue what she’s going on about.

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Love lost.
While Ma-Te and Bo-Tong enjoy their blissful moment, elsewhere, someone’s heart is irreparably broken. David is distraught after Yoo-Ra divulges his beloved Kim Bo-Tong, who’s got her eyes and heart set only on Ma-Te, is Ma-Te’s desperately-coveted code! Already holding on to the infinitesimal sliver of hope, this of course his dream of winning over Bo-Tong is effectively shattered.

(Recalling Bo-Tong’s frankness concerning her obsessive love for Ma-Te oppa from the start, at least we know she never lead David on. It’s just David’s been unwilling to accept this fact and been hoping against hope to win Bo-Tong over with his love, warmth, and care. He must’ve thought he stood a good chance since Ma-Te didn’t used to look at Bo-Tong that way before.)

Back home, the distressed David’s at a loss while staring at Bo-Tong’s huge photo in his room. He decides he’ll be selfish for once in his life and pretend he never heard the painful truth Yoo-Ra imparted to him.

Wondering where Bo-Tong is but not wanting to call her, David calls her mom instead and says he’d like to eat her food. Although it’s obviously way past dinner time, Bo-Tong’s mom obligingly prepares a scrumptious chicken stew meal for David. Surprised he hasn’t eaten his dinner this late, David lies to her he’s eaten but just misses her delicious food so much.

When David hesitatingly enquires where Bo-Tong is, eomma says perhaps she’s out with a friend. Dae-Shik ruins the cushioning by declaring his sister doesn’t have any friends since Ma-Te came into her life. While about to get into his car to leave, David witnesses Bo-Tong arriving home with Ma-Te.

Once inside, Bo-Tong feels bad to hear David came looking for her on pretense of wanting to have dinner. Instead of giving her a hard time, Ma-Te instead gives her a reassuring smile.

When Bo-Tong gives David a call, David tells her not to feel bad she wasn’t home while he visited since he’d suddenly decided to take up her mom’s offer to eat at their home sometimes.

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The pretty man’s sweet success.
During Ma-Te’s photo shoot as Ferrino Outdoor’s new model, Bo-Tong is over the moon when Ma-Te shoots her a wink.

Head above clouds with his newfound love, Ma-Te’s thrilled by Ferrino Outdoor’s resounding debut success on SS Home Shopping, resulting in MG Home Shopping struggling to breathe. Everything’s coming up roses for Dokgo Ma-Te but for how long?

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The Father and The Fox.
Ex-father-in-law, Park Ki-Suk pays Yoo-Ra a surprise visit at her Café Droptop. Being a gift from him, Park Ki-Suk’s happy she’s doing exceedingly well in the business saying he’s always been confident of her capabilities.

Relating to her that when his son, Moon-Soo first brought her home, Park Ki-Suk thought an angel had descended upon his home, he advises her never to change from the beautiful, kind-hearted woman she truly is.

He then stipulates it’s time she put her faith in Moon-Soo and allow herself to rest. Yoo-Ra then frankly asks Park Ki-Suk why he’s suddenly bringing Choi Joon-Ha (aka David) and Dokgo Ma-Te to the surface now when they’ve been kept secret all their lives. Smiling, he simply answers there comes a time you realize there isn’t enough time as it waits for no one. (This somehow hints to me he’s dying.) In conclusion, he beckons her to live out her life with love rather than hatred and vengeance.

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The Pretty Man and the mysterious Yeo Mim.
Yeo Mim visits Ma-Te at his office to properly introduce herself. Yet another person who seems to know everything about Ma-Te’s life, Yeo Mim reveals she gathers and sells information for a living.


Admitting she’s disappointed Na Hong-Ran spilled the beans before she could sell the sizzling story of Dokgo Ma-Te being her son, she claims she’s come to give him advice on how he should deal with Na Hong-Ran. Her words of wisdom – do not provoke Na Hong-Ran! She recommends Ma-Te run away as Na Hong-Ran instructed, for if he doesn’t, the people he loves most will end up getting hurt too.

When Ma-Te questions who she is to give him such advice, she explains she empathizes with him since she and Ma-Te are very similar. The product of rape, she too was despised by her mom.

Finally she cautions him against attending the corporate sponsor event being held that night.

The Iron Lady’s wrath.
Na Hong-Ran’s disconcerted with sensational news Dokgo Ma-Te’s successful and glaringly publicizing himself, blatantly disobeying her orders. When her Mr. Secretary comes into her office to alert her it’s time they depart for the corporate sponsor event (uh-oh, that’s where Ma-Te’s headed too!), she directs him to obtain the list of companies Normal Company’s targeting next plus to monitor all that piques Dokgo Ma-Te’s interest.

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Excitedly attending the event with Bo-Tong, Ma-Te bumps into Na Hong-Ran at the entrance. When Na Hong-Ran blatantly confronts Ma-Te on why he’s defying her, Ma-Te confidently retorts it’s not his fault he was born and she can’t destroy the lives of others willy-nilly. Disbelieving his audacity, she must’ve about exploded.

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The Fox and her loved ones.
Ex-hubbyPark Moon-Soo pleasantly surprises Yoo-Ra by bringing daughter Sool-Ri to meet her. Announcing their daughter will be living with him from now on, Yoo-Ra’s free to visit anytime.

When he adds he intends to pursue Yoo-Ra once more, she declares she’ll never set foot in that household again. Going on to say she didn’t go through all this strife to reinstate her rich daughter-in-law status, she’s satisfied as long as Sool-Ri is safe and happy. Reiterating that Moon-Soo must ensure this, he confidently assures her he’s no longer cowardly and promises to never allow Yoo-Ra shed another tear.

(Turns out Hong Yoo-Ra is Woman #8: The woman who stands by her loved ones.)

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The Pretty Man’s password.
Ma-Te buys a diamond proposal ring for Bo-Tong. (What? So fast? How about dating first? I feel it would be much more meaningful if he’d proposed to Bo-Tong for them to start dating by presenting her with the matching pendant and chain set Bo-Tong was interested to buy. It would totally surprise her that he remembered her intention to get something matching his so that they’ll appear to be like a couple.) Na Hong-Ran’s spies send her pictures of this and she’s happy to confirm this is her weapon against Ma-Te whom earlier declared he’d nothing to lose. (Uh-oh… But then again, we all knew it was too good to be true. Distress has got to follow happiness.)

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Ma-Te goes to Bo-Tong’s house and chats with her eomma while waiting for her to get home. She’d apparently rushed out of the house to get roasted chestnuts when Ma-Te told her he’d like to have some when he called earlier to announce he was coming over. When her eomma lovingly complains Bo-Tong always makes excuses whenever she tells her to buy something, Ma-Te jokes she should marry Bo-Tong off. He then asks eomma what type of son-in-law she’d like.

After initially joking about it, eomma affectionately says all she wants is someone who’ll make her daughter happy. Eomma goes on to say that must be what Ma-Te’s mom wants for him too – a person who can make a mother’s child happy is a rare and precious person. Hearing these words, another revelation hits Ma-Te.

Recalling Park Ki-Suk told him his mom insisted on the password for Ma-Te’s own happiness, Ma-Te realizes that’s the reason his mom brought Bo-Tong and not him when she met with Park Ki-Suk that last time before her death.

Ma-Te’s then seen coming out of the apartment (I’m assuming to go in search of Bo-Tong) when he bumps into Bo-Tong arriving back. She cheerfully explained she got delayed having to go a distance to get him the roasted chestnuts but managed to keep them toasty under her coat. Reminiscing all the sacrifices Bo-Tong’s made for his happiness, Ma-Te realizes his mom’s password for him is none other than Kim Bo-Tong! He affectionately pulls Bo-Tong in for an embrace. (A tad more convincing hug. Ok, so Ma-Te’s found his password but Na Hong-Ran’s going to make sure she gets hurt.)

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The Pretty Man and The Fox – closure.
Driving home, Ma-Te receives a message from Yoo-Ra inviting him to her cafe the next day. When he goes there, he’s surprised to see a sign Yoo-Ra’s café is closed for the day. Finding the door unlocked, he goes in and is told by the staff to make his way upstairs.

Having left little notes for him all along the stairs, Yoo-Ra details her motives so far and apologizes for making things tougher and more painful for Ma-Te with her scheming. However, he has through it all proven to be a formidable, impressive man. She stresses she’s sincerely sorry for putting him through such troubles. (She’s seen sitting in her home, dressed up, luggage packed. She’s leaving?)

Protecting her daughter being her main aim, having seen her daughter happy with her dad, she realizes her fight is over. Unfortunately, it’s not so for Ma-Te and for this she feels truly sympathetic. Having witnessed him time and again rise from the depths of despair, she now comprehends why his mom left him that password. She then asks him if he’s found it yet. Under the last note is a photo of Kim Bo-Tong.

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At the airport, just when Yoo-Ra’s about to leave, she hears daughter Sool-Ri calling out to her. Supposedly going to rest and spend time with her sister in the U.S., ex-hubby Moon-Soo says to call him if she misses Sool-Ri or him and they’ll run to her. This makes Yoo-Ra beam with joy. (First time I’m seeing Yoo-Ra’s truly happy, contented smile. So it is her mission’s accomplished. Time for rest and relaxation. I suppose she felt the least she could do is to sincerely impart to Ma-Te his precious password.)

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The great password mystery – solved!
Sitting at the cafe after gathering all the notes and Bo-Tong’s picture Yoo-Ra had left him, Ma-Te finally understands Yoo-Ra’s motive – not revenge or greed but a loving mother wanting to protect her daughter. All she covets is her daughter’s smile and hubby’s dignity. Having succeeded in protecting her loved ones, she’s now able walk away from the feud in peace.

Ma-Te calls Park Ki-Suk to beamingly inform him he’s discovered the password and will be taking “her” to see him soon. Once off the phone, Park Ki-Suk updates Mr. Secretary he’s confident Ma-Te’s got it right. Mr. Secretary Jung then suggests it’s time Park Ki-Suk checks into the hospital but he refuses. (So this confirms Park Ki-Suk‘s still ill. Is he dying? And therefore desperate to set things right before his departure?)

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At home looking at the diamond ring he’d bought for her, Ma-Te instructs Bo-Tong to meet him for an important dinner the next day. Of course he didn’t even hint he’s planning to propose!

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The Iron Lady’s vicious foreboding.
Next morning while picking out clothes to wear for dinner with Ma-Te oppa, Bo-Tong thinks to herself what the excitement could be – perhaps he’s found the password? She’s delighted with this thought.

Just then she receives a text message supposedly from Ma-Te oppa instructing her to go meet him at a place as he needs help. She’s to go alone and not tell anyone. She’s also not to try calling him as he’s unable to pick up calls. In actual fact, some high-tech baddies, obviously hired by Na Hong-Ran are behind this. Typing on a computer, they made the message seem as if it came from Ma-Te.

Fearing Ma-Te’s in trouble, Bo-Tong naturally rushes out and catches a taxi to the place which turns out to be an abandoned amusement park. There the baddies capture Bo-Tong, lock her up, and takes her mobile phone away.

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At work, David wonders why Bo-Tong hasn’t shown up yet. His call and message to Bo-Tong go unanswered causing David increased bad feeling about Bo-Tong’s whereabouts. Later in the day, when Do-Hwe (one of Normal Company’s other staff) tries calling Bo-Tong but finds her phone’s switched off, she checks with Ma-Te (who’s based himself at SS Group the whole day) and finds out Bo-Tong’s not with him, David fears the worse as he knows something’s horribly wrong.

The info queen, Yeo Mim is seen mumbling to herself having told Ma-Te not to mess with Na Hong-Ran. She goes on to consider whom she should call to rescue Bo-Tong – Ma-Te or David?

Locked up in a cold basement, Bo-Tong’s sorry she failed to make it for dinner with Ma-Te oppa yet again while Ma-Te’s seen patiently waiting for Bo-Tong at the restaurant.

Anxiously awaiting news from Bo-Tong, David receives a text from Yeo Mim informing him Bo-Tong’s whereabouts for him to go rescue her.

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Driving in his car, Ma-Te’s seen muttering to himself where Bo-Tong could be since she didn’t show up for dinner (and hasn’t been answering his calls). He tries calling her again but fails to get her. Suddenly his face turns sullen and he calls her brother Dae-Shik to find out if Bo-Tong’s home.

wp_ss_20140126_0035 wp_ss_20140126_0036

David races to the address given by Yeo Mim and hurts his hand while breaking the lock to get to Bo-Tong. Bo-Tong passes out upon seeing David. Frantic, he hurriedly carries her out. Dae-Shik updates Ma-Te David’s found Bo-Tong and rushing her to the hospital.

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Seeing it’s late and Bo-Tong has yet to come to, Ma-Te volunteers to stay with her and asks David’s favour to send eomma and Dae-Shik home. Distraught about Bo-Tong, David tells eomma he intends to go back to the hospital but eomma advises him not to worry since Ma-Te’s there.


At the hospital, Bo-Tong finally comes to to find Ma-Te oppa by her bedside. The first thing she does is apologize to him for not being able to keep her promise yet again. When Ma-Te asks her why she went to such a place, she doesn’t answer. Realizing the message was made to look like it came from Ma-Te and therefore might implicate him, she insists for him not to report the matter to police. With this, Ma-Te confirms his worst fears. Making an excuse he’s going out to get her some water, Ma-Te leaves Bo-Tong and makes a call to Na Hong-Ran.

wp_ss_20140127_0008 wp_ss_20140127_0009

When confronted if she was behind Bo-Tong’s kidnapping, Na Hong-Ran coolly replies seems like Ma-Te’s self-assured declaration of having nothing to fear because he’s got nothing to lose is not true after all since he now sounds fearful. This serves as a confirmation he does indeed have something precious to lose. She reminds him of her warning she would make his life a living hell. Ma-Te’s crushed.

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Back in her room, Bo-Tong’s fallen fast asleep. Ma-Te sadly takes the ring out to put on Bo-Tong’s finger but stops and cries. Next morning, as he comes out of Bo-Tong’s room, Ma-Te finds David slumped in a chair, obviously been there the whole night. Staring at each other, Ma-Te seems to be saying he finally knows what love is while David’s saying he knows the time has come for him to let go of this love.

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David, Dae-Shik, and eomma are sitting by Bo-Tong’s bedside. Dae-Shik and eomma advise David to go eat some breakfast, get his wound looked at, cleaned up, or just rest but he refuses to do any of those. He insists on staying by Bo-Tong’s side. Ma-Te comes back and chooses not to enter the room but looks on from the doorway. Once he’s ensured Bo-Tong looks fine, he turns and leaves.


At home, Ma-Te takes out the gift given by electric fairy which she’d told him to open only when faced with dire difficulty in controlling his heart. Finding it’s a button, he knows his own button is Kim Bo-Tong. He wants so much not to control his heart and keep her by his side (but this is impossible since Na Hong-Ran would cause Bo-Tong more harm if Ma-Te continues being with her).

wp_ss_20140127_0028 wp_ss_20140127_0029

The heartbreaking break-up.
On Bo-Tong’s first day back at work since the incident, Ma-Te acts icy cold towards her. Ma-Te stays late in the office then arrives home to find Bo-Tong waiting for him because she’d brought food her mom cooked for him. Ma-Te feigns anger and asks that she never show herself to him henceforth.

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When Bo-Tong guesses correctly his intention to distance himself so she won’t get hurt, Ma-Te denies it. Instead he lies he’d given it careful consideration and decided to reunite with Na Hong-Ran, his birth mom and lead a life of luxury. To stress his seriousness, Ma-Te tears the precious picture of his mom with Park Ki-Suk to bits, claiming he’s tired of crying over these two people whom are not even related to him.

Finally, he pleads with her to get out of his life…

wp_ss_20140127_0044 wp_ss_20140127_0045 wp_ss_20140127_0046 wp_ss_20140127_0047 wp_ss_20140127_0048 wp_ss_20140127_0049

Stay tuned for…the finale…Episode 16 (Screen date: January 11, 2013, Saturday).


Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 14

Pretty Man Episode 14 (Screen date: January 4, 2013, Saturday).

The Iron Lady and her son – the dreadful truth.
Na Hong-Ran reveals to a horrified Dokgo Ma-Te he’s the son she abandoned all those years ago. None of her bitter words prior to this had this immense an impact on him. Understandably so since this in effect shatters his whole life.

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Incredulous, Ma-Te refutes it as nothing more than Na Hong-Ran’s desperate fabrication. She frankly admits it’s something she too finds extremely difficult to believe that she didn’t sleep a wink the previous night pondering it.

Appearing pained at first, but then rapidly straightening up her stance, she explains the reason she’s revealing to him this truth is so he won’t hear it from someone else then harbor unrealistic dreams of being reunited with her, his biological mother. (I must say this surprised me. My bet was she wanted all the more for Ma-Te to reunite with her and join her team to squash all her arch enemies.)

Claiming absolutely no attachments to this dark past, she maintains to have no regrets and nothing to be sorry about. She hates Ma-Te because he looks just like his biological father (not Park Ki-Suk) who beguiled then abandoned her. (Since Ma-Te’s now confirmed not Park Ki-Suk’s son, turns out he’s not Park Moon-Soo and David Choi’s half-brother after all.)

She goes on to twist the knife by relating to Ma-Te Yoo-Ra’s ultimatum for her to step down from MG Group so she’d not expose this secret. It pains and almost kills Ma-Te knowing his supposed friend and mentor Hong Yoo-Ra’s not only aware of this awful fact but is using it by putting him at stake.

Declaring she’ll never step down from MG Group because she IS MG Group, the evil Iron Lady mother instead gives her poor son Ma-Te two choices:
Option 1: Leave the country. She’ll ensure him a decent livelihood in any country of his preference. Staying on in Korea is not a wise option because she promises to make it a living hell for him.
Option 2: Should he insist on staying, he’s to make himself scarce from her sight forever.

(What a day it’s turned out to be for Ma-Te. He not only finds out this hateful woman’s his birth mother making his whole life a farce, she’s now banishing him from her sight and his home country!)

As a dazed Ma-Te staggers to his car to leave the ill-fated meet-up place, Yeo Mim (Na Hong-Ran’s private investigator of sorts) follows closely merely a few steps behind. Trying her best to feign ignorance, she fails to quell her concern he might get into an accident if he were to drive in such a hapless condition. So she offers to drive with a miserable Ma-Te silent throughout the journey. (What was Yeo Mim doing there? Was she spying on Na Hong-Ran? What for?)

wp_ss_20140110_0006-2-1 wp_ss_20140110_0006-2-2 wp_ss_20140110_0006-2-3 wp_ss_20140110_0006-2-4

The normal girl’s big move home.
Bo-Tong-ie’s all packed up and ready to leave her big, comfy room at David’s. David of course gives her a ride but the transportation gets a bit sticky when Ma-Te oppa’s larger than life portrait comes into the picture. (It’s funny David had to drive at snail pace for fear Ma-Te’s portrait strapped on top of his car would get blown away.)

When they arrive her family’s new place, Bo-Tong’s pleasantly surprised her room’s been beautifully decorated by her younger brother, Dae-Sik to welcome her “home”.

While Bo-Tong’s up in her room trying to call Ma-Te oppa, eomma and Dae-Sik chat with David and thank him for his help and hospitality. In the meantime, Bo-Tong’s increasingly anxious she hasn’t been able to contact Ma-Te oppa all day. (Little does Bo-Tong know what he’s been through today.)

wp_ss_20140110_0009 wp_ss_20140110_0015 wp_ss_20140110_0022 wp_ss_20140110_0023

The Pretty Man and The Fox – another ugly truth.
Meeting with Yoo-Ra at Cafe Droptop, Ma-Te goes straight to the point that Na Hong-Ran’s admitted he’s her son, shocking Yoo-Ra. When Yoo-Ra acquiesces she’d just found this out when she saw his pocket watch on Bo-Tong’s table, the disillusioned Ma-Te questions why she didn’t share it with him but instead tried striking up a deal with Na Hong-Ran over him.

Ma-Te speculates now she has David, the actual illegitimate son, he’s useless to her. She denies this saying she didn’t want him to know because this reality will break his heart.

Finally the truth comes out from Yoo-Ra’s mouth she cooperated with him only because she thought he is Park Ki-Suk’s son. When Ma-Te then queries whether she’ll now want to get rid of him since he’s Na Hong-Ran’s son instead, she hostilely replies she’s only going after her ambition with no luxury to play nice.

Ma-Te’s distraught that people seem to be treating him like a toy to throw around. Yoo-Ra suggests he asks his dead mother, Kim Mi-Sook, who raised him why all this is happening. Knowing his true identity, why did she create a password for him and hint that Park Ki-Suk’s his father. (This woman’s insane! As if we can ask and get answers from the dead. Geez, I think she’s lost quite some marbles.)

The love triangle.
Listless, David misses Bo-Tong’s presence in his house. Just then, as if telepathically reading his thoughts, Bo-Tong checks up on David via text message, cheering him up immediately.

wp_ss_20140110_0035 wp_ss_20140110_0036

Meanwhile, Bo-Tong continues to worry about Ma-Te oppa whom she still hasn’t been able to contact. Arriving back at his apartment, Ma-Te dejectedly collapses onto his couch clutching his mom’s picture taken with Park Ki-Suk.


The spy with a heart?
Yeo Mim, the spy, is seen writing an expose involving Na Hong-Ran and Dokgo Ma-Te, including pictures from their meeting earlier in the day. Having bugged the private room they were in, she also has a recording of their whole conversation.

At one point, she mutters to herself now Na Hong-Ran’s come clean, she’s got no one to sell her information to. Having done this countless times, somehow this particular expose bothers her as she appears to take pity on Ma-Te. Seeming to have a painful past too, she mutters for him to just go on living and eventually everything will get buried in the huge pile called “past”. (Once again, Ma-Te’s charms has won another heart.)

wp_ss_20140110_0039 wp_ss_20140110_0040 wp_ss_20140110_0041 wp_ss_20140110_0044

The icy cold Iron Lady mother.
In her study, Na Hong-Ran agonizingly drops her pocket watch into the trash bin as hubby Park Ki-Suk walks in just in time to witness it.

When he asks his wife if she’d met her son, Dokgo Ma-Te, Na Hong-Ran simply answers yes. He goes on to say all this is happening because of how they forced things to happen in the past and now it’s time to right the wrongs.

Blaming everything on Park Ki-Suk and Hong Yoo-Ra, Na Hong-Ran quizzes why he allowed his mistress, Kim Mi-Sook to raise her son and now brought him to her. He explained he was trying to understand why she couldn’t tell him about her son but instead arranged to send him overseas for adoption. Initially intending to bring him back to her when he thought she missed him immensely but it took longer than anticipated. (Obviously Na Hong-Ran never really showed signs of missing her son.)

He questions whether she would have protected the child when Na Hong-Ran argues she should’ve been told about hubby’s arrangement. (I think he knows very well his wife was in no way interested in protecting her son. She might’ve strangled him to death with her bare hands if pushed. All for chasing her crazy ambitions, motherhood was not in her vocabulary. But why has she been holding on to the pocket watch all this while?) He coaxes her to look into her heart; why she always winds the pocket watch backwards. His advice – for her to let go of the pain and live looking forward from now on.

Embittered and with cheeks drenched in tears, Na Hong-Ran refuses to back down ranting that Ma-Te reminds her of all the pain: how her own siblings fooled her after she put in her all and Ma-Te’s father who abandoned her. When hubby says to let bygones be bygones, Na Hong-Ran turns her anger at him stating their marriage, merely part of a merger and acquisition, has also been a farce and it’s time they ended it. After she’s stormed out of the room, Park Ki-Suk sadly picks up the pocket watch from the bin.

(So Park Ki-Suk’s the one who arranged for Ma-Te to be raised by Kim Mi-Sook. Then why the need for a password for him to accept Ma-Te as his son?)

wp_ss_20140110_0045 wp_ss_20140110_0047 wp_ss_20140110_0052 wp_ss_20140110_0053 wp_ss_20140110_0055 wp_ss_20140110_0056

The Pretty Man and his dedicated normal girl.
Next morning, still unable to reach Ma-Te oppa, Bo-Tong arrives at the office disappointed to find he’s not there. Telling David she’s going to look for him at home, she gets even more worried when Ma-Te oppa’s not there either. At a lost initially, Bo-Tong then gets a hint of where he might be after seeing the picture of his mom with Park Ki-Suk and the pocket watch on his coffee table.

Ma-Te’s seen at his mom’s niche begging her to shed light on why all this is happening. If he’s not her son, then who is he; who is she? Bo-Tong arrives in time to hear this and questions Ma-Te what he means. Ma-Te sadly shares with her the crazy fact that his beloved mom he’s known all his life is not his mom, but Na Hong-Ran is his birth mom.

wp_ss_20140113_0005 wp_ss_20140113_0006 wp_ss_20140113_0008 wp_ss_20140113_0010

Concerned that Ma-Te oppa must not have eaten anything for awhile, Bo-Tong takes him to a restaurant and encourages him to eat and cry together with her. Likening his life to The Truman Show, the disoriented Ma-Te questions what’s real. Bo-Tong attempts to comfort him by saying he his Dokgo Ma-Te, his mom, Kim Mi-Sook’s son and that’s real. She elaborates she’s a witness to how much his mom loved and adored him.

Finally Ma-Te expresses his disappointment with Na Hong-Ran. Thinking she should at least apologize to him, she instead told him to leave the country and never to appear before her again otherwise she’ll make life a living hell for him. Hearing this, Bo-Tong can’t help but shed tears and apologizes for not knowing how to comfort him. Looking warmly at her, Ma-Te tells Bo-Tong she’s the one thing that’s remained consistent in his life.

wp_ss_20140113_0012 wp_ss_20140113_0013 wp_ss_20140113_0021 wp_ss_20140113_0022

As Ma-Te drives Bo-Tong home, she announces she’s moved to live with her mom and brother again. Looking at the forlorn Ma-Te oppa, she says she wishes he’ll quickly revert back to being the prickly, pretty oppa she used to know. Although it’s hard, he should realize he’s achieved a lot in life so far and should be proud of it.

(Luckily Bo-Tong’s always there for Ma-Te.)

The Fox’s agenda…continues…
Meeting ex-hubby, Park Moon-Soo in his office, Yoo-Ra expresses relief Na Hong-Ran didn’t succeed in getting rid of him this time. When she cautions him this is just the beginning and Na Hong-Ran will surely strengthen her resolve with a vengeance, Park Moon-Soo assures he’ll do all it takes to defend himself.


Yoo-Ra then instructs him to ask David, his newly discovered half-brother, to join forces with him. When Moon-Soo says he doesn’t want to drag David into this family war, Yoo-Ra reveals Na Hong-Ran has a son and she’s just found out it’s none other than Dokgo Ma-Te. Positive Na Hong-Ran’s going use Ma-Te to put Moon-Soo’s position in peril, Yoo-Ra figures it’s imperative they strengthen their defence by having Choi Joon-Ha (aka David) on their side.

The two half-brothers.
Right after hanging a huge photo of Bo-Tong (in place of Ma-Te’s) in his room, David receives a call from older brother Park Moon-Soo inviting him to meet.

Having drinks at a bar, David tells Moon-Soo not to worry or feel threatened as he’s got no interest in MG Group. Admitting he’s always felt guilty about being a weak son, Moon-Soo then requests they band together to protect their father, Park Ki-Suk. Divulging he’s never known a father’s love, David has no interest in finding out now, indirectly indicating he’s unwilling to consider Moon-Soo’s suggestion.

When David further states he’s never been happy owning MG Group shares, Moon-Soo argues he was able to protect the girl he loves with it, and therefore now’s the time to take advantage of his birthright and protect his beloved girl. David then sarcastically questions whether Moon-Soo was able to protect his love and goes on to say the girl he loves doesn’t care for such privileges.

David finally declares he’s happy being Team Leader at Normal Company not just because the love of his life is there but because it’s a healthy, clean company. David then stuns Moon-Soo with his reason for hating MG Group – its viciously corrupt practices!

wp_ss_20140113_0027 wp_ss_20140113_0028 wp_ss_20140113_0030 wp_ss_20140113_0031

The Pretty Man and his consistent normal girl.
Still at a lost in his home the next morning, Ma-Te receives a video message from Bo-Tong-ie to cheer him on. It did finally put a smile on his face and spurred him in a direction to deal with Na Hong-Ran’s ultimatum.

wp_ss_20140113_0044 wp_ss_20140113_0045

Na Hong-Ran is seen opening a little gift box. She’s shocked to see THE pocket watch inside. Beneath it is a note handwritten by Ma-Te stating he’s decided not to take up either of the two options she’d given him. Instead, he’s returning the pocket watch to her as an indication to sever all ties with her. She tears up the note, sweeps them off her desk, then bawls.

wp_ss_20140113_0051 wp_ss_20140113_0052 wp_ss_20140113_0053 wp_ss_20140113_0054 wp_ss_20140113_0055 wp_ss_20140113_0056 wp_ss_20140113_0057 wp_ss_20140113_0058

The Pretty Man and the one who’s not his brother.
Back in the office, when David diligently updates Ma-Te thoroughly on the latest developments in their company, Ma-Te expresses his sincere gratitude and appreciation. David then proposes Ma-Te should be their model for outdoor apparel suggesting “hot-blooded youth” as their tagline.

As David’s about to walk out of Ma-Te’s office, Ma-Te asks him why he joined Normal Company. David initially joked he was scouted by the company. He then states he likes the president for his good looks and his unexpectedly strong character. (Another warm moment between these two guys. Though Ma-Te now knows David’s not his brother, David doesn’t know this yet.)

wp_ss_20140113_0066 wp_ss_20140113_0067

The confident CEO.
Dokgo Ma-Te returns to face the SS Home Shopping board with a vengeance. This time fully prepared and confident, Ma-Te presents his ingenious and fresh business plan to revamp SS Home Shopping as a luxury brand and thoroughly impresses them.

Bo-Tong-ie and the one who only has eyes for her.
When Bo-Tong goes over to David’s unannounced to conduct a spot check, she’s disconcerted to see the huge portrait of hers hanging in his room. She then declares she’s made up her mind to continue looking forward (meaning towards Ma-Te oppa) leaving David clearly distressed. Although David’s a nice guy and to be able to accept his love would be like a dream come true, she can’t stop looking toward Ma-Te oppa.


Citing a verse from his mom’s favorite novel, David states finding someone worthy of loving is extraordinary and asks if he can be that person for Bo-Tong, rendering her speechless. David then thinks to himself it isn’t impossible and he’s willing to wait for Bo-Tong’s change of heart.

wp_ss_20140113_0081 wp_ss_20140113_0082 wp_ss_20140113_0088 wp_ss_20140113_0089

The father and his wife’s son.
Park Ki-Suk finally requests to meet with Ma-Te and enquires why he hasn’t brought him the password yet. When Ma-Te questions the use of the password when Park Ki-Suk isn’t even his father, Park Ki-Suk starts to clarify certain things.


Park Ki-Suk likens the mother who raised him, Kim Mi-Sook, to the sun. She was kind, deeply caring, and looked only toward Park Ki-Suk. That’s why he chose to leave Ma-Te in her care. When Park Ki-Suk wanted to take Ma-Te away from her a year after she’d taken care of him because he felt it was wrong since she’s unmarried, Kim Mi-Sook refused to let Ma-Te go as she’d already regarded him as her own by then. In deciding this, she’d renounced her relationship with family and friends for the sake of her precious son, Dokgo Ma-Te.

Apparently his mom was the one who required the password to ensure his happiness although she’s gone. Park Ki-Suk concludes by advising Ma-Te to strive to look for the password or his mom’s life spent caring for him would be for nought.

Ma-Te then questions Park Ki-Suk why he brought up his wife, Na Hong-Ran’s child without her knowledge. He answers it’s because of his love for and desire to take care of her. When asked what him mom, Kim Mi-Sook meant to Park Ki-Suk, he answers she’s the woman who loved him. (So Kim Mi-Sook is the woman who loved him whilst Na Hong-Ran is the woman he loves. How about David’s mom? And Park Moon-Soo’s mom? What do they mean to Park Ki-Suk?)

More curveballs for The Iron Lady.
A fuming Na Hong-Ran storms into Park Moon-Soo’s office demanding to know why all her directives to interfere in Normal Company’s business has been overturned. Park Moon-Soo confidently replies he found nothing wrong in all the documentation plus the business is doing well. He aspires to monitor their performance and take action as appropriate.

He concludes by stating he owes his newfound confidence to the realization that Na Hong-Ran is someone who even abandons her own son, so he no longer feels bad for not being accepted.

(Na Hong-Ran’s head must be spinning like a top thinking how her best laid plans have been suddenly turned upside down. On the other hand, Park Moon-Soo must’ve felt really good to finally hold his head up high and stand up to his deranged stepmom.)

The Pretty Man and his normal girl – the awakening.
While doing work in his office, Ma-Te’s saddened recalling Na Hong-Ran’s malicious words. In the meantime, Bo-Tong’s saddened watching Ma-Te and David’s saddened watching Bo-Tong. (Ah, the distressing love triangle.)

wp_ss_20140113_0101 wp_ss_20140113_0103

David then receives a message from Yoo-Ra requesting he meet her one last time.

wp_ss_20140113_0105 wp_ss_20140113_0106

Apparently after David has left to meet Yoo-Ra, Bo-Tong persuades Ma-Te to go out with her. They end up at the skating rink where the two of them and Dae-Sik used to enjoy going when they were younger. When Ma-Te says he’s not in the mood, Bo-Tong requests he gives it 30 minutes to see if he’ll loosen up and have some fun to take his mind off his troubles. Realizing Bo-Tong’s skating skills have remained stagnant, Ma-Te decides to be nice and let her hold onto his hand while he glides them around the rink.

wp_ss_20140113_0107 wp_ss_20140113_0108 wp_ss_20140113_0109 wp_ss_20140113_0110 wp_ss_20140113_0113 wp_ss_20140113_0114 wp_ss_20140113_0116 wp_ss_20140113_0117

Elsewhere in town, David meets with Yoo-Ra who tells him to leave Normal Company because there’s no future for him there, not even in love. When David furiously questions what warrants such a careless statement, Yoo-Ra reveals Kim Bo-Tong is Ma-Te’s password!!!

wp_ss_20140113_0117-1 wp_ss_20140113_0117-2

Back at the skating rink, Ma-Te’s taking a break on the side while coaxing Bo-Tong to continue practicing. With a huge, warm smile, Bo-Tong tells Ma-Te oppa she can be his skates so he can whiz past all his problems. Just then something happens to the quiet Ma-Te and he finally gets a revelation of what love is. Since a smile never fails to settle on his face whenever he sees Bo-Tong, he figures this must be love. He then skates to her then hugs her. Surprised at first, Bo-Tong then happily hugs him back…

(Ma-Te’s finally beginning to realize his love for Bo-Tong-ie but he still doesn’t know she’s also his password, making her all the more important in his life. So his mom could see only the sweet Bo-Tong can make her precious son, Ma-Te happy. That’s why she made Bo-Tong promise to stay by Ma-Te’s side should anything happen to her.

As expected, there’s absolutely no chance for David to win Bo-Tong’s heart over now. Poor David.)

wp_ss_20140113_0132 wp_ss_20140113_0133 wp_ss_20140113_0139 wp_ss_20140113_0140 wp_ss_20140113_0142 wp_ss_20140113_0143 wp_ss_20140113_0144 wp_ss_20140113_0145 wp_ss_20140113_0147 wp_ss_20140113_0148

Stay tuned for…Episode 15 (Screen date: January 10, 2013, Friday).

Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 13

Pretty Man Episode 13 (Screen date: January 3, 2013, Friday).

The pocket watch stumps The Fox.
Yoo-Ra walks into Bo-Tong Company bearing coffee for the team while expecting Ma-Te to arrive to meet her soon. As she puts down the coffee in between Bo-Tong and David on their shared long desk, she notices THE pocket watch and does a double take. Baffled, she questions Bo-Tong if it’s hers. When Bo-Tong replies Ma-Te oppa gave it to her, Yoo-Ra’s even more bewildered.

Just then, Ma-Te walks in. Still stumped beyond words, Yoo-Ra recovers enough to make an excuse and leaves hastily. Once outside the office, Yoo-Ra wonders to herself if it’s the same watch she’s seen belonging to ex-stepmommy-in-law, which she was forbidden from taking a closer look.

(Seems to me the mystery of the pocket watch will be solved really soon. Somehow it has to be Dokgo Ma-Te’s the Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s biological son right? Otherwise it won’t make sense. But how did he end up being brought up by Park Ki-Suk’s mistress, Kim Mi-Sook?)

wp_ss_20140108_0004 wp_ss_20140108_0005 wp_ss_20140108_0006 wp_ss_20140108_0007 wp_ss_20140108_0008 wp_ss_20140108_0009 wp_ss_20140108_0010 wp_ss_20140108_0011

How to kill a pesky curveball?
Na Hong-Ran meets with a law consultant in her office. Suggesting if they can make Choi Joon-Ha’s (aka David Choi) MG Group share ownership seem illegal, the consultant explains it’s impossible considering the truth he’s Park Ki-Suk’s son will be proven and disclosed soon. Noting although Park Ki-Suk seems to be working according to some grand plan, it all appears legal so far.

At wit’s end, Na Hong-Ran then insinuates if another heir were to appear, wouldn’t Park Ki-Suk, Park Moon-Soo, or Choi Joon-Ha’s shares need to be divided with the newfound heir? The consultant confirms if another heir appears and pursues his rights, this would be a possible outcome. Hearing this, Na Hong-Ran can finally smile again.

(What’s she got up her sleeve? Is she going to attempt to use Ma-Te now since he’s declared he’s Park Ki-Suk’s illegitimate son? Seems like she’s about to try getting Ma-Te on her team.)


Evil’s sweet smile.

The Pretty Man’s funny moment…
When Ma-Te goes to David’s house, he’s irked to see the “baby on board” sticker on David’s car parked outside. Refusing to leave it alone, he tries peeling it off but hurts his finger instead. Upset, he kicks David’s car, triggering the alarm. In a panic, Ma-Te runs off.

wp_ss_20140108_0016 wp_ss_20140108_0017 wp_ss_20140108_0020 wp_ss_20140108_0021 wp_ss_20140108_0022 wp_ss_20140108_0023

Meanwhile, David’s giving Bo-Tong guitar lessons. When they here the car alarm sounding, David tells Bo-Tong not to worry as his car has a black box. (What? His car has a black box like the type found on airplanes? Nope. Actually he means his car is fixed with a security camera.)

(In this episode, David commends Bo-Tong on her guitar skills. I wonder if we’ll get to see her play. Perhaps she’ll perform a song for David or Ma-Te or both? I Googled IU and found she’s actually good at it and is oftentimes seen performing while strumming her guitar.)

The Pretty Man and The Iron Lady.
Ma-Te receives a unexpected call from Na Hong-Ran proposing they meet up because she has interesting proposal for him. He brusquely dismisses it and hangs up on her. The Iron Lady is seen muttering to herself that Ma-Te shouldn’t be acting arrogant when another heir (ie. Choi Joon-Ha aka David Choi) has appeared to challenge his place.

(In an unexpected turn of events, Na Hong-Ran finds herself with no choice but to attempt to get Ma-Te’s help. But of course she’s not going to be humble about it.)

The wild horse tamed.
Kang Gwi-Ji overhears the hoo-ha about her father being in real trouble for corruption and he will soon be arrested.

While Ma-Te’s in his office reading news of SS Group’s President Kang’s arrest, David comes in to taunt him if he came to the house the previous night. (Humorous moment between these two guys. Such moments have become rare in these latter episodes.) Bo-Tong then comes in to alert Ma-Te Kang Gwi-Ji’s having a press conference which is being aired live.

Being born into the lap of luxury and backed by a father who adores her, Kang Gwi-Ji admits she’s abused the privileges all these years ending up hurting many. Declaring she’s decided to become decent to make a good lasting impression, she makes an oath to renounce all illegal earnings from her father’s company. (The power of Dokgo Ma-Te!)

That same day, a delighted Ma-Te requests SS Group’s Mr. Secretary to arrange a dinner for him with Kang Gwi-Ji. Skeptical of Ma-Te’s motives at first especially since he’s signed the agreement not to see her anymore, she quizzes why Ma-Te’s treating her so nice. Ma-Te simply states he wants to commend her for her timely awakening.

With a broad smile her face, Gwi-Ji says she has Ma-Te to thank for teaching her what’s right then shares with him she’s going abroad to study fashion.

Gwi-Ji and Ma-Te then toast to starting a brother-sister relationship with her calling him oppa.

(Wow, so that’s the end of this pest. Once again, Ma-Te’s sincerity triumphs.)

wp_ss_20140109_0010 wp_ss_20140109_0011 wp_ss_20140109_0014 wp_ss_20140109_0016 wp_ss_20140109_0018 wp_ss_20140109_0020

The snooping and plotting Fox.
Hong Yoo-Ra pays a surprise visit to ex-father-in-law Park Ki-Suk at his sprawling mansion. When she thanks him for the cafe, he says she’s more than welcome to it and always regarded as family because there’s no one else who is his granddaughter Sool-Ri’s mom. Yoo-Ra then appeared about to bring up something serious then decided against it. (Oddly, she doesn’t request to see her daughter.)

Yoo-Ra then manages to sneak into Na Hong-Ran’s study to take a look at the pocket watch. Fingering it in her hands, she recalls what Bo-Tong told her about the one she’s having – that it was a gift from Ma-Te. A sinister smile lands on her lips. (Was she sincere in wanting to visit ex-father-in-law? I think not. She was using it merely as an excuse to get into the house.)

Meeting with Na Hwang-Kyu, the writer (who is actually Na Hong-Ran’s banished nephew), Yoo-Ra requests he adds her bit in his soon-to-be released online novel – an expose on all Na Hong-Ran’s evildoings.

wp_ss_20140109_0025 wp_ss_20140109_0027 wp_ss_20140109_0028 wp_ss_20140109_0030 wp_ss_20140109_0034 wp_ss_20140109_0035

The pocket watch plot thickens.
Bo-Tong’s calling it a day and about to leave the office when she sees the pocket watch on her desk and recalls the recent strange incident with Hong Yoo-Ra. Deciding to go to Ma-Te oppa’s to return it to him, she relates the happening to him and wonders if it has anything to do with the password.

His curiosity piqued, Ma-Te takes the pocket watch to a watch boutique to be analyzed. Other than it’s a luxury Swiss-made watch of an exquisite brand not many are aware of, the staff isn’t able to offer much else. Ma-Te requests she take pictures and send them out for further investigation.

While the staff is taking pictures of the watch, Ma-Te receives a text message from Na Hong-Ran hinting to him Hong Yoo-Ra’s been very quiet lately and wanting to know if he’s still disinterested in hearing her proposal. Ma-Te immediately tries calling Yoo-Ra but she doesn’t answer.

(Uh-oh, is Hong Yoo-Ra about to play Ma-Te out with the puzzles she’s pieced together pointing to Na Hong-Ran being Dokgo Ma-Te’s real mother? And in the meantime, Na Hong-Ran’s also scheming to use him, not knowing he’s actually her son. What will become of Ma-Te who’s caught between these two evils?)

The SS Home Shopping surprise.
While having a discussion with his staff, Ma-Te receives an unannounced visit from SS Group’s Mr. Secretary instructing him to attend SS Home Shopping’s board meeting the next day…as its CEO!!!

Discussing the details privately in his office, Mr. Secretary reveals President Kang’s now in prison. He’s temporarily handing Ma-Te the responsibility of SS Home Shopping to show appreciation for taming his precious daughter Gwi-Ji. However, he still stresses having no intention of ever making Ma-Te his son-in-law. Ma-Te happily agrees as he too has no intention of marrying someone he doesn’t love.

(So Ma-Te finally gets SS Home Shopping! Now it’s war!)

wp_ss_20140109_0049 wp_ss_20140109_0050

The pursuer of justice – Prosecutor Lee Kim.
Upon finding out from SS Group’s Mr. Secretary that Prosecutor Lee Kim, due to her huge success in the SS Group case, has been nominated Chief Prosecutor, Ma-Te goes to her office to congratulate her.

When Ma-Te declares Lee Kim’s proven justice always prevails, an uneasy look besets her face as if she’s hiding something. (There’s obviously more to this champion of justice which we’ll soon find out…)

While in her office, Na Hong-Ran is updated by her Mr. Secretary Prosecutor Lee Kim intends to pursue them next and they have loads of shady dealings to hide. She dismisses him by saying they’ve got to figure out a way to fend off Lee Kim.

Once Mr. Secretary has left, Na Hong-Ra opens her desk drawer, takes out an ancient clamshell style mobile phone, and calls the only number seeming to be stored in it. Starting by saying it’s been a long time, she goes on to say she needs some information to expose Prosecutor Lee Kim and she’s willing to pay however much the person wants. (This woman’s surely got loads of hidden weapons. But still, will she be able to withstand the imminent onslaught?)

wp_ss_20140109_0058 wp_ss_20140109_0061

The father and his sons.
Park Ki-Suk secretly arranges to have a lunch with his sonsPark Moon-Soo and Choi Joon-Ha (aka David Choi).

Park Moon-Soo’s shocked to not only be introduced to his brother whom he recognizes from MG Night, but also find out he’s his mysterious savior.

David, who’s uncomfortable and unhappy with the sudden introduction, tells Park Moon-Soo not to worry as he’s not interested in the MG business.

Park Ki-Suk then extols the importance of family ties and they should make peace and live well knowing they’re family. When David hints Ma-Te should be there too, Park Ki-Suk says David’s become impatient.

After seeing their father off, gushing he’s happy to know he’s got a brother, Park Moon-Soo asks David if they can get together some time to get to know each other. David seems uneasy and unkeen to be kindling brotherly love. (But knowing the type of guy he is, he’ll be nice. Well, at least civil.)

wp_ss_20140109_0062 wp_ss_20140109_0067 wp_ss_20140109_0069 wp_ss_20140109_0070

The Iron Lady and the Pretty Man – the proposal.
Ma-Te finally agrees to meet Na Hong-Ran. She cuts to the chase by revealing to Ma-Te David saved Park Moon-Soo because he’s Park Moon-Soo’s son! (The shocked Ma-Te must be thinking this implies David’s his half-brother!) She goes on riveting Ma-Te’s attention by telling him as they speak, the father and his two sons are having lunch together – the official family introduction.

Na Hong-Ran then firmly puts forth her proposal – for Ma-Te to take her hand as it’s the quickest and most secure way to secure his position as MG’s heir. She then twists the knife further by stating since Hong Yoo-Ra has David to thank now, Ma-Te’s of no use to her anymore. Moving forward, Hong Yoo-Ra will scheme to then get rid of David for being a threat to Park Moon-Soo. Finally, she’ll be after Ma-Te.

Having laid out her cards, the cold Iron Lady reiterates her offer: in order for Dokgo Ma-Te to survive, let go of Yoo-Ra’s hand and take hers. When Ma-Te hesitantly says he’ll consider it, she coolly warns him there’s not much time since David will be officially added to the family registry soon.

wp_ss_20140109_0071 wp_ss_20140109_0074 wp_ss_20140109_0075 wp_ss_20140109_0077

The Pretty Man confronts The Fox.
After his unpleasant meeting with Na Hong-Ran, Ma-Te doesn’t waste time in confronting Yoo-Ra about David’s identity. When Yoo-Ra still dismisses it as something personal between her and David, Ma-Te questions how that can be since he’s also Park Ki-Suk’s illegitimate son.

Proceeding to share with Yoo-Ra Na Hong-Ran’s offer, Ma-Te insists he’s not wavering and has been truthful with her all the while. When Yoo-Ra reiterates she too has been forthcoming with all information, Ma-Te interjects she withheld David’s true identity and the fact he saved Park Moon-Soo.

However, through it all, Ma-Te insists he still trusts Yoo-Ra. She warns Ma-Te not to fall into Na Hong-Ran’s grip whereby he’ll get used then abandoned. Ma-Te’s final retort is he’s going crazy because he’s just realized Na Hong-Ran and Hong Yoo-Ra are a lot alike. (Yup, they’re crazy women not to be messed with. And now the poor Dokgo Ma-Te is caught in the middle.)

wp_ss_20140109_0088 wp_ss_20140109_0090

The Normal Girl and her Pretty Oppa – a warm moment.
Bo-Tong drops by Ma-Te’s apartment to present him with a tie she’d bought for him from the marketplace especially for the all important SS Home Shopping board meeting next day and gets teased by Ma-Te oppa.

Bo-Tong-ie also invites him to join them for dinner in celebrating her mom’s birthday.

wp_ss_20140109_0091 wp_ss_20140109_0092 wp_ss_20140109_0093 wp_ss_20140109_0096

The daunting first appearance.
Dokgo Ma-Te’s first attendance at SS Home Shopping board meeting turns out disastrous as he’s unable to answer the barrage of hostile questions fielded by the senior staff, particularly concerning his qualifications.

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Back at the office, he hides his feeling of failure and lies to Bo-Tong that all went well. Delighted to hear that, Bo-Tong brings him a stack of books to educate himself now that he needs to prove his mettle as a CEO. (She thinks of everything, doesn’t she? What will he do without her?)


The mysterious woman.
A woman is seen at a florist ordering the biggest and most expensive bouquet. The bouquet gets sent to Prosecutor Lee Kim. She’s extremely shaken to see the picture of a pocket knife on the back of the card with a symbol and signature she recognizes.

She recalls a time when she was discussing a case with another guy and he says the culprit’s only clue is that same symbol. Even then too she seemed visibly shaken. Taking another look at the picture of the pocket knife, she quivers.

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Next thing we see, two guys taking a leak discuss Prosecutor Lee Kim’s sudden resignation. After they’ve left, the cleaning lady, who was mopping nearby them, turns out to be that same lady who sent the bouquet to Lee Kim! She then makes a call and tells the other person if it’s up to his or her liking, it’s time to make the deposit. (I’m thinking she was the one Na Hong-Ran secretly called and hired to get rid of Prosecutor Lee Kim and thus preventing her from investigating into MG Group’s shady dealings.)

Who is this mysterious woman? She is Yeo Mim, woman #7 – the woman who capitalizes on the power of information.


The fall of the great prosecutor.
While driving, Ma-Te’s shocked to her news Prosecutor Lee Kim’s inexplicably quit from her position, citing health reasons. When she doesn’t answer his call, he immediately visits her at home.

Taken in by Ma-Te’s genuineness, she divulges the truth of her dark secret. Ten years ago, she met a young, orphan boy who’d stolen ramen from a shop. He got on the wrong track because he was burdened by the arduous responsibility of caring for his grandmother and younger siblings.

Lee Kim had destroyed evidence, a box cutter knife, found in his pocket to prevent an accidental juvenile delinquent from being given harsh punishment should a weapon be found on him. Subsequently, the investigator in charge got transferred to Jeju Island leaving only Lee Kim who knew this secret. She felt it was a good thing at the time being able to help the boy. (Aha! So I’m guessing Yeo Mim must be the investigating officer.)

Although the boy, who’s now a teacher, is eternally grateful to her, she’s embarrassed of this incident as an injustice, since she’d withheld evidence. Because that one incident has caused her misery all this while (she must be referring to Yeo Mim’s blackmails), she’s now choosing to let it all go to uphold justice explaining that for justice to be upheld, even the process has to be just.

Ma-Te then reveals he’s recently been given an interesting proposal and with what Lee Kim’s just shared with him, he now knows what to do.

Bo-Tong’s eomma’s birthday bombshell.
It’s Bo-Tong’s eomma’s birthday celebration and Bo-Tong’s disappointed Ma-Te’s unable to make it. Unknown to her, he’s actually in the office studying all those books she’d gotten for him.

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Eomma reveals she’s sold their house in Usan and rented an apartment next to her new restaurant. Excitement turns to shock for Bo-Tong and David when eomma then insists Bo-Tong move back home. Eomma refuses to take heed of any of David and Bo-Tong’s reasoning, especially now she’s come to know only the two of them live in the house (since Kimchi oppa Jang Deok-Saeng’s moved out).

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Discussing the matter at home, David admits he didn’t expect this to come from eomma. Though sad, he still advises Bo-Tong they cannot upset and worry eomma and she should be a good daughter and go home as instructed. David promises not to move back outside so as not to worry Bo-Tong.

(Oh no, what’s David to do now? He’ll feel miserable in that house without his Bo-Tong-ie.)

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A brother’s affection.
Too caught up with studying all night long, Ma-Te fell asleep in his office. When David comes into the office to find Ma-Te asleep at his desk like that, a look of affection sweeps over his face and he walks out without waking Ma-Te.

(Thinking Ma-Te’s his half-brother, David must’ve suddenly been swept by brotherly love.)

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Miss Ex-Prosecutor meets The Fox.
Lee Kim meets with Yoo-Ra at Cafe Droptop. Placing a Ziploc bag on the table, she begins by confronting Yoo-Ra about using others to fulfill her greed. Intending to dispell any misconception Yoo-Ra may have of Lee Kim’s interests in her affairs, she explains she ended up investigating Hong Yoo-Ra due to her being MG Group’s ex-daughter-in-law. And as a result, some unlawful funds might have been channelled to her.

Lee Kim goes on to declare there’s only one MG Group illegitimate son and he is Choi Joon-Ha (aka David Choi), which means Dokgo Ma-Te is not. Pointing to the Ziploc bag on the table, she stipulates it contains a few strands of Ma-Te’s hair for Yoo-Ra’s use for DNA test confirmation. Finally, she stresses the reason she’s providing Yoo-Ra with all this information is for her to stop using Ma-Te. (Oh, so this is the reason why she got those strands of Ma-Te’s hair. To protect him. Not to harm him.)

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The Pretty Man and the Iron Lady – the resolve.
Having decided on his answer to her tantalizing proposal, Ma-Te meets Na Hong-Ran in her office. This time though they’re sitting down to hot tea and he’s not being dragged out like trash.

Ma-Te announces his decision not to join Team Na Hong-Ran to wild, crazy woman wide-eyed amazement. Admitting it’ll be the easy way, he feels he’s worked too long and too hard to just have it so easy all of a sudden.

Taken aback for a moment with this unexpected answer, Na Hong-Ran fiercely warns that while he’s trying to play it cool, his MG seat may disappear, and he’ll be left in the wake of the boat Park Moon-Soo, Hong Yoo-Ra, and Choi Joon-Ha are on. Arguing it’s not a position in the company he’s after but to finally have a father-son relationship with Park Ki-Suk, Na Hong-Ran’s rendered distressedly speechless.

When Ma-Te avows he’ll now endeavor forward as the new SS Home Shopping CEO, Na Hong-Ran challenges him by commenting he must be fearless because he’s young. Ma-Te’s brilliant comeback is since he started with nothing, he’s got nothing to lose. He then coolly gets up and confidently takes his leave.

An incensed Na Hong-Ran sweeps a vase off the side table. (She did the same thing during their first encounter. Vases keep having to get replaced in her office.)

wp_ss_20140109_0166 wp_ss_20140109_0171

The knowledgeable, confident Pretty Man.
Discussing their latest business plans with David in his office (first time since finding out David’s Park Ki-Suk’s son and therefore his half-brother), Ma-Te pleasantly impresses David with his brilliant strategy to turn SS Home Shopping into a luxury brand.

David complements Ma-Te on his new-found knowledge and said he’d noticed he’s been studying hard. Ma-Te then jokes he’s no longer a president only in name. Just as David’s walking out of his office, Ma-Te stops him as if wanting to ask or say something but stopped himself. (It’s pretty obvious what it would’ve been about.)

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The Iron Lady’s dark secret…revealed!
While getting her hair primped at the salon she frequents, Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran overhears two ladies discussing an interesting, based-on-a-true-story online novel freshly published. When it all sounds suspiciously too familiar, Na Hong-Ran hurriedly checks it out as soon as she gets backs to her office. And there it is, a novel titled Desire which seems to vividly mimic her life story.

wp_ss_20140109_0180 wp_ss_20140109_0182 wp_ss_20140109_0183 wp_ss_20140109_0184

An incensed Na Hong-Ran immediately goes to confront Hong Yoo-Ra. When she coolly reminds Na Hong-Ran she’d given her a chance to apologize before proceeding with this expose, Na Hong-Ran attempts to disappoint her by dismissing the notion she’s even slightly bothered by such nonsense. Yoo-Ra then sarcastically agrees Na Hong-Ran is wise not to panic quite yet since the story has still to reach its climax.

Without waiting for a response from Na Hong-Ran, Yoo-Ra gleefully proceeds to relate the story’s climax:

“Once the bloodshed amongst siblings fighting for the MG throne was over, the victorious female lead needed to have insurance so she entered into a marriage of convenience. Due to this, she had to give up her son. One fine day, she meets her husband’s supposed illegitimate son and crushes him like a bug. But it turns out that young man is none other than the female lead’s long-abandoned son.”

Already striking a painful chord with Na Hong-Ran, Yoo-Ra assaults further by disclosing Dokgo Ma-Te has the exact same pocket watch that’s so precious to her ex-stepmommy-in-law. The now stumped to her core Na Hong-Ran is speechless. The punch line – Yoo-Ra is willing to exclude parts of this extremely revealing climax if Na Hong-Ran steps down as MG Group’s Vice President.

wp_ss_20140109_0192 wp_ss_20140109_0196

At home, when Na Hong-Ran hesitantly begins asking hubby Park Ki-Suk about Dogko Ma-Te, he instinctively confirms Ma-Te’s her son. (What? So he’s known all along Ma-Te’s not his son but hers? Boy, am I spinning with confusion.) Hoping against hope what Yoo-Ra told her isn’t true, hubby just shattered what sliver she was clinging onto to smithereens. She then stomps back to her study, picks up the pocket watch from her desk, and while clasping it in her hands, reminisces the time she was leaving a crying baby. Finally, she bawls.

(With her painful past of abandoning her baby son coming back to haunt her, Na Hong-Ran seems broken. But is she really? What will she do now? Own up Ma-Te’s her son and insist all the more he should join forces with her to fight against hubby Park Ki-Suk and his sons?)

wp_ss_20140109_0199 wp_ss_20140109_0200 wp_ss_20140109_0201 wp_ss_20140109_0202 wp_ss_20140109_0203 wp_ss_20140109_0204 wp_ss_20140109_0205 wp_ss_20140109_0207

The pretty oppa and his normal girl – a warm moment.
Seeing Ma-Te oppa’s working late, Bo-Tong decides to keep him company and packs some dinner for them to have together.

When Bo-Tong casually asks Ma-Te what he intends to do first when he’s confirmed as MG Group President, Park Ki-Suk’s son, Ma-Te quips he’ll rub it in on her. But after she’s fallen asleep on the couch, Ma-Te affectionately says he’ll do whatever she wants. (Another touching moment but this time, Bo-Tong-ie’s “unconscious”!)

wp_ss_20140109_0209 wp_ss_20140109_0210 wp_ss_20140109_0213 wp_ss_20140109_0214

Ma-Te’s warms thoughts are interrupted by a new text message alert from his phone. It turns out to be from Na Hong-Ran requesting they meet because she’s got something to tell him concerning his pocket watch. (This is it! She’s going to get her biological son to hold her hand and together, they’ll get rid of the rest. But what happens after?)

The Iron Lady mother and her grown-up son – the first meeting.
During his meeting with Na Hong-Ran, Ma-Te cuts to the chase by asking what she’s got to say about his mom’s keepsake. Na Hong-Ran says nothing but reaches into her bag, takes out an identical pocket watch, and places it on the table.

Finally speaking up, she states Ma-Te’s not MG Group’s illegitimate son. Then she drops the ultimate bombshell…he’s her son she’d abandoned!!! Once those words were released, Na Hong-Ran appeared grieved while Ma-Te seemed about to faint…

wp_ss_20140109_0215 wp_ss_20140109_0216 wp_ss_20140109_0217 wp_ss_20140110_0001

Stay tuned for… Episode 14 (Screen date: January 4, 2013, Saturday).


Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 12

Pretty Man Episode 12 (Screen date: December 28, 2013, Saturday).

Password, oh distressing password
Alone with Ma-Te in his office, Yoo-Ra points out once again his coveted password is in the mobile phone now sitting ominously on the edge of the coffee table. Intending to leave Ma-Te to soak in the message privately, Ma-Te stops her.

Almost certain it’s David, Ma-Te seeks Yoo-Ra’s confirmation it’s he she was hinting to Bo-Tong who had sacrificed his life for love. Ma-Te questions why David’s plea moved her but when his own went unheeded. Emphasizing their need to remain respectful of each other’s privacy, Yoo-Ra asserts it’s a confidential matter between her and David and advises him to be patient since everything will come to light soon.

Ma-Te then finally picks up the phone from the table. (Wow, this is it? Ma-Te and we will finally find out what the troublesome password is? I might be more excited than Ma-Te. Want so much for this to be over with. But perhaps it’s too soon.) Checking its only content, a voice recording, Ma-Te hesitates a moment then, to Yoo-Ra’s wide-eyed horror, erases it! (Gasp! I knew it was too early to be true. Here we go again. The hunt continues.)

wp_ss_20131231_0176 wp_ss_20131231_0177 wp_ss_20131231_0178 wp_ss_20131231_0179 wp_ss_20131231_0180 wp_ss_20131231_0181

Disturbed to obtain it through someone else’s sacrifice Ma-Te declares he’ll diligently work on finding out the password by himself. He also pledges never to put Bo-Tong in a situation where she’ll feel inclined to plead with Yoo-Ra on her knees again.

In the meantime, after hearing what Yoo-Ra said, Bo-Tong rushes home to David. Crying, Bo-Tong questions why David sacrificed himself for her and apologizes for ignoring his feelings for her. Stunned, David pulls Bo-Tong in for an embrace then whispers in her ears his apology for being in love with her. (So emotional!) Obviously coming to clarify the puzzling matters with Bo-Tong and David, Ma-Te witnesses their emotional hug from a distance and decides to walk away.

wp_ss_20131231_0181-1 wp_ss_20131231_0185 wp_ss_20131231_0189 wp_ss_20131231_0190 wp_ss_20131231_0191 wp_ss_20131231_0192

Home alone, Ma-Te ponders David’s real identity and whether he’d truly sacrificed himself for Bo-Tong’s sake. A call from Yoo-Ra interrupts his thoughts. Looking distressed, Yoo-Ra spurts it’s not too late and she’s sincere now in her intentions to divulge the password. Ma-Te abruptly retaliates he’s not interested and hangs up.

Yoo-Ra is then seen muttering that once Ma-Te finds out the password, his world is going to come crashing down. (Why? Does the password prove Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s his biological mom? And why was Yoo-Ra determined to reveal the password this time since once that’s out, he no longer needs to be her soldier of fortune.) Ma-Te’s thoughts drift back to Bo-Tong and David when he sees his red-lacquered left pinky toe (yup, the one Bo-Tong painted to represent her).

(Note: I noticed Ma-Te seems to be wearing the chain and pendant he’d bought when Normal Company was first set-up. Remember, he was admiring his discerning purchase when Bo-Tong pesters him to tell her where he bought it so she can go get one for herself and they would seem like a couple. I’m guessing this pendant will be of great significance in their relationship?)


In the warmth of her room, Bo-Tong seeks David’s clarification on what Hong Yoo-Ra meant by claiming David sacrificed his life for Ma-Te’s password. David simply states he’s got a small connection with MG Group which he used to help out Yoo-Ra. With too many people tangled up in the mess, he concludes the time isn’t appropriate to explain details to Bo-Tong.


Stressing the fact David made the sacrifice for her sake, Bo-Tong’s clearly troubled by the 3-sided love dilemma. After joking about forgetting Ma-Te oppa and trying out the sweet tender love with him instead, David advises Bo-Tong not to worry as nothing’s changed.

The evil ball rolling…
Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran orders her secretary to ensure everything goes smoothly at the board meeting to discuss stepson, Park Moon-Soo’s dismissal from MG Group on the basis of tarnishing its image for his involvement with illegal substances. Mr. Secretary assures her all’s been taken care of to the extent even hubby Park Ki-Suk won’t be able to help matters. (Are you both so sure? Park Ki-Suk definitely has something up his quiet sleeves.)


The normal girl and her love triangle.
In a bind over her 3-sided love, Bo-Tong restlessly ponders her dilemma. Nicknames Boy A as her love and Boy B, the one who loves her. (No points for guessing who’s who.)

While she can’t give up her love for A, B’s knocking on her heart with his kindness, tenderness, and good looks. She then reads responses to her online post. Just as she’s trying to imagine kissing B (as suggested by someone on her post), David calls out to her as he comes up to her room announcing her mom’s here to visit. (Hahaha…Bo-Tong-ie guiltily tells a puzzled David nothing happened and their lips hadn’t even touched.)

wp_ss_20140101_0006 wp_ss_20140101_0007 wp_ss_20140101_0007-1 wp_ss_20140101_0008

When she poses the question to her mom, her mom advises her to pick the one who loves her more than she loves him. (As usual, scenes with Bo-Tong and her eomma are never boring. They make such a believable mother-daughter pair.)

wp_ss_20140101_0009 wp_ss_20140101_0010 wp_ss_20140101_0011 wp_ss_20140101_0012 wp_ss_20140101_0013 wp_ss_20140101_0014

The pretty man and the brat.
While Ma-Te’s visiting one of their Ferrino Outdoor outlets, Kang Gwi-Ji (who’s glued herself to her supposed doll, Ma-Te) creates a ruckus with a customer with her bratty rudeness.

Out in the car, Ma-Te advises her on the importance of leaving a good lasting impression. Relating his personal experience with Jaek Hee’s (Ma-Te’s ex-sugar mommy) ex-classmate, the bitter impression he left her during their first encounter caused her to make him appear despicable in front of his father and Na Hong-Ran. Though silent, Gwi-Ji seemed to be absorbing his words.

(Will Ma-Te succeed in miraculously transforming Kang Gwi-Ji from brat to angel? No doubt about it. He is after all Dokgo Ma-Te!)

wp_ss_20140101_0030 wp_ss_20140101_0031

Meeting of Bo-Tong-ie’s two men.
Requesting David meet him for a soju (an alcoholic drink native to Korea) session, Ma-Te starts off by informing David he’s been given the password. David curtly replies for Ma-Te not to thank him because he didn’t do it for Ma-Te’s sake.

When David enquires if the password’s served him well, Ma-Te divulges he deleted it in Yoo-Ra’s presence. Ma-Te admits although it’s of great importance to him, doing that was liberating. He goes on to explain he feels it’s wrong to abuse Bo-Tong’s love for him and David’s love for Bo-Tong to get the coveted password and would end up feeling ashamed if he used it. Smiling, David concludes Ma-Te’s a pretty decent guy but then states he doesn’t expect Bo-Tong to cry over Ma-Te anymore.

Things get intense when Ma-Te subsequently brings up his curiosity over David’s true identity. David calmly replies Ma-Te, who’s actually the one playing the central role, will find out the truth of his deal with Yoo-Ra soon enough.

Ma-Te’s last question is if David, post huge sacrifice, expects his relationship with Bo-Tong to get closer. David truthfully admits he’s hoping so.

wp_ss_20140101_0032 wp_ss_20140101_0033 wp_ss_20140101_0037 wp_ss_20140101_0039

The normal girl’s promise.
While alone in the office, Bo-Tong’s seen holding and looking at the pocket watch (which she’d asked from Ma-Te as a memento from his mom) while speaking to Ma-Te’s mom. Laments if Ma-Te’s mom had told her Ma-Te’s the son of the president of a major corporation, she wouldn’t have chased after and thrown herself at Ma-Te all these years. Nonetheless, Bo-Tong vows to keep the promise she’d made to Ma-Te’s mom to give her all in helping Ma-Te until the day he’s happily reunited with his dad.

wp_ss_20140101_0042 wp_ss_20140101_0044

Later that night, Ma-Te gets home drunk from his soju session with David to find Bo-Tong waiting for him. When Bo-Tong asks about the important meeting he’d just had, Ma-Te says it involves him and her, puzzling Bo-Tong.

While feeding her chestnuts he’d bought for her, Ma-Te shocks a wide-eyed Bo-Tong by spouting he loves her! Then disappoints her by taking it back claiming it’s a lie. Ma-Te goes on to confess all his life, he’s only loved his mom. Not knowing what it feels like to love someone else, he can’t confess his love for Bo-Tong. Requests Bo-Tong remain by his side until he figures his feelings out. (This is the first real warm scene between Ma-Te and Bo-Tong but he’s drunk! Come morning, will he even remember all that he’s said?)

wp_ss_20140101_0048 wp_ss_20140101_0049 wp_ss_20140101_0049-1 wp_ss_20140101_0050 wp_ss_20140101_0052 wp_ss_20140101_0053 wp_ss_20140101_0059 wp_ss_20140101_0060

The evil ball rolling…continues…
Iron Lady Na Hong Ran pretentiously asks hubbyPark Ki-Suk if he’ll be attending the board meeting to discuss his son, Park Moon-Soo’s dismissal from MG Group. Park Ki-Suk retorts he refuses to bear witness to a meeting set up to fire his own son. When wifey claims to feel bad about the whole fiasco, hubby bemoans how unfortunate it is she’s insincere.

At the big, emotionally-charged board meeting, arguments abound between the two opposing sides. Although silent throughout the proceedings, Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s influence proves formidable when the voting results are clearly in her favor.

As the final dismissal verdict is about to be announced, Park Ki-Suk’s faithful Mr. Secretary storms in and interrupts by saying a share holder has just arrived. In strides David introducing himself as Choi Joon-Ha! Na Hong-Ran looks like her flood gates are about to burst. Considering David’s (aka Choi Joon-Ha) considerable shares and his vote against dismissal, Park Moon-Soo retains his position.

wp_ss_20140101_0070 wp_ss_20140101_0071 wp_ss_20140101_0072 wp_ss_20140101_0076 wp_ss_20140101_0076-1 wp_ss_20140101_0077

Fuming, a furious Na Hong-Ran returns to her office after the shocking proceedings. Recalling hubbyPark Ki-Suk introducing him as his good friend’s son during MG Night, she wonders who Choi Joon-Ha is to rudely ruin her carefully laid scheme. She then orders her Mr. Secretary, whom for once is devoid of information, to dig up everything and anything on him. Shaking from anger and seeming about to explode, Na Hong-Ran attempts to figure out if it’s hubby Park Ki-Suk or ex-stepdaughter-in-law Hong Yoo-Ra who pulled a fast one on her. She deduces Dokgo Ma-Te was just bait.

wp_ss_20140101_0086 wp_ss_20140101_0087

Bumping into stepsonPark Moon-Soo in the corridor, Na Hong-Ran pretentiously tells him she’s relieved he’s safe. When she then outrightly questions whether his ex-wife Hong Yoo-Ra’s behind it, Park Moon-Soo merely replies he’s just as curious who orchestrated such a daring rescue.

The unwilling son and the fox.
Having successfully upheld Park Moon-Soo’s position in MG Group as he’d promised Yoo-Ra, he meets with her to request she keep his identity a secret. Yoo-Ra agrees. (Looking at them together, I recall the episode where David was distressed seeing Yoo-Ra appear at Normal Company that first time. I suppose he’s always known her as his sister-in-law. It’s possible he was afraid Yoo-Ra might recognize him and blow his cover but Yoo-Ra genuinely doesn’t seem to know him since his identity’s been kept under wraps so well…until now that is.)

Yoo-Ra then challenges him how long he thinks he’ll be able to keep all this hidden. Unable to deny the inevitable, David nervously states now’s just not the time.

SS Group gets the shivers and the taming of its wild horse.
SS Group’s president, bratty Kang Gwi-Ji’s dad, is distraught when his company is ordered subjected to a search and seizure for corrupt practices. He panics further upon learning it’s being spearheaded by Prosecutor Lee Kim, the incorruptible.


Later that evening, while President Kang’s looking dejected, his wife warns their spoiled, demanding daughter not to bother her dad with any nonsense since her dad’s having a really hard time. The unstoppable Kang Gwi-Ji still proceeds to speak up but what she says pleasantly shocks her parents – she wants to further her studies in business management as daddy wanted!

However, there’s a huge catch to her sudden compliance. In exchange she wants to marry Dokgo Ma-Te! Threatening to become a nun should they oppose, she explains she insists on marrying Dokgo Ma-Te because he’s the type of guy who’s capable of encouraging her to study. Living without him is absolutely unacceptable.


Realizing Ma-Te’s influence over women, a light bulb illuminates bright in President Kang’s head so he calls for a meeting with Ma-Te.

Thanking Ma-Te for taming his wild horse Kang Gwi-Ji into wanting to pursue higher studies and acknowledging Ma-Te’s talent in winning over women, President Kang requests a favor leading Ma-Te to think to himself President Kang’s about to ask him to be his son-in-law.

President Kang declares he needs Ma-Te to woo Prosecutor Lee Kim of the Seoul Central District Special Task Force. (She’s Ma-Te’s woman #6 – The Woman With Power.) Describing her as being as straight as an arrow, incorruptible, and nicknamed “Chaebol Killer”, if Ma-Te can’t help get through to her, SS Group stands to lose substantially.

wp_ss_20140102_0021 wp_ss_20140102_0024

Ma-Te’s potential reward for such an arduous challenge – to be made head of SS Home Shopping (Ma-Te’s dream!). But he has to meet President Kang’s three conditions:
1. SS Group’s full acquittal by the prosecutor’s office.
2. Convince his daughter, Gwi-Ji to leave for overseas studies on her own accord.
3. Ma-Te’s to never see Kang Gwi-Ji again.


When challenged by President Kang if Ma-Te really thought he was going to allow a nobody to marry his precious daughter, heir to the biggest company in South Korea (Hey, I thought MG Group is the biggest?), he’s impressed by Ma-Te’s response and acknowledges him as a formidable opponent. Declaring he’s not in the least interested in marrying Gwi-Ji, Ma-Te willingly puts his John Hancock on the agreement.

An upset Gwi-Ji confronts her father about sending Ma-Te off on the mission to seduce Prosecutor Lee Kim. Her dad dismisses Ma-Te as having nothing more than good looks and that the SS Group’s sole heir is no match for him. Expressing her disbelief Ma-Te signed papers agreeing never to see her again, her dad explains humans, such as Myo Mi and Ma-Te, are all the same in that they’re willing to betray others if there’s something for them to gain.

Arguing Ma-Te’s not the same as the others, Gwi-Ji storms off then calls Ma-Te. He coolly tells her they’re forbidden to even speak over the phone with each other. In anger, Gwi-Ji harangues Ma-Te will never be able to seduce Lee Kim to which Ma-Te confidently tells her he’s going succeed by helping Lee Kim fulfill her lasting impression.

A car name Bo-Tong.
Outside their office building, David introduces Bo-Tong to his new friend, a new car he christened Bo-Tong! He even has a “baby in car” sticker on it because his baby Bo-Tong will be riding in it a lot. Bo-Tong’s totally creeped out and while they’re pushing and shoving each other playfully arguing about taking it off, Ma-Te comes along and passes a snide remark. Bo-Tong’s clearly unhappy her beloved Ma-Te oppa witnessed their flirtatiousness.

wp_ss_20140102_0036 wp_ss_20140102_0039 wp_ss_20140102_0042 wp_ss_20140102_0044 wp_ss_20140102_0046 wp_ss_20140102_0046-1 wp_ss_20140102_0047 wp_ss_20140102_0051

Mission Prosecutor Lee Kim…
Reading up on Prosecutor Lee Kim in his office, Ma-Te deduces she’s come up tops in everything in her life and should win the lifetime most admirable person award.

Ma-Te embarks on his mission by sitting beside her on the bus. Ma-Te’s attempt at nonchalantly capturing her attention fails miserably when she totally ignores him. When he follows her off the bus, she suddenly turns around and confronts him. Seeming like she’s talking to someone she knows, Ma-Te asks her as such. She simply answers she knows he knows her.

wp_ss_20140102_0065 wp_ss_20140102_0066 wp_ss_20140102_0067 wp_ss_20140102_0068

Declaring she should be hospitable since Ma-Te’s come all the way, she leads him into a convenience store she obviously frequents since the girl behind the counter even commented about her buying two cans of beer instead of her usual one. On top of that Lee Kim asks for the item she’s left in their keeping – a bottle of liquor. (I’m guessing it’s soju from the telltale green bottle.)

Seated at the picnic bench right outside the store, Lee Kim bewilders Ma-Te by sipping the canned beer with a straw for quicker effect otherwise she needs ten cans before she’ll feel the buzz. Ma-Te’s shocked further when she pours more alcohol from the green bottle into the can while explaining by doing this, one can does the trick. Wanting to appear cool and impress Lee Kim, Ma-Te gives her recipe a try and ends up knocked out.

Getting up to leave, Lee Kim mutters to herself. Obviously aware he’s Dokgo Ma-Te, she quizzes whether it’s fun being a chaebol’s illegitimate son as she effortlessly picks out a few strands of his hair. (I never knew it’s that easy to get strands of someone’s hair right from the top of their head! What is she up to? What’s she trying to prove or disprove?) She then goes on to say he’s not MG Group’s illegitimate son. (What does she mean? Perhaps she’s implying he’s not Park Ki-Suk’s but Na Hong-Ran’s son.)

wp_ss_20140102_0078 wp_ss_20140102_0079 wp_ss_20140102_0080 wp_ss_20140102_0081 wp_ss_20140102_0083 wp_ss_20140102_0084 wp_ss_20140102_0086 wp_ss_20140102_0087

When he comes to, Ma-Te goes back to his office to pore over Lee Kim’s documents some more. Concludes that only one thing describes her…justice!

Just as he was thinking Bo-Tong would have a field day recycling all these papers, a thought came to his mind, a term that could either mean recycled paper or hidden self. He then flips to a particular page of the documents. Ma-Te then guesses Prosecutor Lee Kim’s hidden self might be loneliness.

Hugging a huge stuffed toy, Ma-Te awaits Lee Kim where she usually stops to have her beer. Initially incredulous to catch sight of him, she decides to offer him hot tea instead of cold beer this time and invites Ma-Te into her apartment. Keenly observing the masculine sporting gear and lack of feminine decor, Ma-Te comments people can mistake her’s for a guy’s apartment.

Lee Kim then goes straight to the point by asking what President Kang promised him for carrying out this mission. Instead of trying to strike a deal with Lee Kim to stop investigations into SS Group as he’s supposed to, Ma-Te stumps her by saying he intend to protect her stand for justice. He also recommends she accepts the stuffed toy for its soothing “healing powers” as opposed to doing masculine things all the time.

wp_ss_20140107_0004 wp_ss_20140107_0006 wp_ss_20140107_0007 wp_ss_20140107_0008 wp_ss_20140107_0009 wp_ss_20140107_0010

Lastly, Ma-Te baffles her some more by whipping out a pair of men’s shoes, proclaiming he’s heard women who live alone like to keep a pair of their father’s shoes with them. (What??? I absolutely don’t get it. Is this also something uniquely Korean?) Ma-Te leaves the shoes at the landing before heading off. Lee Kim who started to pick the shoes up to get rid of them, hesitates then puts them down again.


The mighty curve ball called Choi Joon-Ha (aka David Choi).
Na Hong-Ran’s seen agitatedly pacing her study when hubby Park Ki-Suk enters, announces it’s 2 a.m., and she should get some sleep. Wifey confronts him about Choi Joon-Ha (aka David Choi), his alleged friend’s son, having sizable MG Group shares. Hubby coolly quizzes would he do that if the young man’s merely a friend’s son? He then drops the ultimate bombshell Choi Joon-Ha is his own son he’d abandoned when he married Na Hong-Ran.

wp_ss_20140107_0018 wp_ss_20140107_0019

Rendered almost speechless, wifey questions with whom he had this child and how he could do this to her. Hubby answers she ought to know since she’s been tracking down all his illegitimate children. (How many illegitimate children does Park Ki-Suk have anyway? Was he really such a Casanova?)

Questioning how many sons he’s got hidden away, wifey screeches if he’s going to draw them out one by one whenever Park Moon-Soo gets into trouble. With a warm, concerned look, hubby tries to soothe wifey’s anger by saying they’ve been together 20 years and many people were left hurt and lonely over those years. He consequently stipulates it’s time to heal all that pain. Dismissing him by saying she doesn’t understand what he’s rambling about, she storms out of the room.

The pocket watch poser.
Yoo-Ra comes to the office to meet Ma-Te and sees THE pocket watch on Bo-Tong’s desk. Stupefied, she recalls seeing ex-stepmommy-in-law having one just like it and questions Bo-Tong if it’s really hers. When Bo-Tong finally blurts out it’s Ma-Te’s gift to her as a keepsake from his mom, Yoo-Ra looks totally bewildered as if she’d self-combust!

Just then Ma-Te walks in…

wp_ss_20140107_0026 wp_ss_20140107_0027 wp_ss_20140107_0028 wp_ss_20140107_0029 wp_ss_20140107_0031 wp_ss_20140107_0032 wp_ss_20140107_0034 wp_ss_20140107_0035

Stay tuned for…Episode 13 (Screen date: January 3, 2013, Friday)


Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 11

Pretty Man Episode 11 (Screen date: December 27, 2013, Friday).

MG Night – a night to remember.
While mingling with guests, Park Ki-Suk follows his wife, Iron Lady Na Hong-Ran’s fixed and hostile gaze to see Dokgo Ma-Te walking in with Kang Gwi-Ji. Though slightly surprised, Park Ki-Suk quickly recovers while wifey looks over at him for any sign of recognition.

wp_ss_20131230_0193 wp_ss_20131230_0194 wp_ss_20131230_0195 wp_ss_20131230_0197 wp_ss_20131230_0198 wp_ss_20131230_0199

Greeting Na Hong-Ran briefly, Ma-Te quickly turns towards Park Ki-Suk and introduces himself as the Normal Company CEO, Dokgo Ma-Te. Park Ki-Suk doesn’t respond at all but instead cheerfully calls out over Ma-Te’s shoulder to welcome someone else. As the mystery person walks over, everyone’s perplexed but Park Ki-Suk’s delighted.

wp_ss_20131230_0201 wp_ss_20131230_0202 wp_ss_20131230_0203 wp_ss_20131230_0206 wp_ss_20131230_0207 wp_ss_20131230_0208

When Ma-Te turns to see who the mystery person now standing beside him is, he’s wide-eyed, jaw-dropped flabbergasted that it’s David Choi! With a cool and calm smile, David thanks “Uncle” Park Ki-Suk for inviting him. Park Ki-Suk plays along by explaining to Na Hong-Ran that he’s the son of a good friend. David then introduces Ma-Te to Park Ki-Suk as the CEO of the company he’s working for but is met by Park Ki-Suk’s indifferent “I see” as he excuses himself to go talk to someone else.

wp_ss_20131230_0209 wp_ss_20131230_0210 wp_ss_20131230_0211 wp_ss_20131230_0212

Park Moon-Soo, Ma-Te’s other half-brother, then takes Ma-Te by surprise by introducing himself stating he’s heard a lot about Ma-Te. He then suggests they meet-up for a drink one day as he’s interested in Ma-Te’s Normal Company.

Finally left by themselves, Ma-Te confronts David on what this sudden appearance implies regarding his mysterious true identity. David makes an excuse that Park Ki-Suk frequents the fishery where his father works and have become good friends.

Spotting Park Ki-Suk alone, Ma-Te grabs the golden opportunity to speak one-on-one with him. Starting by telling him his mom, Kim Mi-Sook spoke a lot of him, Ma-Te watched Park Ki-Suk closely for any reaction. When Park Ki-Suk is finally about to say something, he’s interrupted by a woman’s voice calling out Ma-Te’s name. Turns out it’s Jaek Hee’s (Ma-Te’s ex-sugar mommy) condescending friend (whom Ma-Te had insulted not too long ago). (Uh-oh, Ma-Te’s not-too-distant past is coming back to haunt him.) She really did him in by making him look a fool in front of his father. Na Hong-Ran then comes to whisk Park Ki-Suk away. Extremely distraught, Ma-Te looks as if he’s about to die. While Ma-Te attempts to get some desperately-needed air in his lungs in the lobby, Na Hong-Ran comes by to add insult to injury by labeling him as trash.

wp_ss_20131230_0220 wp_ss_20131230_0221 wp_ss_20131230_0222 wp_ss_20131230_0224 wp_ss_20131230_0225 wp_ss_20131230_0226 wp_ss_20131230_0227 wp_ss_20131230_0234

Noticing David’s alone, Park Ki-Suk goes over to him and asks what’s with the secrecy bid. David abruptly replies this is hardly the place to uncover the truth about his birth. David then enquires why he was summoned to which Park Ki-Suk says he missed and wanted to see David. David stresses he came out of curiosity and not due to any interest in MG Group.

David then confronts Park Ki-Suk with rumors Dokgo Ma-Te’s his younger brother. Not admitting it outright, Park Ki-Suk merely says rather than concerning himself with his younger bro, David should help his older brother, Park Moon-Soo first. (What does he take David for? A knight in shining armor who saves all his brothers? So he is turning out to be “insurance” after all.) Telling David he’s ready (I suppose he means he’s ready for the world to know David’s his son.), Park Ki-Suk proposes David lives where he’s supposed to and starts using his real name, Choi Joon-Ha (I remember Park Ki-Suk calling him Won Lee when they met up in an earlier episode?). David bluntly retorts his name’s David and takes leave.

wp_ss_20131230_0240 wp_ss_20131230_0241 wp_ss_20131230_0244

The crestfallen Pretty Oppa and his Normal Girl.
Ma-Te walks the streets in a daze replaying and disbelieving how disastrous the night turned out to be. Bo-Tong was waiting for him when he got home because she was worried he didn’t pick up her calls. Appearing ill and then collapsing onto his couch, Bo-Tong realizes Ma-Te’s having a fever. Having given him medication, Bo-Tong wanted to leave but Ma-Te told her to stay until he falls asleep.

wp_ss_20131230_0247 wp_ss_20131230_0248 wp_ss_20131230_0249 wp_ss_20131230_0252

Bo-Tong admits accidentally overhearing Ma-Te and Yoo-Ra’s conversation. Knowing MG Group’s President is Ma-Te’s father, she’s curious how tonight’s first meet went. When Ma-Te asks if she was shocked hearing the revelation, Bo-Tong confirmed it and adds she’d lost all energy realizing there’s no more hope of her being with him. In jest, Ma-Te replies that’s good because it means she’ll stop pestering him. (This is one of the warmest moments between them. But I still don’t see them as a couple. More suited to be brother-sister.)

Ma-Te sadly relates to Bo-Tong the mishaps of the night: his father didn’t recognize him, he was made to look like trash, and was labelled trash (by the heartless, evil Na Hong-Ran). Goes on to say he can’t just tell Park Ki-Suk he’s his son because his mom promised he’ll need to produce the password for this purpose (I say silly password!). Ma-Te then reveals Hong Yoo-Ra has his all-important password.

Ma-Te wakes up next morning to find Bo-Tong’s left and his small toenail painted red to represent Bo-Tong. (Hahaha…Bo-Tong’s efficiently marking her territory because he’d told her she can be his pinky toe.)

wp_ss_20131230_0254 wp_ss_20131230_0255

Ma-Te’s calm morning is rudely interrupted by a call from Kang Gwi-Ji questioning why he left the party early without informing her. Ma-Te quietly replies that since he had dinner with her and he managed to go to the party with her help, they’re now even and wants to call it quits with her. Kang Gwi-Ji refuses to let down saying she’ll send more money. Continues by telling him to forget about Myo Mi as she’s sold him out. She’d supposedly accepted SS Group’s offer to finance her career in France on condition she leaves Ma-Te. Disbelieving what he’s been told, Ma-Te (who hasn’t heard back from Myo Mi since his last attempt at calling her) dials her number again only to be met with the same number unavailable message. Ma-Te’s crushed especially at a time like this when everything seems to be going wrong for him.

Elsewhere, Myo Mi is seen heading for the airport to leave for France. She’s heard muttering to herself she realizes Ma-Te needs SS Group’s backing more than anything so she’s sacrificing their relationship for his sake. (Ah, all for the love of Dokgo Ma-Te. Will Ma-Te ever find out the truth?)

wp_ss_20131230_0257 wp_ss_20131230_0259 wp_ss_20131231_0005

The brat’s pursuit of Dokgo Ma-Te.
Kang Gwi-Ji threatens to starve herself unless her parents bring Ma-Te to her. And so the pizza boxes intensify…1, 3, 5 boxes full of cash get sent to Ma-Te’s office. Ma-Te refuses them all. (I wonder what’s the deal with pizza boxes?!)

wp_ss_20131231_0008 wp_ss_20131231_0009 wp_ss_20131231_0010 wp_ss_20131231_0011

Finally one day, Ma-Te goes to meet President Kang, Gwi-Ji’s father. President Kang admits he doesn’t like Ma-Te and makes no effort to hide it. In fact he finds Ma-Te rude for coming to meet him without being beckoned. Coolly, Ma-Te demands for him to be given SS Home Shopping in exchange for dating Gwi-Ji. (Ma-Te needs SS Home Shopping in order to defeat Na Hong-Ran so he decides why not ask for it right? Especially since its sole heir is desperate to have him.) Expressly annoyed, President Kang orders his secretary to tell Gwi-Ji Ma-Te’s disappeared.

wp_ss_20131231_0013 wp_ss_20131231_0015

The evil iron lady’s agenda…
Seems everyone feels the time is ripe for action because just as Park Ki-Suk says he’s ready, lovely wifey starts her evil ball rolling too. Strike 1: She gets Park Moon Soo detained for involvement in illegal substances. Shocked and distressed to read about Park Moon-Soo’s arrest, Hong Yoo-Ra knows very well who’s behind it.

wp_ss_20131231_0016 wp_ss_20131231_0020 wp_ss_20131231_0021 wp_ss_20131231_0022

The brat’s big bash.
Ma-Te finds out about a party Kang Gwi-Ji is having from Choi Do-Hee (whom to Bo-Tong’s irritation is more interested in Ma-Te’s personal life than work). When Ma-Te gets a last minute invitation from Gwi-Ji to attend, she convinces him by promising to talk to her dad about his request for SS Home Shopping because her dad can afford to lose part of the company but cannot live without her. (Such arrogance but unfortunately, it might be true.)

wp_ss_20131231_0027 wp_ss_20131231_0028 wp_ss_20131231_0028-1 wp_ss_20131231_0028-2

Wanting to cheer Bo-Tong up, David takes Bo-Tong to Gwi-Ji’s exclusive party without invitation and are let in by Gwi-Ji’s friend who knows David and calls him oppa. When a curious Bo-Tong asks, David claims she was his neighbor while he was living in New York. (Luckily for David, she bought this excuse and didn’t pursue it further.)

wp_ss_20131231_0037 wp_ss_20131231_0038 wp_ss_20131231_0040 wp_ss_20131231_0041 wp_ss_20131231_0042 wp_ss_20131231_0043

While David’s away to get drinks, Bo-Tong who’s left standing by herself is baffled when Gwi-Ji via microphone announces Dokgo Ma-Te’s her boyfriend. She then goes on to say he wasn’t dumped by Myo Mi but chose to break up with her to be together with Gwi-Ji, his true love. She then wants him to prove his love by kissing her foot! And entices him by promising to give him SS Home Shopping if he does as she demands. (Forget about bratty. This is one insane girl!)

wp_ss_20131231_0048 wp_ss_20131231_0049 wp_ss_20131231_0050 wp_ss_20131231_0051

At the height of this tense situation, it’s Kim Bo-Tong to the rescue! She hits Gwi-Ji in the face with her handmade shell clutch. As she’s being dragged away by security, she calls out to Ma-Te never to kneel before a wench like Kang Gwi-Ji because he’s better than her. Shocked and puzzled to see his beloved Bo-Tong being escorted away by police, David despairingly runs after her, rushes to her side, and promises to tail the police car closely since he’s not allowed to ride together with her.

wp_ss_20131231_0052 wp_ss_20131231_0053 wp_ss_20131231_0054 wp_ss_20131231_0056 wp_ss_20131231_0058 wp_ss_20131231_0059 wp_ss_20131231_0061 wp_ss_20131231_0062 wp_ss_20131231_0063 wp_ss_20131231_0064 wp_ss_20131231_0065 wp_ss_20131231_0066

The normal girl jailed!
David goes to visit Bo-Tong at the police station lock-up. He feeds her sneakily then reluctantly leaves her to go home to get her warm clothes. Bumping into Ma-Te on his way out, he scolds Ma-Te for always causing Bo-Tong to be hurt. Demanding Ma-Te to stop, David declares he’ll take care of Bo-Tong from now on.

wp_ss_20131231_0067 wp_ss_20131231_0068 wp_ss_20131231_0069 wp_ss_20131231_0070 wp_ss_20131231_0072 wp_ss_20131231_0073

Ignoring his brush with David, Ma-Te visits Bo-Tong anyway. Instead of being upset, Bo-Tong apologizes for making things difficult for Ma-Te oppa, having just realized what he was trying to achieve. Ma-Te then comforts her by saying she did a good job. (Yeah, that’s right! She did manage to stop him from having to kiss the brat’s foot.) Concerned something will happen to Ma-Te, Bo-Tong’s willing to go to jail. Ma-Te promises to not let that happen and recalling what David said, declares he’ll take care of Bo-Tong. (Oops, the competition for Bo-Tong intensifies.)

wp_ss_20131231_0080 wp_ss_20131231_0085 wp_ss_20131231_0086 wp_ss_20131231_0087

As he’s packing clothes for Bo-Tong, a frantic David makes a call to someone (I’m assuming Park Ki-Suk’s trusty Mr. Secretary) begging for his help this first time.

In the meantime, Ma-Te goes to see Kang Gwi-Ji. Expecting Ma-Te to beg her for Bo-Tong’s release, she’s shocked his condition is he’ll continue seeing her. Calling her bluff, Ma-Te lies by saying Gwi-Ji was doing him a favor by removing the pesky Bo-Tong. While Ma-Te appears genuinely indifferent and pretending to walk away, Gwi-Ji caves in. Hiding his triumphant expression, with a straight and serious face, Ma-Te turns only to stress he expects Bo-Tong be released immediately. (Man, he’s got talent!)

wp_ss_20131231_0091 wp_ss_20131231_0094 wp_ss_20131231_0096 wp_ss_20131231_0097

Pacing the entrance of the police station awaiting Bo-Tong’s release, David recalls what Mr. Secretary had updated him. He’d arranged for Bo-Tong to be released but found out Kang Gwi-Ji had already dropped all charges. In exchange for this big favor, David must now start revealing his true identity if only little-by-little. Ma-Te arrives to see David and Bo-Tong arguing (about the suitable type of tofu to eat to ward of bad luck from ever having to enter jail again) at the police station entrance and leaves quietly.

wp_ss_20131231_0099 wp_ss_20131231_0101 wp_ss_20131231_0103

The evil iron lady’s agenda…continues…
David’s furious when told over the phone MG Home Shopping’s dropping Normal Company and so determined to cancel the contract, they’re willing to pay compensation. When David concludes MG’s really making things difficult for Ma-Te, Bo-Tong remarks it’s not MG but the ahjumma. (Ahjumma is the Korean term for older, married women. The puzzler…I don’t recall her ever having met Na Hong-Ran or even heard about her from Ma-Te to know how poisonous that woman can be.)

In the meantime, Na Hong-Ran’s in her office being updated Park Moon-Soo will be released for his innocence. However, a board meeting has been arranged to decide whether Park Moon-Soo should be dismissed from the company. Na Hong-Ran instructs her secretary to proceed as planned and use tarnishing MG Group’s reputation as the case against Park Moon-Soo.

The Pretty Man and The Fox.
Meeting with Yoo-Ra, Ma-Te relates to her all the calamities that have hit Normal Company recently: MG Mall closed down their outdoor stores and MG Home Shopping cancelled cleaning socks.

Professing he’s now a learned Ma-Te, he proposes brandishing the power of the password now since Park Ki-Suk’s well. Disagreeing, Yoo-Ra challenges if Ma-Te’s ever been able to defend himself against Na Hong-Ran’s attacks. Ma-Te questions why Yoo-Ra’s refusing to let go of the password. She replies if she can give him the password now, she would’ve from the beginning . (Hinting there’s more to the password than what we’ve all been led to believe. Hmmm…what could it be?) Her advice is for him to not be rash especially since he’s been emotionally weakened lately.

The password affliction.
Looking at his mom’s photo hanging on the Christmas tree, taken with Park Ki-Suk, Ma-Te tells his mom he’s going to see father today. Desperately at wits end, he’s thinking even though he doesn’t have the password, it’s his father’s heart that’s important and he’s got to win it with his sincerity.


At the house, Ma-Te’s met by Mr. Secretary at the door and told to wait outside while he informs Park Ki-Suk Ma-Te’s here. When confirmed Ma-Te’s come empty-handed, Park Ki-Suk refuses to see him. Mr. Secretary makes the excuse Park Ki-Suk isn’t feeling well plus warns him against coming unannounced. Ma-Te pleads to have just a moment but fails. Finally giving up, he tells Mr. Secretary to pass Park Ki-Suk the message he’ll be back with the password next time. (Puzzler: Since Ma-Te didn’t say anything else except introduce himself to Mr. Secretary, how in the world can Mr. Secretary be so sure Ma-Te didn’t have the password?)

wp_ss_20131231_0120 wp_ss_20131231_0121 wp_ss_20131231_0123 wp_ss_20131231_0124

When Bo-Tong finds out the password is troubling Ma-Te oppa big time, she’s as usual determined to help him. Having waited 3 hours for Yoo-Ra to show up at her cafe, Bo-Tong requests 3 minutes of her time. Without further ado, Bo-Tong kneels before and begs Yoo-Ra to release the password to Ma-Te. She offers to do whatever it takes such as to work at the cafe for free forever.

David who found out where Bo-Tong was headed through the website on her laptop computer, comes looking for her. Shocked to see her kneeling in front of Yoo-Ra, David hoists and carries her away when she refuses to leave.

wp_ss_20131231_0130 wp_ss_20131231_0131 wp_ss_20131231_0134 wp_ss_20131231_0135 wp_ss_20131231_0136 wp_ss_20131231_0138

Unable to bear seeing Bo-Tong sad, David goes to see Yoo-Ra. Claiming he had to consider it all day as it affects his life, David requests Yoo-Ra gives Ma-Te his password. Bringing up Park Moon-Soo’s case, David then reveals MG Group is his father’s company. Yoo-Ra’s skeptical David is Park Ki-Suk’s son. (Agreed. I’m surprised she didn’t hear about him from any of her extensive investigations. Park Ki-Suk’s done a great job of keeping David undercover.)

wp_ss_20131231_0140 wp_ss_20131231_0146

David proposes she use him instead of Ma-Te (who’s position in the family is still non-existent) to protect ex-hubby Park Moon-Soo. When she quizzes David where he’s been all these years, he admits he’s been wanting to renounce his connections with MG and is unhappy to instead have to come into the limelight now. David assures Yoo-Ra her ex-step-mommy-in-law’s unaware of his existence.

Asked why David wants to help her, he denies having any interest in helping Yoo-Ra, Park Moon-Soo, or Dokgo Ma-Te. He’s doing it to protect the girl who did nothing wrong but knelt before Yoo-Ra – Kim Bo-Tong (the love of his life).

Yoo-Ra goes to see Ma-Te in his office and beckons Bo-Tong to stay when she brings in drinks for them. She then whips out her cellphone which she claims holds THE much-coveted password. Wanting Bo-Tong to witness her releasing the password to Ma-Te, Yoo-Ra tells Bo-Tong not to worry anymore. Then it’s revealed to a very puzzled Ma-Te that Bo-Tong had earlier knelt before Yoo-Ra and pleaded with her. Instinctively, Ma-Te questions Bo-Tong for her actions.

wp_ss_20131231_0154 wp_ss_20131231_0154-1 wp_ss_20131231_0155 wp_ss_20131231_0156

Yoo-Ra goes on to relate all because of this password, someone else threw in his life. All the while looking at Bo-Tong, she corrects herself saying the sacrifice is all because of love between Bo-Tong and the other person. Yoo-Ra honestly tells a shocked Bo-Tong David gave up everything for her sake.

wp_ss_20131231_0159 wp_ss_20131231_0160 wp_ss_20131231_0161 wp_ss_20131231_0162

Bo-Tong rushes home to find David staring at their Chrismas tree devoid of lights. Crying, Bo-Tong asks why he made such a sacrifice and apologizes for ignoring his feelings for her. Saddened and almost in tears, David pulls Bo-Tong in for a hug and apologizes for loving her. The lights on the tree and around the yard miraculously come on. Ma-Te, who’s probably come to check up on Bo-Tong and investigate the truth, witnesses David and Bo-Tong’s heart-felt, passionate embrace…

wp_ss_20131231_0164 wp_ss_20131231_0165 wp_ss_20131231_0166 wp_ss_20131231_0168 wp_ss_20131231_0169 wp_ss_20131231_0170 wp_ss_20131231_0172 wp_ss_20131231_0173 wp_ss_20131231_0174

Stay tuned for… Episode 12 (Screen date: December 28, 2013, Saturday).

Pretty Man (Yeppeun Namja; 예쁜남자) – My Viewings Episode 10

Pretty Man Episode 10 (Screen date: December 21, 2013, Saturday).

Kim Bo-Tong – the dilemma continues.
After David’s earnest yet worrisome Christmas day confession, David and Bo-Tong arrive home to find Ma-Te oppa waiting for them. Appearing furious, Ma-Te announces he’s there to take Bo-Tong to live in his apartment, shocking both of them. When Bo-Tong’s reluctant to leave, David argues she’s not some possession for Ma-Te to push around. A tug of war ensues between the two guys leaving Bo-Tong perplexed in the middle. She finally shakes off David’s hand telling him she has to go with oppa for now and promises to be back. (Poor Bo-Tong-ie. What’s supposed to be a happy day for her is turning out to be quite the opposite.)

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Once they’ve arrived Ma-Te’s apartment, Bo-Tong apologizes to Ma-Te oppa for not making it for dinner with him, as she had to keep the promise to David she’d made much earlier. When he gets mad at her for wanting to leave, she experiences first hand what it feels like to be troubled by love, as David’s been through all this while. She questions Ma-Te why it matters where she lives when it’s more important her place in his heart (which at this point Bo-Tong still feels she’s got almost no place in oppa’s heart).

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While walking around listlessly after leaving Ma-Te’s apartment, Bo-Tong mutters to herself though she ought to be over the moon that Ma-Te oppa bought her a dress, asked her out to dinner, then wants her to move into his apartment, she strangely feels stifled instead. Unfortunately lonely and burdened on what was supposed to be a wonderful night, she buys a lonesome cake left in a bakery window and takes it to her mom’s place for a late celebration with mom and brother.

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Upon waking up the next morning, David’s pleased to find Bo-Tong setting up breakfast for them. He’s even more happy and relieved to hear she’d spent the night at her mom’s (not Ma-Te oppa’s).

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